Title: Silly
None. Just Sango.
Words: 390
Rating: T
Summary: Edited memories. What is it like to forget?

Where does the soul go when the body ceases? She thinks about this thought, tries to consider it too dark for the lightness of the day, shakes it away wearily and steps forward.

It is always Kagome with the smiles, the skip to her step, the damnable cheery attitude, she envied that. Just once, once she wanted to feel that way again.

It was constant, the tugging at her conscience, the voice, hers or her brother's, "'I breath, only my mind is consumed. Will you do nothing?'"

Once she would have railed at the nothingness that consumed her, shoved the bedclothes away, tore the scrolls from the walls, turned over tables, refused food and water. Once, she would have.

But she couldn't.

"Raise one finger and they both die."

She didn't even hate him anymore. That is how he did it, she realized later.

It was slow, the take over, like noticing your leg was almost asleep, you couldn't quite feel it, you couldn't quite not, the tingling sensation crawling down your leg.

Silly Kagome, you should have watched your step...Abruptly she was drifting off and the thought wasn't quite right, but it kept going. Those roots were always dangerous, the old tree branches were always too pliable, to trip, to fall down, silly really, silly...

No, wait, said a corner of her mind, that's a lie.

Inuyasha, that sword should have been sheathed, you were always just a little careless, careful about that one thing, but accidents happen. Terrible, all the blood, the rushing innards hitting the silky spring grass.

Sure, sure. Her mind started to insist upon it.

Miroku-sama, oh, you beautiful boy, keep your hands to yourself, but you couldn't, never could. Her hands were delicious on your flesh, weren't they? And your blood was even sweeter than your words.

"I don't..." The room was dead, nobody answered, no reassurance, again she was flying in the vast hilarity that was life.

Shippou was so quick, the candy, soft and chewy, bits of sleeping, too much, too quick and he was gone.

There was nothing, nothing. Finally she was happy, she was free. There was no more anger, but there was laughter.

In the dark corners of the room, behind her during the days, if you could call them days, he laughed.

He had finally won.