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Professor Snape liked solitude. It was a simple statement, simple to understand. He liked his privacy.

What he did not like was his alone time being interrupted.

And when that precious time was interrupted by none other than a student, well, then he was annoyed. Even more so perhaps by the fact that the student in question was none other than a Gryffindor. And I suppose it didn't help that the particular Gryffindor was one of three he disliked more than anything he could think of at that precise moment.

"Miss Granger" he purred his tone so sickly sweet that she knew she was going to get it in the neck.

It was a simple mistake she had made, perhaps she should have paid more attention to the fact that she was dealing with Snape at the time and unfortunately not one of her other professors.

They would have found it endearing to say the least.

Hermione sighed, there was no way she could take it back now, she had crossed the line, and no excuses could get her out of this mess.

"Yes Professor" she smiled up at him.

"Please, Miss Granger," his voice still calm, "do tell me exactly what it is you are doing outside my door at this time of the night?"

A nervous giggle escaped her lips, "well you see sir, its like this…" she began, her hands fumbling with the parchment she held close to her chest.

Snape raised an eyebrow, indicating his impatience with the whole situation.

"It's an invitation sir" she said holding the sheet of paper out for him to take, "I wanted to give it to you myself".

He made no move to take the invite from her outstretched hand.

Hermione blushed at his rejection, "erm, it's for the Graduation ball sir" she began to explain, "I was wondering, well hoping actually that you might like to say something, maybe, perhaps?"


Hermione gave a short smile; "well if you change your mind" she said thrusting the parchment at him, "even if it's just to say how glad you are to see us all go" her confidence slowly regaining itself, "you are more than welcome".

"And you felt the need to deliver this yourself?" he asked surprisingly calm.

Hermione turned around from where she had begun to walk away down the corridor, "yes sir, I thought it more polite and personal this way".

"Even if it calls for waking a person up at this ungodly hour of the night?"

Looking at her watch Hermione frowned, "excuse me sir but it's hardly ten o'clock, I really didn't think that I would be disturbing you from your sleep, I apologise".

Severus regarded her sharply, she had not in fact woken him, and on some level he could admit that a personal invitation was more forthcoming than one left on his side table by the house elves. He would not thank her for it however.

He regarded the invitation in his hands, "I will note waste my time doling out detentions on such simple matters as these Miss Granger," he informed her, locking her eyes with a dark glare, "nether the less, if I catch you in the vicinity of my personal chambers again, I swear on pane of death, that I will make the consequences extremely dire, understood?"

Hermione taken back by the lack of punishment she was receiving actually couldn't stop herself but smile at her professor. A genuine, honest smile "Yes sir" she nodded before turning on her heels and leaving.

Severus left with a frown on his face at her uncalled for display of emotions, couldn't help but think he had been too kind to the troublesome girl, unfortunately for him she was no longer his student and he couldn't feasibly give her a detention for inviting him to speak at her graduation. He would have to punish her for something else, some other meddlesome deed she had done, as soon as he caught her doing one that is.


Feeling extremely satisfied with herself, Hermione slumped into one of the comfy armchairs by the fire in the Gryffindor common room.

She now had all of her professors speaking at the graduation ball, all except Trelawney, but Hermione didn't really count her as much of a professor anyhow. Snape had been the last one on her list, she wasn't really sure he would attend let alone be one of the guest speakers at the event, but she suspected that he would. Even if his speech was short and to the point. How could he miss one last barb at the year which included the great Harry Potter?

Speaking of Harry, Hermione took a glance round the common room, it was mostly filled with seventh years, as they had no classes anymore and had completed all of their NEWT's, they had no reason to go to bed early, many in fact stayed up half the night nowadays, with little left to do to fill the day with Hermione couldn't really blame them, but that wasn't for her. She still preferred to rise early, even if her day was spent with only the simple pleasure of sitting by the lake and reading.

Harry and Ron usually filled their time with Quidditch, or extra lessons with Lupin on Defence against the Dark Arts now that he had been reinstated as the current DADA Professor.

Life seemed easy for the time being, and Hermione thanked everyday that went by peacefully, every day that she and her friends could spend as they pleased. For she knew that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort made its move. It had for too long been quiet now, many had forgotten about the initial threat of danger, not Hermione, nor Ron or Harry.

She knew it was coming; the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters had laid low after their last attack on a muggle populated town nearly nine months ago, just after they had all returned to Hogwarts.

At first it had made the student body break out in a fit of panic and hysteria, after Dumbledore had calmed the situation however, and informed them that no muggles were in fact killed during the attack, things had settled.

And now just days before the graduation everywhere had adopted an eerie sort of calm, like before a storm.

Hermione didn't like it, but she didn't let it bother her either. There were way too much more important things going on to occupy her mind at the moment, and planning and organising the graduation ball was one of them.


The next morning, waking up refreshed and revitalized Hermione made her way down to the great hall for breakfast, it was still early and she expected to be eating alone. She somewhat preferred it this way, at least she could take her plans for the Graduation with her, work on them a bit more.

