This is my first time writing Sasuhina. I am really inspired by this coupling. If not for the fictions out there, I won't be able to like them. Hope that you enjoy it. A great thank for Angelic Light and my friend who had help me through my sentence structures.

Brief Information:

Hinata was not from a rich family

Sasuke's father and mother was still alive

Summary: Sasuke was a famous model. Hinata was helping out in his studio as part-timer. What would happen if a possessive Itachi and a jealous Sakura came into their life? Sasu/Hina/Ita… Eventually Sasuhina.

Chapter 1 – Living in a different lifestyle


The 19 year-old girl rushed towards her friend who was waving frantically and pointing to the empty seat beside her.

"Sorry, Tenten. I had to attend to Hanabi's school opening ceremony. Neji-nii can't make it as he has some business to attend to." Her lightly tinted lavender eyes apologized.

"It's alright. It hasn't been easy for you since your parents had past away when you are young," exclaimed Tenten.

"It should be Neji-nii who had carried the burden." Hinata countered.

Her cousin Neji, who was only ten when her parents passed away, had to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of them. It was a big blow for Hinata as she was only eight. Her younger sister Hanabi was too young to understand. They were supposed to live in an orphanage since there was no relative to take care of them but Hinata did not want to live with the mean nanny and the naughty children. Therefore, they quietly 'escaped' the doom. They crept out one night and dragged their tiny feet to a place where nobody would recognize them. Neji had to take jobs to support them and Hinata would look after Hanabi and do daily housework. Tenten was their only friend at that time. She was clever and pretty with her deep brown hair tied up in two buns, showing the perfect shape of her face. Even though she was from a rich family, she was not snobby or proud. It was because of her that they would be able to attend school by paying school's fees and the books. Tenten had also wanted to pay for their small rented apartment but Neji had stubbornly refused. Hinata was deeply grateful for her kindness.

"Will you do me a flavor?" begged Tenten.

"What is it?"

"Well… I took this part-time job from a modeling agency…" Tenten nervously looked around as if some monsters were going to pounce on her. She moved closely to Hinata's ear and continued.

"It is where Uchiha Sasuke is working."

Hinata gave a blank look.

"Who is he?"

Tenten stared in disbelief and exploded, standing up.


Hinata sweatdropped.

"Umm… Tenten, I think you should lower down your volume. Everyone is looking at you." She s, feeling uneasy by the stares that were directing at them.

Tenten cooled herself down and sat down.

"Don't you read magazines or watch TV? Why do you think I buy you the television? Gosh, Hinata… you should really TRY to know what is going on in this stuff, model, singer, etc."

"Sorry… I am not interested in these." Hinata lowered her head.

She sighed. "It is not your fault."

"Hinata, you apologize too much even though it is not your fault." Tenten thought.

"Anyway, as I was saying… I couldn't make it at the last minute and the agent is in need of a helper so would you want to take my place? Of course, the salary will go to you."

"Alright." Hinata agreed after thinking. She needs the money to buy Neji's birthday present.

"Thank you! Then, lets…"

A soft ringing from Hinata's bag cut her words. Hinata took a glance at her cell phone but did not pick it up. She stared at her lap, suddenly finding it interesting. The ringing stopped after awhile and silence fell between them. Tenten took a sip of her ordered soda before she spoke again.

"It's Naruto, isn't it?"

Hinata nodded slowly, still not looking up from her lap.

"I…I…still can't… face him after what… had happened." She choked back her tears as she tried her hardest not to remember the incident.

Naruto was her crush when she was in her high school. Captured by his enthusiastic and positive thinking, she immediately like him but Naruto had only seen her as his friend. They were very close and Hinata started to believe that he might have a small feeling towards her that was more than a friend. It was a week ago when she had confessed to him while walking to Naruto's favorite shop, Ichiraku Raman.


"Naruto-kun… I have something… to tell you," Hinata stammered. Her face was as red as a lobster.

"What is it?" Naruto grinned widely.

"I… I LOVE YOU." Hinata shut her eyes as she wait for his reply.

"… I am sorry, Hinata… I don't feel the same way as you."

She could hear the sound of her heart breaking into million pieces. It was painful… very painful.

"Umm… I am sorry… to have startled you… Umm… I suddenly remember that I need to fetch Hanabi from school. Sorry, I need to rush now." Hinata quickly rambled her last sentence and left him, running away as far as possible. Her tears couldn't stop falling from her eyes.

