Hermione sat scowling into her glass of butterbeer, it was nothing to do with Raspin, he was nice enough. A country guy who had- apart from attending Hogwarts when he was younger- grown up outside the wizarding community. He had studied to be a vet, but once his mother had died three years ago he decided to venture back into the wizarding world.

"You are very fortunate, you know" he was saying.

"I am" Hermione replied, her mind not really focusing on their conversation.

"Yes, to be so young and working at an established school, to have such a good job at your age-"

"I am only 20" Hermione pointed out frowning

"Exactly, I am sure other people have to wait years for a position like yours".

"Hmmm" Hermione said staring out the window. What was she doing at Hogwarts? Did she really want to teach? She supposed she did, it was just the fact that he was here that was putting her off. Honestly what was Minerva Thinking?

"I suppose it helps that you are close friends with Harry Potter-"

Hermione's head snapped up, "and what exactly is that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way" Raspin corrected himself, "just that-"

"Don't bother" Hermione said standing up, "I am sure you didn't mean anything by it, I have to go" she said pulling on her outdoor robes, "I don't feel up to talking tonight, not really, it's been a busy day for me-"

"Are you sure" Raspin said standing to hep her get her cloak on, "I really didn't mean to offend you".

Hermione smiled sweetly at him, "I'm sure" she confirmed, before dropping two sickles on the table to pay for the drinks and walking out before he could stop her.

As soon as she reached outside the cold September air hit her. It was almost 11pm and dark out.

She took in a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Raspin, she was sure his heart was in the right place, but Hermione knew she couldn't be good company tonight, not after seeing him. Him and his dark eyes sneering at her, mocking her. She knew she would have to speak with him eventually; after all they were colleagues now. She planned put it off until it was essential however.


Severus hissed into the book he was attempting to read. Why in Merlin's name was he so irate? And an even bigger mystery, why in the world was Hermione granger out with that vet boy Raspin?

So he didn't really know Raspin, did that matter? No he had heard enough about him. Him and his muggle vet ways, what Hermione saw in that man was beyond him!

Then again Minerva had said Hermione once loved him, and he saw nothing in himself worthy of her love.

He would have to tell her, just to clear the air of course. He would explain that Albus, in his infinite wisdom had asked him not to contact her. He had tried, he had even sent Draco, and she couldn't have forgotten that? Then again she did Obliviate the boy so maybe she wasn't too impressed.

He ran a hand through his hair, he wasn't going to sleep tonight and he knew it.

Stepping up and pulling on a robe he decided to go for a walk, there was nothing like patrolling the corridors to clear ones head.


What was she thinking agreeing to have a drink with Raspin? Was she doing it in some way to piss Snape off? She guessed that was what he had stormed out of the feast. But why did she want to piss him off.

"Because I'm pissed off" Hermione hissed at herself out loud, instantly she regretted it.

A shadowy figure the other end of the corridor stopped and turned towards her.

Bugger, bugger, bugger, was that him?

She prayed that is wasn't; let it be Raspin, anyone but him.

"You know language like that in the corridor is unacceptable" a smooth voice drawled out.

Damn it

"Yes, well" Hermione huffed turning on her heel and heading back in the direction she came in.

Severus watched he turn away from him. Did she really hate him so much that she couldn't even look at him? He needed to say something, anything, sorry would be best…

"Hermione-" he called out.

Hermione stopped her pace, but didn't turn around to face him. He would just apologise to her back then. No big deal, it would be easier that way anyway.

"I-I'm…" he paused for breath

"Yes" she said now finally facing him and taking in his features.

Severus froze, "I don't want to hear you swearing around the corridors at night" he snapped out, "you are a professor now, it sets a bad example".

Hermione's face looked as if she had never been as angry and as insulted in her life.

Before he could dwell on her, Severus turned on his heal and stalked off. Why had he said that, why? He had meant to apologise. Now she would most likely hate him more than ever, not even a friendship could be salvaged he supposed.

He cursed himself underneath his breath.

He was a fool, a blind callas cruel old fool.

It would take something spectacular to win her over now.


She stormed back to her quarters; they were near the Gryffindor tower and felt homier to her beyond anything she had ever had.

Perhaps it was just the castle; she had after all spent seven years of her life growing up here.

And now that, that man and his malicious temper had set he in a bad mood.


