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Chapter 5 – Model

"Total will be $30."

"Thank you."

Hinata sighed as she picked up the heavy grocery bags. Another free day from work again as Kakashi had called her this morning that Sasuke was sick. She was surprised that even the almighty Uchiha would get ill.

"Well, under his perfect face, he is still human," she thought.

Her eyes flicked on a magazine which was displayed on the glass pane as she passed by a bookstore. It was the latest edition. The front cover showed Sasuke sitting on a dark blue sofa with his hand pulling his bang up and his eyes staring ahead coldly. All the fan girls would squeal and fainted if this picture would come alive. Hinata blushed as she recalled the incident.


Hinata looked up tearfully and met Sasuke's eyes. His eyes were gentle.

"It is alright to cry out instead of keeping it in your heart."

Once she heard that, she could no longer control and threw herself into his chest. This time, she cried her sorrows out. Hinata felt warmth enveloped her when he placed his arms around her, hugging her with care. Her thought was full of Naruto as she cried, recalling how she met him and the time they had together. She had hoped that Naruto would be her prince charming but the dream had been crashed. Who would be the one that bring her happiness? Image of a smiling Sasuke flashed on her mind.

"Sasuke…" Hinata whispered against his chest.

It was still raining heavy when Hinata had calmed down and Sasuke insisted on bringing her home before returning to his house. It was a good thing that Neji was not home from work or the situation would later become chaos. Hinata felt guilty after thinking that she was the one that made him sick. She glanced at the magazine again.

"But… he was so gentle… and warm…" She blushed. Hinata looked left and right before entering quickly into the store, grabbed a copy and went to the counter with her head low. When she had paid the cashier, she quickly took the magazine and dashed towards the exit. However, she bumped into a person and her grocery plus the book dropped to the ground.

"Gomenasai…" Hinata cried out.


Hinata looked up and was surprised to see Itachi, standing there with a book in his hand.

"Itachi-san, what are you doing here?"

"Buying book so that I can find a good place to take photos… What are you doing here?" he questioned back.

"Umm.. ano…" she stammered while Itachi picked up the magazine which Hinata dropped.

"Hmm… I didn't know that you are a fan of my brother. I thought you treat him differently from all the fan girls."

Hinata's face turned into a deep shade of red.

"I… I… was just…" she tried to protest but she was at loss of words.

"I will help you carry the bags. Wait for me." He quickly went to purchase his book and helped Hinata. Both of them exited the shop and they walked together in silence.

"Ne Hinata, are you free tomorrow?"

Hinata looked at Itachi from her side.

"I am not sure… Sasuke-san may be feeling well tomorrow and I will be working."

"Can you take a leave off? Be my model tomorrow."

Hinata dropped one of the grocery bags.


"Hello, Kakashi-san? Umm… Can I take a leave off tomorrow?"

"Sure. Sasuke still not feeling too well… You have something on that is important tomorrow?"

"Umm, well…"

Be my model tomorrow.

"Are you going out with a guy?"

Hinata's eyes widened and shouted on the phone. "NO! It's not what you think…"

Kakashi laughed and said, "Well, have fun tomorrow!"

With that he hung up. Hinata stared at the phone in disbelief and sighed as she put the phone back.


The next day,


Sasuke rested his head on the cooling pillar as he stared at Mikoto making soup for him. Even though he was recovering very fast and felt that he could work today, his mother still insisted that he should stay at home.

He grumbled when he thought of the time he had to spend doing nothing. The house was empty as both his father and his brother went out.

"Where is Itachi-nii?" Sasuke asked his mother when she placed the soup on the table. He started drinking while Mikoto answered.

"He went out with a girl called Hinata."

Sasuke spilled his soup.



"Wow! This is a beautiful place." Hinata exclaimed as she stared in awe at the field of sunflowers in front of her.


Hinata turned to Itachi who was holding the camera. He smiled.