End of flashback

In the end, Tenten asked her to go home to prepare for tomorrow's work after seeing her still emotionally affected by Naruto when they were shopping. After Tenten gave her last comforting words before she left, Hinata pondered over her love life. She looked at a happy couple beside her and felt depressed.

Love came like the story in a fairy tale for everyone except me. I will never find a true love who will love and understand me.


"Is this the right direction?" she thought to herself as she checked the room number written on a paper. She was inside the building where she was supposed to be working but she could not find the room that was given to her from a security guard. All the rooms looked the same to her and there was nobody around to ask for help. She sighed in frustration. She was lost and was late for work. But luckily, she saw a guy walking towards her.

"Excuse me…umm." Hinata paused as his onyx eyes stared intensively at her. She had never seen such intimating eyes and somehow she felt scared.

"Umm… can you direct me to room 34? I am… kind of lost…"

"What is your name?" His eyes were still staring at her face.

"Hin…Hinata Hyuuga. I am the new helper."

She felt like hitting herself for being weak but she could not help it when she talked to strangers. It was her habit since young.

"Follow me."

Hinata stay rooted for a while before she realized that he had walked away from her to the right direction. She quickly caught up with him and took a glance at him. He did not seen to be a worker as he was wearing expensive clothing and it had different cuts on his black shirt making him look dashing.

"We are here." They entered and Hinata saw people setting up lightings and camera which focused on the centre stage of the room.

She bowed and mumbled her thanks before he walked to the opposite side of the room. She looked around for a long blond hair girl who was around the same age as her and finally saw her at the dark end of the corner.

"Ano… Are you Yamanaka Ino? I am… the new helper sent by Tenten." Hinata said softly as she approached her.

"Ah! You are finally here. What took you so long? You were lost aren't you?" She grinned.

"Yes but I was directed here by someone." Hinata smiled at her cheerfulness.

"It's good that you make it here safely. Well, let's get to work. Help me carry all these boxes to the other end," she said, pointing to the whole lots of boxes.

When Hinata was carrying the box, she saw the same man that helped her in the centre of the spotlight.

"Okay Sasuke, tilt your head and look at the camera… Good..." The camera flashed a couple of times while Sasuke changed his position.

Hinata stared in awe. So he was the Uchiha Sasuke that Tenten was talking about. She blushed as their eyes met and quickly looked away. She admitted that he was handsome but she preferred Naruto. Naruto was lively and dazzling attractive but Sasuke was seductive attractive and somehow, dangerous.

Hinata shivered at the thought of his piecing eyes. She did not know whether she was considered lucky to be able to have a close distance with him. Shaking her thoughts off, she continued with her work.

"Alright! We will have a fifteen minute rest."

Once Sasuke sat down, most of the girls started crowded around him, giving him drinks and towels. Hinata ignored the tugging of her heart and brought the next box to the other side. Unfortunately, she tripped over a wire on the floor and fell. She quickly closed her eyes as the fallen lighting stand was about to hit her. In a flash, a warm body covered her own, protecting her from the injury.


Hinata opened her eyes, shocked as their face was an inch apart. She gently pushed him away and watched in horror as he clutched on his shoulder.

All the people were in a panic.

"Uchiha, are you alright. Is it very serous? I think we should cancel off this shoot today."

"No. I'm fine. Let's carry on."

"But…" Before the photographer could protest, Sasuke was already on the stage.

Hinata could not utter a word as she stared at him. Even though she knew that he was in pain, his face did not show it and act as if there was nothing happened. The shots finally end and Sasuke was brought to another room with his manager.

"This is your entire fault that Sasuke was injured." A girl spitted out.

Hinata felt depressed. It was because of her carelessness that somebody was hurt. She went to find Sasuke to apologize. This time she could easily find his room and knocked on the door. His manager opened it.

"Ah! You are the girl whom Sasuke had saved. Come in."

Hinata walked in and saw his shoulder was halfway through being bandage.

"I'm really sorry to cause you trouble. If there is anything to help you, I will be willing to do it."

The manager cut in when Sasuke was about to speak.

"It's not really your fault. Girls should be protected by guys. By the way, my name is Hatake Kakashi, Sasuke's manager… Hmm… but if you really want to help, you can be his assistant."

Sasuke and Hinata turned their direction at him at the same time.


Just like the fairytale

A girl was waiting for her prince to save her

From the ugliness of this world

Their key to happiness is

The glass slippers

Chapter 1 finished.

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