(Birthdays and Love Equal Cake

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Author: Yaoi-PWNs-The-World

Dedication: To the lovely Maiden of the Moon, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy!)

Edward Elric yawned and stretched as he sat up in bed. Flicking his eyes open he turned to his left,expecting to see his lovers, and started. Neither of them were in bed and, as they all had the day off today, had no reason to not be. His groggy brain then slowly registered the sounds of banging, cursing, and muffled giggles all resounding from the kitchen.

He carefully swung his pajama clothed legs off the edge and blearilly snatched his coat from the closet. He stumbled drunkenly down the stairs, automail hand gripping the rail like a lifeline, and turned into the kitchen. The sight that greeted him caused a double take and a quick eye rub, as two horrified gazes fixed on him. For there in the kitchen, stood a heavily sulking Envy, wearing a frilly pink apron and covered in flour. Behind him stood an equally covered Al, who had his hands behind his back, wearing a similar outfit.

Ed blinked twice before shaking his head and croaking out, "What the hell are you two doing?!"

Envy and Al exchanged glances before Envy stepped forward and, while brushing flour out of his hair, replied, "Well Ochibi-san we wanted to do something to surprise you on your special day!"

Ed blinked again and faced Al with a 'what-on-earth-is-he-talking-about' expression.

"Nii-san!" Al complained, bringing out a chocolate frosted cake from behind his back,
"Don't tell us you forgot your own birthday!"

Ed's eyes widened and he glanced at the calender on the wall. Sure enough the date February 3 had a big X on it.

He turned and allowed a smile, "You guys did all of this for me?"

Envy nodded, "Of course Chibi-san, I don't dress up in pink for just anyone you know"
He winked.

Al placed the cake on the counter and pulled Ed into a hug, Envy soon following suit, all the while grumbling about his reputation.

"Thank you." Ed mumbled, receiving a kiss from each of them. "This is the best birthday I could ask for."

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