I know the story is over and listed as complete but I had an urge to post a special preview of "Heart's Rhythm", a Yugioh 5D's spinoff of Hero's Fate.(Name still not official)

it will have a racial conflict involving the Tuner Monsters on top of having to save the Duel Spirit world again, but from aliens. I want to know what you guys all think of it.

garunteed returning characters

Mana, Akari, Aussa, Wynn, Hiita, Eria, Valarie, Helios

few new characters are

Dharc, Junk Synchron(one of the main characters), Rose(The Warrior of Revenge), Kuribon


"I've Had it being picked on!" Junk Synchron stated, standing infront of his opponent. "All my life, I was treated as just garbage, never been taken seriously in Duels, and now I AM TIRED OF IT ALL!!" Speed Warrior nodded in acknowledgment. Junk Synchron's left hand glowed. "I SWEAR FOR MY FALLEN FRIEND, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Speed Warrior placed a hand on Junk's shoulder and nodded again. "I will now prove to you the power of the Tuner Monsters!" Junk declared before he pulled his ignition cord and turned into three Synchro gates that enveloped Speed Warrior in them. "SYNCHRO SUMMON!! JUNK WARRIOR!" Junk Synchron's Voice said before Junk Warrior appeared.

"WAIT, how can he be able to synchro summon!" the Skull Knight said in shock. "HE'S GARBAGE!"

"No one and nothing are garbage. Everyone has a reason to exist for something worthwhile!" Junk Warrior said as he punched the skull knight. "I despise doing this, but it's the only way to make the message clear to your boney head, you bastard... SCRAP FIST!!!" Skull Knight coughed up some blood before going airborne, his armor falling off in shards from where the punch was connected at.

"Wow...." Leo and Luna said in admireing unison. Junk Warrior sighed before Red Synchro rings appeared and turning him back into Junk Synchron and Speed Warrior. Speed Warrior gave a thumb's up before activating his skates and rolled off, doing backflips midair to show off his athlecticism to Valarie, Aussa, Wynn and Dharc.

"Silent, but always a big Show off..." Junk said, joking a bit.

Akari laughed at Junk's remark and hugged him, his face in her breasts. "Thanks for saving me." she said. Junk made a "blubber" sound before a little steam escaped from his engine on his back.