Chapter 1: The Hero's Heart and Duty

The gang was nearby an oasis since they left Dark City and went out to the Wasteland. but they for certain that a few more days, they will be at the Sanctuary. Burstinatrix and Avian were busy talking to each other, while Jaden and Yugi were dueling for fun. Crowler was no where in sight.

"hey, did you guys notice that the weirdo is missing?" Airman asked to everyone. "Hey, I wonder where Dr. Crowler is at." Jaden said as he turned his head to Airman.

"I don't know about you, but I didn't see him in a while," Mana said.

"We lose him?" Wildheart asked.

"Dunno,maybe" Bubbleman answered.

"Ohh, and what do you think what happened to him?" a voice said.

"Maybe got attacked by some Trakadons," Bubbleman said.

"Oh, really you pathetic slacker?" Crowler said. Bubbleman leaped in shock as he recognized the voice.

"What happened to you?" Avian asked.

"Long story, my friend, but to make it short, I found this gear like thing when I was separated from you!" Crowler said showing a large gear like chakram, "what is it?"

"Dominion Relic," Aussa said without looking from a book she was reading, "The Ancient Chakram exactly, allows its user to restore destroyed ruins or items to their original state," Everyone stared at Aussa in surprise. "What? You think I just read only encyclopedias all the time?"

"Impressive, but there is only one problem, who is the guardian?" Wynn asked, poking over Hero Kid. "and don't forget that I need to find my dragon!"

"The guardian is also the person you seek," a voice said, "Me."

Slowly one by one the heads turned to see the Archlord Zerato looking at them.

"I have chosen you to be the wielder of the Ancient Chakram, Dr. Vellan Crowler." Zerato explained, telling that he had Crowler leave the group unnoticed so he could get the Ancient Chakram.

"So, I am the chosen wielder, but yet, my duel blazer remains the same," Crowler said, a little ticked off.

"My friend, you need a Duel Disk so you can wield the Chakram's power." Zerato said, laughing a bit before snapping his fingers, making a duel disk appear. "Here you go,"

Crowler grumbled to himself as he grabbed the duel disk. The Ancient Chakram shook and glowed, emitting a pale grey light. The Duel disk responded the same way and merged with the Dominion Relic. After the light faded away, Crowler's Duel disk looked like it was an ancient version, with gears exposed and everything made out of stone except the monster card zones and retained its shape.

"Now, I have a message for you all." Zerato said, lowering his head.

"What is it?" Yugi asked.

"Doriado and the council are begging you to find the remaining Dominion Relics and that you also must find and release the 14 Dominion Gods." Zerato said,

"Dominon Gods?" Joey and Bastion asked in unison.

"Yes, Yugi, Joey, you two both know of three of them already, you call them the Egyptian Gods, and the rest of you humans are familiar with the three called the Sacred Beasts." Everyone but the monsters froze in shock.

"But the Sacred Beasts threatened our world!" Alexis said.

Zerato nodded, "I know, but they were used by a corrupted duelist. In the hand of a pure duelist, they pose no threat." He said, looking at the gang before pulling out six gems.

"Each one has been sealed in a gem, much like the corrupted guardian god Exodia, but there is only one problem, some of the Dominion Gods have either become beings of flesh or are very young." Zerato said.

"Who are the other seven?" Jaden asked.

"Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Winged Kuriboh, Horus the Black Flame Dragon, The Creator, Thousand Eyes Restrict, Helios the Primordial Sun, and The Sacred Pheonix of Nepthys." Zerato answered. "The ones in physical form are Thousand Eyes Restrict, the Sacred Pheonix, Blue Eyes Shining, Winged Kuriboh and the Creator, while Horus has been reduced to a chick form, and he has lost a majority of his powers."

"What about Helios?" Avian asked.

"She was the one who contacted the council and told about the dire situation that they were in, since she was the last of the Dominion Gods who is free and at full power." Zerato explained.

"Okay, so, what do you want us to do?" Bubbleman asked.

"I want you all to find the incarnations of the gods and find Exodia's Jewels, for if they fell into the wrong hands, the Dominion will be in grave danger." Zerato said, sighing.

"What about Horus?" Akari asked.

"I am putting him into your care Akari," Zerato said as a little black fire ball appeared on Zerato's shoulder and started to fade, revealing a robotic like chick. "Here he is." Horus chirped as he was taken into Akari's hands since he was as small as a base ball. "How cute!" Mokoto said, scratching the chick on the back of the head. "He will grow quickly, so be warned." Zerato said.

"Hey, wait, you said that Winged Kuriboh is a god, right?" Jaden asked.

Zerato nodded before a familiar cry was heard. "Winged Kuriboh!" Jaden said as he greeted his partner. "Who knew that you were a god!"

Winged Kuriboh had a sweat drop appear and nodded a little.

"So this little winged rat is a god, yeah right!" Bubbleman said dryly before winged Kuriboh evolved and bit him in the ass with the dragon mouth. "OKAY OKAY!" Bubbleman shouted before the smallest god let go of him and bumped into Amanda's breasts.

"DIE!!!!!!!" Burstinatrix declared as she pounced onto him before beating him into oblivion. Horus shrieked as Bubbleman screamed in agony. Akari hugged the little chick and hushed it in a motherly tone. Bubbleman was hurled and landed onto Gagagigo, who then took his turn in beating the crud out of the E-Hero. Wynn laughed at the reaction of Gagagigo before Zerato clapped his hands to get their attention.

