Fight against Fate

Author Name: Amberile
Rating: PG
Spoilers: PS/SS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP. Written after Half-Blood Prince.
Genre: Alternate Universe, Adventure
Era: Multiple Eras
Main Characters: Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Eleanor, Ron, Dumbledore, Draco, N&P Flamel
Ship(s): G/H, (for now, but might change as characters and relationships develop.)

Summary: In a freak accident, during the ultimate battle, 21 year old Harry is sent back through time and space to that fateful day on Halloween. This is the story about Harry's desperate fight against Fate to save his friends and this new world he is now in.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author note: After a long time and a lot of requests I am finally going over my story and fixing some of the mistakes. So let me know if there is something I need to change in the other chapter so I know to look at it. Thanks.

Thanks for FairyMei33for revising this chapter.

Prologue - Power of sorrow and love

It was pitch black and the steady drip-drip of water could be heard from the dungeon roof. Harry was excited, but also extremely anxious. This was it, before him was the last foul piece of Voldemort's soul. Harry thought of all the people and friends he had lost, starting with Cedric, Sirius and Dumbledore. The past six years had literally been hell on earth. Always running, hiding; waiting for the day when he finally destroyed the last Horcrux and could be able to face that bastard and rid the world of his evil reign. There was no one left… Since Ron's death, Harry had been left alone, all of his friends murdered at the hands of either Voldemort or his Death Eaters. The wizarding world was in shambles and the ministry now non-existent. If not for the assistance of France and America, there would be noting left of Britain. The Muggles assumed that all the murders and violence were some scheme of a hostile terrorist group, so naturally all their efforts were in vain. Harry learned a lot from the foreign Hit-wizard units. After Tonks and Moody had died, there was no one else left to complete his training. So, out of desperation he, Ron, Hermione and Neville had sought their help.

"Focus Potter, this is not the time to get nostalgic," Harry reprimanded himself. It took a lot of concentration to remove all the wards around the Horcrux and then destroy it. He could not afford to mess up when he was so close to the end of his goal. With one last burst of magical energy, the Horcrux was reduced to ash.

Harry panted; it always took a lot of his power to destroy a Horcrux. Harry consoled himself, this was the last one! He had finally done it! Now, however, was the most dangerous time for Harry; his magical core was almost completely drained, if he was not careful he could pass out and be in a coma for days. He had to stay focused, he could not let that happened again. The previous time he had done that, he'd had friends to look after him, but now he was all alone. Sleeping in one of Voldemort's fortresses was not a good idea.

Harry took a moment to centre him self again, trying to stabilize his breathing. He had to gather his magic so that he could Apparate out.

Suddenly, all his senses started to scream at him; his scar started to burn with an uncomfortable familiarity and intensity. He could literally feel the magical whiplash as Voldemort and thirty of his servants appeared around him. Instantly he became aware of the anti-apparition and portkey wards activating.

Harry knew he was in no shape to face Voldemort right now. Fate, however, had other plans; he knew this was the final moment. He would kill or be killed. He ignored the pain tearing through his body as he called up all his magical reserves.

"So it ends, Tom," Harry said with a calm he did not feel, allowing no hint of his anxiety and pain in his voice. Harry's bright red shield was glowing around him, clashing with Voldemort's sickly green shield.

"I think not, Potter," Voldemort spat back, facing Harry, wand raised. "I have taken certain… precautions to ensure that I will win today Harry," he cackled.

"Well, if you mean your little trinkets, then your plan has just failed," Harry said gesturing to the pile of ash beside him. "It's just you and me now, as mortals."

Voldemort's face, which up until that point had been a block of marble, slipped. Harry could tell that he was surprised and angry to find that someone he'd thought inferior had upstaged him. Voldemort, his eyes narrowing and voice oozing malice, spat, "Be that as it may, Potter; I hope that you will find your eventual death to be as painful as it was watching your friends die."

"I want the wizarding world to once again live without the fear and torment you are inflicting upon it."

"Oh, how noble of you… wouldn't expect any better from a foolishly brave, self-sacrificing Gryffindor," Voldemort cruelly laughed.

"Enough chit-chat Tom; let's end this."

"Are you so eager to die?"

Harry laughed at this. He'd felt like dying since the moment he saw Sirius fall through the veil, and every time someone close to him fell, another part of him went with them. After a while, he wanted to die himself because he could not handle the feelings of pain, loss and guilt anymore. Harry'd had to convince himself not to end it almost daily and on bad days, when someone close to him had died, it was even more difficult. The only reason he did not give in to this feelings of darkness was the promise he made to Ginny while she laid dying in his arms. Ginny. His dearest Ginny, how could he have not noticed her for so long? All those wasted years they could have been together. "This is for you, my love," he thought casting the killing curse with all the love and sorrow he had in him. He had only the memories of all the people he had lost on his mind.

To Harry's great surprise the curse that left his wand was not the green color he expected. Harry did not have time to think about it because at the same time Voldemort also cast the curse, his red eyes gleaming with evil and hate.

"I wish I could have done this before everyone was gone," Harry wished putting all his power, heart and soul behind the curse.

"Finally, unlimited power; without you I will rule the earth! No one can stop me now!"

The two curses collided in midair with an explosion of green and gold. The Death Eaters around the two combatants were instantly vaporized by the exploding magical energy.

