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Chapter 45. Final Celebrations

Everyone was quiet for a few minutes, avidly staring at the fissure in the ground where their most powerful enemy of 550 years had stood.

Now, nothing was left.

The first ones to move were Kagome and Inuyasha. A wide smile spread across the young priestess's face. Then, she let out a loud cheer of victory and jumped on Inuyasha, thoroughly surprising him. Not only that, but she openly kissed Inuyasha in her elation. This startled the previously gawking dog demon out of his stupor to notice the clinging, kissing girl plastered on his lips. Needless to say, he did not object—rather, he returned the kiss with the passion of a love-sick male deprived of his ultimate source of joy. The relief of knowing that the one who had caused them all such pain and suffering was most definitely gone overwhelmed the seventeen-year-old former time traveler and seven hundred-year-old former half-demon.

Others watched the spectacle with knowing smiles. Especially Sango, Miroku, and Shippo who had had to witness the constant denial between the couple. Also, this jogged others out of their shell-shocked states to cheering, jumping, victory dances, all the way to the point where even some songs were heard.

Kagura held the hand of her human lover, Kohaku. Kanna ever obediently stood to the side of her sister. Shippo celebrated by lifting Souten right off the ground and into the air while giving a large kiss to the thunder demon. Sango stood by Miroku only to go red in the face and smash him over the head with her bone boomerang. She stood with her face looking down at Miroku with a wide grin on her face. Miroku recognized this "teasing" from his wife and smiled in return. Neither one could be sour at a time like this.

Sesshomaru stayed by Rin with his arm grasping her waist and her hands holding it there in place. A bright smile lit her face and if one looked close enough, they would take note of a small smile on Sesshomaru's face.

Daichi and Aki were off to the side with their grandmother, Lady Mami, grinning at one another. They didn't say anything, merely standing and observing the blatant joy rolling off of everyone in waves. Even Jaken was bouncing up and down from one foot to the other. Totosai sat upon the back of his three-eyed cow and Myoga sat on the sword-smith's shoulder, content to just watch.

Ayame tentatively moved next to Koga. The wolf prince glanced down at the red-head to Misan and back to Ayame. It was as though he saw her in a new light. What with her long, thick fiery hair pulled up into seemingly innocent pig-tails, a pretty purple and pink iris tucked behind a pointed ear, and those sparkling green eyes. She really was beautiful. So, Koga gave a signature smirk, and before Ayame could even blink he had her in his arms holding her so she wouldn't fall. Without further delay, he imitated Inuyasha and Shippo to dominate the wolf girl's lips.

As everyone else was celebrating, the hero of the day calmly strode over to General Kenji. She then took his hand in her own and leaned her head onto his chest. Misan's single sword tucked ways, she contented herself with just finally being near her childhood love.

'This is how it's supposed to be,' thought Tracy as she gazed upon the happy scene.




It had been decided that hey were going to return to Japan. Once there, the royal dog demon clan would take up their rule of the lands once more. A celebration would also take place for the defeat of Naraku and the soon-to-be mates, Lady Misan and General Kenji as well as Lord Inuyasha and Lady Kagome.

Then afterward, the demon slayers would go back to their respective homes and being training others to defend themselves from the demons. Tracy would remain in Japan with her great grandparents and Misan.

Koga and Ayame, Kagura and Kohaku, and Shippo and Souten were going to be mated as well.




The day arrived. It saw the palace of the Western Lands bustling and filled with guests. Announcements were made and dinner for both humans and demons were served. While at the long and low traditional table, Rin was whispering something into Kagome's ear.

"Kagome," she began mischievously, "remember that day when you, Sango, Miroku, and Kohaku became immortal?"

"Of course, how could I forget?" she replied as if it were completely obvious. "What about it?"

"You didn't only become immortal. You received another gift, too."

"Oh? What gift?" she politely questioned, her curiosity piqued.

"Just that you can have full-blooded demon children rather than half-breeds and worrying about your children being discriminated, becoming outcasts, or being unable to control their demon sides."

"Really?!" she said, loud enough to catch many people's attention.

Rin sat back with a large and satisfied grin even when her own mate stared at her, taking in the information he had just heard with his sensitive hearing. Even as lady of a whole country, she could be such a trouble-maker.

Tracy sat on the other side of Misan, dressed in a fine lavender kimono with red butterflies on her sleeves, lapel, and bottom hem as is the style of the dog demon clan. Her obi was a matching red. Ivory combs adorned an elaborate bun on her head. Since Misan never wears them (especially since the ivory would not really work with her silver hair), she let her ward and good friend borrow them. The young human girl was finally beginning to realize the significance of her friendship with the princess, how important she is. During that whole time of being away from her fellow demons and home, aside from Inuyasha, she had sought out tracy as a source of comfort. Why, she even sacrificed getting mortally wounded for the demon slayer! Misan held Tracy in high opinion.

Just then, Misan turned her head away from the main chatter at the table. She had sensed the stewing thoughts in her companion's mind. their eyes connected and there was a quick softening in the usually stoic demon's eyes. Tracy stared in awe, much like the first time they actually met and then her mouth turned up into a smile, not a meek one nor a face splitting one, just one of understanding. Misan felt compelled to give her own genuine smile and they shared their special moment of peace and understanding.

Everything was okay. Everything was as it should be.

The End




Author's Note: Yay! I am done! What do you think? I really didn't know how to end this for the longest time and this ending came as I wrote. I had planned for there to be more past this scene or something but then I realized this was a good finale. A happy, calm, understanding ending between not Misan and Kenji but Misan and Tracy. It is kind of like Sesshomaru and Rin, except Misan and Tracy are best friends and they don't love each other like that. What can I say, I like simple endings. Sayonara!