"Don't mind me. Your expression is good. Just continue to act normally."

Hinata blushed and obeyed his command. She walked down to the field and softly touched the sunflower.

"I have wanted to ask you. Why do you want me to be the model?"

"I am participating in this competition which can help me to achieve closer to my future career. Therefore, I want to take my best shoot."

"But why me?"

Itachi smiled but did not reply as Hinata stared at him in confusion. He walked towards her and raised his hand to touch her.

"Because you are…"



Sasuke frowned as he looked at the couple in front of him. He was hiding among the brushes, trying not to make a sound. It was an uncomfortable position and was feeling hot. When he had found out where they were, he had taken off quickly despite his mother protest.

"Why do I bother so much about them? It's not like Hinata is my lover (How many times did I told myself that)… well, I just… just want to make sure Itachi doesn't do anything funny with Hinata… yeah, this must be it… Hinata is my caretaker. I should also at least do the same… how come… I suddenly feel… dizzy…"

Sasuke shook his head to clear the big throbbing on his head and focused on Itachi and Hinata. When he saw Itachi lifting his hand to touch her, something snapped in him.


Itachi and Hinata stared at Sasuke who jumped out of the brushes not far from them, fuming.

"I… I…"

Not sure whether it was the anger or embarrassment, Sasuke felt very dizzy and the next moment, there was blankness.

"Sa…Sasuke-san!" Hinata cried out and ran towards him. She felt his forehead. It was burning hot.

"He's having a fever."

"Baka. He should just quietly stay at home." Itachi approached them with an indifferent expression. He picked up his brother roughly.

"Let's go back."

Their destination was a small countryside house with different flowers growing around it. It was at the end of the forest and it's back faced towards the sea which was a distance walk. Hinata placed a cold towel on Sasuke's forehead when Itachi put him on a bed. He was panting softly and sweats were slowly falling down to his neck.


Unknowingly, Itachi watched them from behind and after a moment, he made his way towards her. He placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Let's go outside. I will have my servant to take care of him. We still have a bit of time left to finish my work."

Hinata slowly nodded. She took a last look at Sasuke before following Itachi. It was a silent moment as they walked along the beach.

"You seem to care a lot for my brother."

Hinata blushed and stopped walking.

"He had helped me a lot… that is why I want to do something for him."

Hinata looked at the sea as she let the gentle breeze relaxed and calmed her.

"My parents died when I was young and my cousin had to suffer to support my sister and me… My friend introduced a job which is to help around in Sasuke's work. I am very glad that I have taken this job and met Sasuke. He had helped me when I needed someone the most."

Hinata turned to Itachi and smiled.

"It is important to treasure something, whether it is a person or your interest. This feeling will give you a determination not to give up. I want to treasure the people around me."

Hinata turned to look at the sea again while Itachi was lost in his thought. He lifted up his camera and snapped.


After a week, the news of the wining competition arrived. Hinata walked slowly down the corridor as she passed by a roll of photos displayed on the wall.

"It should be around here…" she thought as she looked at the direction on the paper given by Itachi.

"Row 6… Number 34."

She stopped and her eyes widened as she stared at the photo where a crowd of people was crowding around it. It was her. Gentle eyes gazed at the night sea, lost in her world; her hair was blown away slightly from her face, revealing her small smile. Moreover, the picture was enlarged and underneath, it was announced as the first price.

Hinata lifted her hand to cup her slightly opened mouth as she continued to stare in disbelief.

The corner of the image was written: The beauty of the night.


Itachi lied on his bed as he stared at the blank ceiling, letting his thought wondered. He remembered the words during their walk together along the beach. An image of Hinata taking care of Sasuke appeared on his mind. He scowled and got up from his bed. He went to his father's study room and knocked the door.

"Come in."

"What do you want?" Fugaku asked as he looked up from his work. Itachi held an emotionless face and spoke in determination.

"I am ready to take over your business."

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