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Chapter 1: A New Born

So far, it was the September of 1504, fall time to be exact. Only two months had passed since that day when Naraku was defeated. Things were going well in the castle of the Western Lands. Occupants were getting along better and better each day.

Sango and Miroku had finally married in July. She had become pregnant in August and would be due sometime in May, for all the demons in the castle could smell the child in her . . . and the constant mood swings were another helpful clue. Sango and her younger brother, Kohaku, were still practicing as demon slayers everyday, though, to better improve their skills. Miroku worked on building his spiritual powers with the help of the lady of the Western Lands. Kirara would assist Sango and Kohaku.

Shippo was being tutored in English, math, history, and other basic things necessary for anyone to know. He, too, was practicing his fighting and fox magic.

Kagura and Kanna, who would drop by quite often to go out on small trips with the demon slayers to kill some demons terrorizing a village or something, traveled without end and never actually settled down.

Jaken had become minister in the soon-to-be growing empire of his lord. This pleased him immensely but he also acted as a tutor to the fox demon and Kohaku who was undergoing academic lessons, as well.

But not only were Shippo and Kohaku participating in lessons, but Inuyasha, the now full dog demon, had to bare through them for his elder brother would not stand for him to be in his castle and still be "as ignorant as ever" as he would tell Inuyasha. Whenever he wasn't in his studies, Inuyasha would be found in the training court yard with the soldiers of the castle, the demon slayers, and monk strengthening himself and testing his new power to the limit. And he did it to heighten his skills and senses.

Then there were the lord and lady of the Western Lands themselves. Three months mated and Rin was a few days pregnant. A dog demon pregnancy only takes six months for gestation. It is right in the middle of human and dog for humans take nine while dogs take three. So, the baby would be due in March. Otherwise, Lord Sesshomaru was dealing with problems in the north for war was brewing and soon he would have to take action. He just hoped to be there for his child's birth. Rin had been spending her time with Sesshomaru mostly, some with Inuyasha, others with Shippo acting as a motherly figure, with Sango and Kohaku as training partners, or just Sango as a mother to mother. At times, she assisted Miroku in focusing on building his spiritual powers seeing that she was most suited being the strongest priestess around. But when she wasn't doing any of that, Rin was either in the garden or bustling around the castle with servants or tutors teaching her how to be a proper lady.

Winter had come and gone, though the castle was well supplied for. Spring was there and it was mid-March. Rin and Sango were swelling at the bellies. Rin was six months pregnant and close to giving birth while Sango had two months left to go. During this half-year period of waiting, Sesshomaru had gone to battle in the north with Inuyasha, Miroku, Kohaku, Kagura, Jaken, Ah-Un, and his army. Rin and Sango were left at the palace with Kirara as protection as did Shippo for he was too young to fight. Koga, having lived in the north in the mountains, joined Sesshomaru in his fight as an ally. This was a way of saying thanks for helping destroy Naraku and avenge his fallen comrades so was now forever indebted to him, mainly Rin, though.

The battle had been rough but with the help of Tetsusaiga and the Wind Scar, a monk with great spiritual powers, a demon slayer, a wind sorceress, a super fast wolf demon, and strengthened wolf demons, a two-headed dragon, and the Staff of Two Heads made it much easier on their side. The fight lasted half a day at most until they won and in doing so, winning Sesshomaru the Northern Lands. He was already expanding his territory. Obviously, it was a good idea of Rin's to have the others stay. They made good allies, though Sesshomaru himself would never admit it.

But that was in the past and now Rin is sitting in the garden tending the flowers to the best of her abilities with an extremely large and protruding stomach. As usual, she was singing her song that she made naught but little more than a year ago as a 7-year-old child. Except now her voice was much more alluring and matured but still held its innocence, warmth, and devotion.

"In the mountain

In the forest

In the wind

In a dream

Where are you, Sesshomaru?

With an ally like Jaken

I will wait alone until you come

Sesshomaru, please return."

That was when a shock of pain erupted throughout her entire body. . . . Her baby wanted out.

"Lord Sesshomaru!!!" Rin screamed out to her mate as more contractions hit her, one after the other.

Lord Sesshomaru was in his study when he heard the scream from Rin.

"Lord Sesshomaru!!!" her pained voice called out to him. In the blink of an eye, he sped out of his study to the garden.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" she exclaimed when her lord and mate kneeled before her as she had settled herself on a bench. "I'm going into labor! Quick! Get Sango and—Ahh!" she groaned in pain, clutching her stomach before she could finish her sentence.

Sesshomaru scooped her up into his arms and hurrying into the prepared delivery chambers, he settled her down on the futon. The servants had all heard the commotion and females flocked them. Sango dashed into the room as fast as a pregnant woman could without falling, and making it clear to everyone else that no one else is to enter until the baby was born and ready.

Sango knew what she was doing for she had seen it a few times before in her village and Rin had instructed her ahead of time on what to do in cases like these. That priestess knowledge definitely came in handy.

Sesshomaru stood outside of the room since it was an ancient rule that males were not allowed in until the child was born. Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, Kohaku, Jaken, and Kirara waited outside with the pacing Sesshomaru. It bothered him greatly hearing Rin's cries of pains traveling through the whole palace. Time seemed to creep by as they kept there for what felt like three hours which was only somewhere around one. The screams only got worse and worse as Sango instructed Rin to take deep breaths and push until there came a different crying—the cries of a baby. Sesshomaru breathed in relief hearing his child cry so loudly showing his health and spirit. It only took a few more minutes which felt even worse than the hour for them to hear what they had been waiting so diligently for.

"You can come in now!" Sango yelled to the others.

As Sesshomaru entered the room, maids were exiting through a side door to reveal Rin. She was holding a bundle in her arms with so much care, huddled close to her chest. A glint of silver hair like that of Sesshomaru's could be seen from beneath the blanket. Rin, sweating quite a bit and breathing deeply with uneven pants, beamed at Sesshomaru, joyful tears flowing freely from her eyes.

"Our little son," she happily rasped out, her voice tired from the screaming. Sesshomaru went to his knee on the bed against the wall and Rin showed him the child's face.

A dark blue crescent moon adorned his forehead like his father. One squiggly blue stripe on each cheek, maroon lining his upper eye-lids, and big, warm, courageous, golden eyes looked at its father. The baby was calm at the moment and Sesshomaru took him into his arms, Sesshomaru gazed upon his first born with pride. He noted the similar markings and eyes as his own father once had.

"His name shall be Daichi. He will be strong and powerful just like my father," Sesshomaru declared.

He handed the boy back to Rin as it cried for food. Sesshomaru sat down besides Rin, holding her in his arms, leaning against the wall.

"Leave," he ordered everyone else. Shuffling out of the room, they looked back at the new family.

As they exited the delivery room, they broke into conversation moving into the dining hall.

"I have a nephew!" Inuyasha said with delight.

"I have a new lord!" Jaken squawked proudly.

"I have a new playmate!" Shippo cried out excitedly.

"So will my child," Sango said, rubbing her belly.

They continued talking about little Lord Daichi while Rin looked up at her lord with love all over her face.

"I love our new family," she whispered before leaning on his shoulder and fur. He relaxed with his wife quietly in a peace he never thought possible.