Harry was blinded by the light but knew he had to hold on for all he was worth. With the last bit of his willpower, he forced power he did not even knew he possessed into the connection. White light surrounded him.

Then every thing went black…

"Is this what death feels like?" Harry thought, drifting through blackness. "The next great adventure sure is dark, not to mention painful." It felt like someone was hitting his head with a sledgehammer right where his scar was. "Is this where my parents, Sirius and Ginny are?" He could not help it; he just had to find them. He missed them so much. "Mom! Ginny!" He tried to call, but for some strange reason his vocal cords would not co-operate. "Why was that?" Finally, his eyes responded to the command to open. Light, there was light, although it seemed very bright. "Must be heaven, so my soul was not eternally damned?" he wondered. He wanted to bring his hand up to shield his eyes from the brightness, but he could not move. "Well maybe not. I'm sure there is no pain in heaven, and surely you would be able to control your own limbs. Ah well, this must mean I am in that other place. Hope I managed to bring Tom with me." The floor suddenly started to shudder, massive footsteps that shook the entire world around him. A huge, dark shape loomed above him. Harry could not help it, he cried out in terror as a massive hand reached for him. He was lifted up towards the massive creature's mouth. The creature was surrounded by the blinding light, leaving his face surrounded by darkness. The enormous dark head of this unknown beast loomed over him. "Terror?" It had been so long since he had been afraid. The only thing he feared after all he had been through was his friends dying. Since they were all gone… He had nothing to fear, what did it matter if he got hurt, what did it matter if he died? Dying, the ultimate relief of pain. "Or so I thought, seems that assumption was really wrong, this is the worst pain imaginable. Looks like I'm to be tormented by a titan for the rest of eternity."

"There, there, little 'arry, yeh'll be all right now, just yeh wait."

"Hagrid? What? How? He died in the forest protecting the centaurs, those ungrateful beasts!" He thought bitterly. "What cruel trick is this? Hagrid could not be here!"

Harry looked again, making sure his eyes were not deceiving him. It was difficult to focus; his head hurt so badly and he was so confused. However, it was Hagrid, though there was something strange going on. He was huge, even by giant standards. Larger than Harry remembered he ever was. It baffled Harry's mind just how large Hagrid was. "What was going on here, why was this happening, where am I?!" Questions chased each other through his mind.

The world moved around Harry as the half-giant picked him up. He was taking Harry somewhere, but Harry was unable to see where he was going. Harry realized he did not have his glasses, which was why everything around him was blurry, save for Hagrid's face as it was mere inches from his own. Harry closed his eyes hoping to counteract the dizziness that were threatening to overcome him. He relied on his other senses to observe the world around him. He had learnt how to depend on all his senses in the battle for the light, he had even developed a "six and seventh sense for danger."

Harry became aware of other sounds and smells around him.

"So loud!" The thunderous breaking of timber and plaster was almost too much for Harry to bear, as Hagrid stepped over it, dislodging it or kicking it out of the way. Making a path to the unknown place, he was taking Harry. Harry recognized the sounds and smells, with all the explosions he had live through. This place was another sight of destruction; this meant he could be any place. That did not help him much to find out were he was or what was going on.

"Cold, so very cold. Where am I? Am I now reduced to think only primitive thoughts of cold, hunger, pain and fear?" Harry was annoyed with himself for feeling like this but in a way these feelings were also comforting. It meant that he was still alive, still human.

Harry was starting to get anxious and frustrated. He was so confused and had so many questions, but it did not seem like he would be able to find the answers. He really did not enjoy this feeling of helplessness.

Then, Harry became aware of a very strange noise. It was a loud rumbling that drowned out all of the other sounds. "What more can go wrong?" Harry thought as the racket cut into his head. Harry watched as a dark-clad rider brought a flying motorcycle in for a two-point landing nearby. This was a scene out of a distant dream. "Flying Motorcycle?" Hagrid stopped walking at last. It had hurt every step that Hagrid had taken. The mystery rider got off the bike and stood for a moment, taking in the scene. The new arrival was also too big to be a normal human, but almost looked tiny compared to Hagrid's bulk. The man shook his head in sorrow and stepped into the light from Hagrid's lantern.

It was Sirius... "Sirius!?" A younger, healthier Sirius without the hollow look in his eyes that Azkaban left, although they now appeared full of worry for the scene before him, "How could Sirius also be here? I saw him die, I saw him fall through that veil!"

It was then that everything came together for Harry. It now made sense! Now he knew why his friends were still alive and so "huge". It was Halloween of 1981 and he was a baby again. He was back where it all began – Godric's Hollow.

"I don't know how, or why this happened, but I can save them all. I'll have to grow up again, not a fun prospect. At least I have a chance now; I can save them! Ginny, my love, this time I will not let him get you. I will not let him hurt any of you. It will be different this time. He will never again have a chance to wreak the destruction on the world as he did last time. Never Again! I won't let that happen!" He had another chance!

This realization was a wonderful, but ultimately scary thought. He would have to face all of the obstacles and horrors that he had already overcame again. He did not know if he could do some of those things again. He knew he had to try however. Everything was so confusing and frustrating to Harry. "Why did this happen?" Harry cried out in anguish, but the two arguing men ignored his cry.


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