Pippin awoke; sunlight drenching the room. This was not his house, it was airy and fresh. As he got up he saw a pair of eyes watching him, tiny blue eyes.

"Who's there?" Pippin whispered, trembling as he moved.

"Hehehe." The tiny person replied.

"What do you want?" Pippin shouted, rising from the bed.

The tiny eyes recoiled at the anger, and vanished behind an oak door.

Pippin limped towards the door, and threw it back, revealing a little hobbit girl. Pippin realised that this was Sam's daughter Elanor. The little hobbit was teary eyed, but Pippin forgetting his pain picked her up and walked towards the sound of voices.

Sam was sitting, smoking an elegant, long pipe. Rosie was stitching a battered pair of trousers, on the leg there was pinned a leaf of Lorien.

Pippin placed Elanor on the floor, and walked towards Sam.

"Sam, where did you find me?" Pippin asked, as he groaned himself into an armchair.

"Well Pippin we found you outside of the house, you looked terrible though." Sam answered, turning to Pippin with a sympathised look.

Rosie placed the trousers down and turned to pippin.

"Who did this to you Pip?" Rosie asked.

Pippin looked at his feet; he didn't have the heart to tell them what had happened. Would they even believe that Merry could do something like this?

"It was...Merry..."

Sam coughed on his pipe.

"What!? How? Merry is your best friend Pip. He'd never do something like that..."

"He did though...We have to help him Sam...We have to get him back."

The tears were swelling in Pippin's eyes, he couldn't hold them back. All the hurt he had felt cascaded out and he sat there sobbing in the chair.

What felt like hours passed, until Rosie stood up and quickly walked to a book shelf.

From there she took a book, withered and cracked by time and opened it onto a page.

She walked back, in a trance, straight to Pippin with a look of desperation.

"Pippin. Was Merry wearing this on his finger?"

Rosie pointed to a faded picture; Pippin gazed at it, recognizing it as if it had been a lifelong companion.

"This is the ring, how did you know that..."

"Merry had been wearing it. Well when I was in my tweens my mother told me a story..."