Title: Tripping Down
Pairings: SangoxMiroku hint.
Words: 232
Rating: K+
Summary: She crashes after, following the past; haunted by time.

She tripped down, slipped through his achy reaching fingers following if only, and just afflicted.

But mostly, little brother.

There was rain, puddles thick with mud and running over onto the old rut cracked roads. He had caught her falling through it, legs covered in mud and spring grass, she pushed him away, her face turned toward the north.

He shook her, look at me. The muck made her impossible to keep a hold of and she fell right out of his reach, dry sobbing as she started to run.

In her heart was his name, chanted over and over when she lay awake at night. There above the stars, they are all falling, millions of falling stars…

She had never asked him if he remembered blossoms or moths wings or their mothers voice because she wasn't sure if she could even remember their father's.

Do you…?

Time, it was always a matter of time. He might not survive, jewel shard being twisted out and remade with the other pieces leaving him transiently whole in a place further away than demons could ever take him.

That place is memory; a place that could betray worse than death.

Maybe, maybe her mind tormented her.

He could be laying broken like a teacup, leaking into the moss and mud.

This is her hell; this is her belief, fate and faith.

Maybe this is love.