i like to joke around that "subaru/arashi is the most true of loves because they are so pretty." a while ago, for a drabble request meme, i was made to write this story. (laugh) i did it very willingly, actually. i'm with sorata 100 percent on this one.

x x x

a case for superficiality

x x x

"You know," Sorata said abruptly, out of nowhere one dinner, "you're awful pretty, 'Neechan." He said it thoughtfully, as though just noticing, pointing at Arashi with his chopsticks. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes; Yuzuriha clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling.

"But you know, Sumeragi—he's awful pretty, too... right, Kamui?"

"Yeah," Kamui agreed without thinking, then sputtered, glancing sharply at the monk. "W-what?"

"Right, so," Sorata continued, oblivious to Yuzuriha's steadily louder giggles, Arashi's growing annoyance, and Kamui's blushing, "you know, since you're both so pretty—like," he waved his arm vaguely, almost hitting Kamui, "like, super razor sharp beauty—all flowers in the wind, that kinda thing..." he nodded. "Yeah, you two should probably get married or something."

Kamui choked into his milk. Yuzuriha clutched at her stomach as she giggled. Arashi wasn't sure why she was so offended—well, there was the obvious, but—even for Sorata this was out of the blue.

Sorata grinned lopsided, "yeah, 'Neechan, think of the gorgeous children you'd have."

"And you'd approve?" Arashi asked, dryly curious and not wanting to ask outright whether this meant he had, so to speak, 'given up' on her.

"Well, who can argue with such beauty?" Sorata replied cheerfully, then raised his eyebrows suggestively. "Course, 'Neechan, wouldn't say no to ya if ya were interested..."

The now-familar burning of her cheeks shook Arashi out of her civility. "Idiot," she snapped.

"But one," Sorata said, picking up a piece of beef and grinning at Arashi before popping it in his mouth, "with an eye for good looks."

x x x

The next time Subaru visited the small house on CLAMP Campus, he greeted Arashi politely, and was sorely confused as to the reason Yuzuriha all but fell over laughing. He meant to ask Arashi what he was missing, but her clenched jaw and blush was warning enough no to. Yuzuriha gasped something about "flowers in the wind," and Subaru decided that he didn't really need to know, after all.

He wondered, reflectively, if the Dragons of Earth were also insane.

x x x