A/N Hello, you may know me from my other stories Summer Surprise or With You and now I've decided to switch it up a bit with this now story Loyalty and Love. Hope you like it always wanted people to appreciate this pairing like I do. After all Sasuke and Tayuya can only make one think, amazing lemons! Enjoy

1Sasuke never knew what would be waiting for him when he reached the Sound. He definitely wasn't expecting to be beaten to a bloody pulp by the remaining members of the Sound Four. They said it was an initiation, a rite of passage. Even now as he lay on his new bed of his new home he couldn't help but think about his future, or lack of one. He turned on his side despite the pain that followed that simple action. He scowled to himself and tried to block out the pain so he could get some rest.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door, he didn't want to answer. Soon the door was shoved open slamming against the wall behind it. The only person who would be so crude and taunt him at this point had to none other then, "Tayuya..." he seethed. He was almost positive she had brought Sakon and Kidoumaru with her, He wasn't going to take his beating laying down. Literally. Quickly he jump from bed despite the pain that made him fall to his knees fighting for breath. "Hmph. To think this brat is going to be one of us." he heard her say glaring in her direction only to see that she was alone. "What do you want?" Sasuke asked his voice coarse and strained. She stood in his doorway just staring, what was she thinking? "What do you want?" he said again this time with enough force to snap her out of her musings.

"Don't raise your voice to me, Uchiha." she snarled putting her hands on her hips as they glared at each other. "Make me..." he said, smirking as he rose to his feet. Tayuya's face grew red with anger as she stormed over to Sasuke and sized him up even if he only stared at her unmoving and stoic, "You son of bitch! Don't you dare talk to me like that ever again! I am your superior, and you WILL listen to ever damn order I give you, got it!?" she screamed in his face making him cringe at the sounds her voice made. "For a women you have a sharp tongue, I'd advise you to hold it more often." he retorted icily brushing past her. She quickly recovered from his comment and turned to catch his arm. "This isn't over, Uchiha." she said roughly as he pulled his arm away and left the room. 'Arrogant bastard...'

'What's her deal? I haven't done anything to that bitch. I swear if I ever...' Sasuke was cut off when Kabuto stopped him in the hallway. "Uchiha-san have you seen Tayuya-chan around lately?" he asked pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, "Hn. She should still be screaming her head off in my room." Sasuke replied walking past Kabuto. "Screaming her head off? Wait, Sasuke." Kabuto halted cause the Uchiha to turn in annoyance. "Orochimaru-sama has something to give you, a gift." he replied vaguely as he walked in the direction of Sasuke's bedroom. 'What would he want from me already?' he thought holding his bruised side. 'I can't let him see me like this.'

"Tayuya-chan? Ah, there you are. What are you doing in Uchiha-san's room?" Kabuto asked as he peeked inside the room. "Damnit Kabuto get the hell out!" she yelled throwing something at him. Kabuto quickly shut the door to block the projectile before he opened it again when it was safe. "Tayuya-chan I only came here to inform you that Orochimaru-sama has summoned you, as well as Sakon and Kidoumaru, though I think there waiting for you as we speak", he explained calmly, "Whatever, just get the hell out!" she said throwing more things at the door. "Damn! There's nothing in here I'll find something later." she said storming out of the room and down the hallway to Orochimaru's chambers.

"You..." she seethed facing the opposite direction of said Uchiha. "Hn." he replied waiting for his so called "gift". Sasuke, Tayuya, Sakon, and Kidoumaru stood in a line before the snake sannin, Kabuto right beside him. "You all are most likely wondering why I summoned you here. As you know, one of the Sound Four's members was defeated and now he must be replaced. Sasuke-kun will be taking their place." he hissed almost dangerously. "Sasuke-kun, please step forward." he commanded as Kabuto handed him clothing as well as a sword similar to that of the Kusanagi . "With this...I name Sasuke Uchiha the leader of the Sound Four." Orochimaru announced handing Sasuke the items.

"Leader!? Orochimaru-sama this is unacceptable!" Tayuya protested. Sasuke only stared at her boringly. 'Why is she so defiant?' he thought as Kabuto and Tayuya argued over him. "Why the Uchiha brat? We don't need to be led by a child!" she complained. "It's not up for discussion Tayuya-chan." Kabuto defended calmly.

"I don't care! He shouldn't be--"

"Shut up." Sasuke chimed in.


"Shut up. I am your superior now."

"Don't tell me what to do you son of a--"

"Silence!" Orochimaru roared silencing the room.

"Sasuke-kun is your superior and you will follow his orders."

"...Yes, Orochimaru-sama." she agreed lowly glaring daggers at the smirking Uchiha.

"Anything you want to add Sasuke-kun?"

"Hn. Tayuya should learn to hold her tongue like the child she is." he said slyly earning a few snickers from Sakon and Kidoumaru.

"Shut up you two!" she yelled red faced and frustrated as she swung at Sasuke. Luckily he caught her wrist in time and gripped it tightly. "You also should be disciplined like a child ." he threatened pulling her out of Orochimaru's chambers. "You bastard! What do you think your doing!?...W--what are you going to do to me?" she asked her tone changing slightly. In an instant he pressed her against a wall roughly. "What is your problem with me?" he asked holding both her hands to keep her from doing anything. "Because your a spoiled brat who always gets what he wants!" she answered struggling under his hold. "Don't give me that. Tell me now, that's an order." he commanded pressing her against the wall harder. "Let go of me you son of a bitch!" she yelled trying to kick him, but failed when his legs caught her's and he pressed himself against her. "Stop acting like a child and grow up." he said directly to her face as he stared into her defiant eyes. Tayuya blushed slightly when she noticed how close they were and turned her head away from his piercing eyes. "Tayuya..." he whispered getting her attention and making her face redder. Her heartbeat increased making her breaths shallow as she stared into his black eyes, "Sasuke..." she whispered back almost innocently. "Grow up." he said simply releasing her and walking away from her. Tayuya slid down the wall and held her beating chest as she steadied her breathing. She glared at the hardwood floors and clenched her teeth in anger.

"Arrogant asshole."

Sasuke walked down the dark corridor of the hallways before he entered his room and sat on the hard bed. 'The leader of the Sound Four...There's no turning back now.' he thought as he stared at the cloths and weapon. Quickly he dressed in his new attire and adjusted the rope-like obi to hold the carbon-copy Kusanagi. he looked himself over in the mirror. He had dark rings around his eyes much like Gaara. The journey here wasn't easy..."Naruto...Sakura...Kakashi..." he said almost silently. He had betrayed them all. Now he had to put them behind him. He was an Avenger. He didn't need friends, all he needed was power.

He wasn't sure of what he would do in the near future or what challenges he would face but he was sure now. He was Uchiha Sasuke, Leader of the Sound Four.