She had been willing, hoping even for friendship. She hated him in so many ways, yet the love was still there. Festering inside her, living off her emotions like a parasite.

Why she cared so much she didn't know. She hadn't even gone a whole day yet and she was already in a state.

She buried her head into her pillow, she wouldn't cry, she refused to cry.


Hermione didn't have any lessons planned until the afternoon, this, unluckily for her, left much time for her ever inquisitive mind to go over and over last night and her unwanted yet undeniable feelings for that man.

Stressed to the point of tearing her bushy hair out she headed to the library. Books had always calmed her.

Inside she found it no busier than usual, a few students studying for upcoming lessons. Some first years looking up books with that amazed face Hermione remembered from her first year.

Madam Prince was still there, her beady eyes watching as Hermione took a seat at a table in the corner. Her hands traced over an engraving in the desk where Ron had scratched in a remark in their third year, "Malfoy sucks eggs". Either it had been left as a testament of the ages or a house elf had been unable to remove it. She guessed the latter.

Just as she let out a sigh and began to rest her head in her hands the library went quiet.

To say it was always quite would be somewhat true, yet at that present moment a pin could be heard dropping.

Hermione looked up bewildered as all the students including Madam Prince were looking on in astonishment as Severus Snape, most feared professor in Hogwarts walked up to the new, much younger and friendlier looking potions professor, and knelt before her.

Hermione swallowed hard, what on earth he was doing.

Severus reached out and took her small delicate hand in his, "I'm sorry" he whispered in one breath, "I was a fool, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant you to think I never cared. I never stopped caring, not once were you not at the centre of my thoughts."

Hermione looked at him, not a trace of lies in his dark eyes. His face full of sadness. Was he really telling the truth?

"Why are you telling me this?" she asked him, he own voice nothing more than a whisper.

"I can't sleep, I can't eat, I cannot going on living another day without it being said" he told her softly. "You plague my thoughts, you always have".

Hermione looked up; nearly all the students were looking at her with scared apprehensive looks upon their faces. She let out a laugh, what it must look like, Severus Snape on bended knee apologising to a former student and a Gryffindor at that. If anything the student's faces didn't look scared enough.

"Severus", Hermione said "you hurt me and then last night-"

"I was an idiot" he scolded, "I wanted to apologise. Those things, saying things like that, like this- they do not come easily to me. I have trouble-"

Hermione smiled silencing him. "I'm sorry too" she quietly admitted.

Taking in all her features, the delicate way her hair swallowed her shoulders, her rosy lips, the few freckles that covered her nose, her chocolaty eyes. Severus felt the overwhelming feeling of being consumed by her whole.

For he was completely consumed, overpowered, overwhelmed overawed. He wanted her, he needed her yet he didn't deserve her. She was a goddess and he an old Death Eater who taught potions on the side. Yet here she was, staring into his eyes like no one else, not the students, not her friends nor anyone else mattered in that moment but him.

"Hermione, you are my world" he said spilling out his soul.

And without caring if she was breaking any rules, Hermione took his sorrowful face in her warm hands and she kissed him for the first time.

Cheers broke out.


Professor Snape managed to uphold his reputation for the most unfair, unreasonable professor to ever grace Hogwarts corridors. Yet there was always the story that students used to whisper and laugh about at the back of his classroom.

"That's not true" one would say

"Is so, my brother told me" would say another

"And how does he know"

"He was there"

"Yeah right, Snape on his knees snogging Professor Snape, I doubt it"

"It's true"

"She wouldn't kiss him"

"She did, when she first started working here. Apparently they're secretly married"

"Whatever, just because they have the same names doesn't mean that they are married"

"That's what I heard"

"That can't be true" one would say and glance at the Defence Professor as if trying to discover some hidden truths about his person.

A ring would glisten. But that didn't mean anything right? After all both Professor Snape's had been here for years now, and they didn't get along, did they? They couldn't be married, the thought was just wrong, wasn't it?

After all Potions master Professor Snape was one of the kindest professors in the caste, she was always there to help. And Defence against the Dark Arts Snape, well he was just as nasty as they got. They couldn't be together… Right?

Wasn't it only yesterday that Leo Bailey had convinced his fellow Gryffindor's that Snape was out to get him? That he was out to steal some precious artefact that McGonagall was keeping safe?

And so the story continues.

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