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On a cloudless night, Kaidoh was once again on his jog. The crisp, cold night-time breeze brushed against his skin and caused a shiver to run up his spine. In his mind, he kept on thinking of himself practicing his snake shot.

Kaidoh, deep in thought, did not notice that he was going to collide into an insomnia-ridden Echizen Ryoma. And Ryoma did not realize that his senpai was going to run into him because he was too pre-occupied with his own thoughts on tennis. Oouf!

Both boys fell backwards and caught themselves right before their heads landed on the concrete. Ryoma twisted his ankle. "Kaidoh-senpai?" He asked, ignoring the pain signals his right ankle was giving off.

"Watch where you're going." Kaidoh mumbled, standing up again.

"You should too, senpai." Ryoma winced as pain shot up his leg when he tried to stand. He stood up, putting most of his weight to his left leg so he wouldn't pressure his left ankle that much. Kaidoh noticed Ryoma's awkward moments and decided to follow Ryoma for a few meters. The two walked, or limped in Ryoma's case, in silence. Ryoma was looking up at the bright, full moon the whole time.

"The moon look like a tennis ball." He said.

Kaidoh, not knowing what to think, said nothing.

"And that constellation," He pointed at a chain of stars, "looks like a tennis racket."

Kaidoh again did not reply. The two continued walking in mutual silence again, but this time, Kaidoh too looked at the stars. He saw countless patterns formed by them. A bear, a snake, and the tennis racket Ryoma mentioned. When they had reached a nearby park, Ryoma suddenly collapsed. His left foot gave out on him. "Want to take a rest?" He asked, pulling himself onto a nearby bench. Kaidoh just silently sat next to him.

Dawn was slowly creeping closer, and it was then when Kaidoh noticed the reddish circle in the sky. "There's Venus." He said softly.

"Ah. Ne, Kaidoh-senpai, did you know that in Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty?"

Kaidoh blushed. Ryoma continued. "And Aphrodite was her Greek counterpart."

"You like mythology?" Kaidoh asked nervously, not knowing what to say.

"Not really."

The two stood star-gazing for a while, until Ryoma rested his head on Kaidoh's shoulder. With half-lidded eyes, he whispered, "I couldn't sleep." The only things Ryoma remembered happened next was being carried home in Kaidoh's arms and being tucked into bed. Oh, that and Karupin's tail tickling his nose in the morning.

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