She had in fact all but finished the preparation, getting all the professors to speak at the event was her last task, but one last glance over before finalization couldn't hurt.

After she had finished her toast, she began to pack away her books and belongings when she was bombarded by Harry and Ron.

"And where do you thing you're going?" Ron grinned wickedly as he and Harry each grabbed one of her arms and sat her back down.

"Ron" Hermione sighed, "Let me go I have stuff to do".

"As do we" he informed her tucking into a plate full of pancakes.

Hermione raised an eyebrow questioningly at him.

"We need to plan for Hogsmeade this Saturday" he said simply.

Harry grunted through a mouthful of bacon in agreement.

Hermione look from one friend to another, they seemed pretty resolute on their plans for the weekend.

"You know you guys never give me a break" she mock pouted.

"Hermione" Harry laughed putting an arm around his best friend, "this is a break".

She gave him a sideways glance.

"You have been working so hard on organising our graduation party that you haven't had time for yourself" he reminded her.

"I like to keep busy" she said in defence, "and it's not a party, it's a ball"

"The difference is?" Ron asked at the same time as filling his mouth with a handful of eggs.

Hermione rolled her eyes "well for one you have to get dressed up for this".

Ron grunted and Harry sighed, "we don't have to dance do we?" her red headed friend grudgingly inquired

"Yes Ron, you do" Hermione smiled, "and you have to take a partner"

Both Harry and Ron made sour faces at this.

Hermione laughed, "Its not that bad, think of it this way" she said putting an arm round each of her friends, "it will be the last time you will have to do this".

While the two boys were busy snarling at the whole situation Hermione made a swift exit from the great hall.


Severus paced the small area in front of his fire; he was in his private chambers and walking back and forth as he had done so many times before.

He was waiting for the headmaster.

He had just arrived back from a Death Eater meeting and the news was grim, more so than had been expected.

Luckily this time he had gotten away without any confrontation. The last meeting they had, Lucius Malfoy decided to take it upon himself to point out the fact that whilst Severus was indeed working within Hogwarts, he had yet to produce Harry Potter or any of his friends dead or alive.

Usually Voldemort would let this pass, based simply on the fact that that Severus had explained that it was far too risky to be removing students under the watchful eye of Albus Dumbledore.

That night however Severus had received punishment for his lack of contribution.

Last night was a different story entirely; Severus guessed that even if Lucius had opened his incredibly nosy mouth nothing would have happened. For there were far, far more important and pressing matters on the Dark Lords mind.

Suddenly a knock on the door brought Severus from his pacing.

"Enter" he calmly spoke.

"Ah Severus" Albus Dumbledore beamed down at the younger man, a smile Severus knew would quickly vanish, "its good too see you back in one piece, and so early no less".

"Indeed, I actually arrived back at dawn" he informed the headmaster.

"I see" Dumbledore said, his eyes growing serious at the look on the professors face.

Severus gestured for the headmaster to sit; once he did Severus took a deep breath and began to describe last night's happenings.


Finding a nice spot under a nearby oak tree just aside the lake, Hermione sat down to enjoy the peace and quiet.

She was just beginning to enjoy the feel of the warm sun on her skin when a rather large shadow appeared to block her light.

"Urgh Ron, your interfering with my sunbathing you know" Hermione smiled.

"Sorry" Ron beamed back; he bent down to take a seat on the soft grass next to her.

"So what you up to?" he asked.

Hermione lifted her head to look at him; if she didn't know better she could have been sure he was making small talk.


"Nothing much" she replied smiling.

Ron nodded at her reply. He lifted a hand to his neck, rubbing the back of it nervously, "see the thing is" he began to go pink at the ears, "well we've known each other what, seven years now?"

Hermione looked at him confused.

"And well, I always thought, I always just kind of supposed that well" he took a deep breath, "me and you Hermione, we are bound to end up together, and well I was basically wondering if you wanted to go to hogsmeade with me this weekend?"

"Ron" Hermione began to sigh.

"I mean I know we are already going together, but what I meant was…"

"Ron I know what you mean" she said looking into his eyes, her own eyes were full of sorrow, "Ron you are my best friend, I don't want to ruin that".

"It won't ruin it Hermione, it will just…"

"I sorry Ron"

"Please just take a day to think about it then" he began to beg, "you might feel differently tomorrow".

Hermione looked into his pleading eyes and sighed, she really didn't want to hurt him, "ok, I'll think about it, but honestly Ron I don't think you can change my mind on this".

Looking like all his Christmases had come at once Ron beamed down at her, "thanks Hermione you wont regret this, we're gonna have a great time". And before she could reply he had gone.

Hermione looked at the tiny figure of her friend as he made his way back to the castle and bit her lip, she really didn't care for Ron that way.

Sighing like there was no tomorrow she got to her feet and made her way inside. How could she relax now? This was just what she needed, not.

She needed to talk to someone, and who better understand her worries about Ron than non other than his little sister.

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