"Now, I must return to the Sanctuary, but before I go, I will warn you, two of your foes are going to strike soon, one of which is a lot more powerful than he was in the past." Zerato said before he started to fade. "Akari, take good care of Horus, for he can easily be corrupted in his current form. Now, I must go now, and may Good Luck come your way!" Zerato vanished into an orb of light and flew out of the room.

Bubbleman got up, his face swollen. Horus fluttered out of Akari's hands and hopped to Bubbleman before releasing a breath of black fire, lighting up Bubbleman.

"IT BURNS IT BUR- no, COLD! COLD! COLD!" Bubbleman said as he shivered.

"Black Fire is very unpredictable," Burstinatrix said as Wynn and the other charmers were laughing like crazy at the sight of Bubbleman shivering while engulfed in flames.

"Baka…" Hikari said, shaking her head. Horus was happily chirping, following Bubbleman like a duckling.

"My, my, seems Bubbleman is still is low on his luck isn't he?" a female voice said.

"Is that you?" Burstinatrix said, turning her head to see three Elemental Heroes.

"Have you been nice?" A plant being said.

"Yep," Avian said. "Been a long time Knospe."

"Same here Avian," Elemental Hero Lady of Fire said, smiling.

"Forestman, how are you?!" Sparkman said, shaking his comrade's hand.

"Hey, how is our seedling?" Bubbleman asked after Mana dispelled the black fire.

"I'M NOT A SEEDLING!!!" Knospe said, smacking him with one of her bud arms.

"So, these are the famous humans we Heard about," Forestman said.

"Hey, I'm Joey, nice to meet ya!" Joey said to the secondary E-Hero of Fire.

"Hello there Joey, I'm called The Elemental Hero Lady of Fire, but everyone calls me Ember." Ember said, smiling.

"How did you find us?" Ocean asked.

"Hello, did you forget that you and Forestman can detect each other since you are the ones who form Terra Prima," Ember said.

"I'm going to change," Knospe said to the gang.

"but you're not wearing clothes!" Joey said.

"She's going to change form, you idiot!" Ember said, shaking her head.

Knospe glowed and started to change. Her buds bloomed, her body turning more human like and revealed an exotically beautiful E-Hero.

"You're beautiful Knospe." Wynn said, her eyes sparkling in awe.

"I'm not called Knospe in this form, I'm called Blume now." Blume said, smiling.

All the men except for Yugi, Jaden, and Necroshade were staring at Blume's figure, some drooling, and some just blushing. Burstinatrix growled at Avian when he was staring at Blume and kicked Bubbleman in the gut to snap him out of his perverted daze but failed.

"Sorry, I have a little thing that I can make men mesmerized by my appearance without trying." Blume said to the girls. Every one of the girls were laughing at the still mesmerized boys. Ember giggled and nodded to Blume.

"OKAY YOU SLACKERS, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!" Blume shouted, snapping her fingers and the guys returned to normal.

"OOOOOWWWWW!!!!!" Bubbleman bellowed as he held his stomach.

"Delayed pain, interesting." Burstinatrix said, smirking a little.

Ember went to Avian and winked at him. Avian blushed slightly before he sensed an extremely jealous Burstinatrix glaring at him. Burstinatrix turned away, frowning and had her arms crossed.

"Now things are getting interesting." Hero Kid said but Burstinatrix grabbed him by his collar and lifted him to her face. "DON'T. SAY. A. WORD." She hissed through her clenched teeth. Hero Kid nodded and gulped. Burstinatrix slowly lowered him then released him.

"What's her problem?" Bubbleman asked before Burstinatrix roared and once again pummeled Bubbleman into oblivion.

"Don't say a word!" Sparkman said to everyone.

Burstinatrix stopped beating Bubbleman and ran out of sight, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Avian looked at everyone and turned before he flew off after Burstinatrix.

Burstinatrix was at the other side of the oasis, curled up into a ball, crying.

Avian found her and landed beside her. "Are you okay Burst?" he asked.

"I…I don't know…" Burstinatrix said, her face hidden still. "When Ember winked at you.. I saw you blush…"

"Don't think about it, I am NOT in love with her, besides my heart belongs to another…" Avian said, resting an arm over Burstinatrix's shoulders. Burstinatrix sniffled and raised her head; tears were streaming down her face.

"W-who is it that you love?" She managed to say.

"You Burstinatrix, I love you…" Avian said.

Burstinatrix smiled and immediately kissed Avian on the lips, wrapping her arms around Avian while kissing him.

"I love you too Avian," Burstinatrix said after she broke their kiss. Avian smiled and moved his arms a little lower and embraced Burstinatrix.

"The others are waiting," Avian said. Burstinatrix nodded and smiled happily.

"Let me take you back,"

Wynn was looking at the scenery, wishing for someone to be with her. A soft flapping sound was heard as Avian landed beside Wynn, with Burstinatrix being held in his arms in the damsel position. Wynn smiled and laughed. "ABOUT TIME!" she said gleefully. Burstinatrix and Avian smiled a little bit themselves and kissed each other.

- - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter.