Sorry to say it but...

Yeah Im not doing an Ask Zoro II any time soon. There's like...9 others out there, you dont need me anyway -rolls eyes-. Ill just contribute to that (mess I started) group of them. Kinda makes me feel bad that there's a bunch of 'Ask insert-character-or-group-here' Stories. I only did it in the first place because no nobody really did it, so I wanted to make it unique. Now these things seem like some cheesy fad popping out of nowhere.. I also did it out of pure amusment, I hae no idea it was even going to get over 20. I wish the reviews went to other authors that desirved them. You'd be surprised at all the good stories that dont get reviews :/

Eh, whatever, do what you want, I have no authority to stop you. Ja ne.

-Hogwarts is for Shinobi