The final instalment, complete with epilogue! Enjoy! Oh, and ifyou're not 16+, no reading, SMUT WARNING! I hope you all enjoyed this little bit of fun, let me know what you think!

Chapter 9

It was 9:50 and I was running around my flat like a headless chicken, trying to pull on my dress and sort out my hair all at once.

'Babe.' Ranger smirked.

'Shush! This is all your fault! 'Come on Babe, just once in the shower…you need to clean up anyway…' ugh! Ten minutes to get ready, ten minutes!'

Ranger grinned, 'you look hot the way you are, you don't need any make-up.'

'You're biased.' I rolled my eyes, 'you love me.'

Ranger's eyes darkened and in a liquid motion he pushed himself off my couch and stood inches from me. 'Yeah Babe,' he whispered into my ear, 'I love you.'

I crossed the small space between us and kissed him with fire and silk. 'I love you.' I confessed.

Ranger stilled completely, 'You've never said that before Babe, but I like hearing it.'

'Good. You can hear it a lot more from now on.' I promised.

'I'd like that.' Ranger breathed, he leaned in for another kiss but there was a knock at the door.

'That'll be Tank.' Ranger sighed. With a swift kiss on the lips Ranger pulled back and went to answer the door – leaving me staring at my hair in dismay. Oh well, I'm just going to have to go for the tussled-I've-just-had-Incredible-Sex look.

I quickly piled on the mascara, a hint of blusher, and some clear lip-gloss, and then I was as ready as I was going to be in such a short time frame.

Tank went towards me to put the wire on, 'I'll do it.' Ranger interjected.

Ranger carefully placed the wire between my breasts, taking his sweet time. And if his hands strayed a little then surely it was an accident? Yeah, right.

Tank smirked in the background, pulled out his cell and dialled a number. 'I win the pool.' He said smugly and hung up.

I turned my most evil death stare on Tank, and almost smiled when I noticed Ranger was doing the same thing. Tanks smile wilted somewhat, and he began to look sheepish. 'That wasn't very subtle of me, was it?'

'Not so much.' I said levelly.

'You know what you're going to do with that pool money Tank?' Ranger asked, and then continued before Tank could reply. 'You're going to buy Steph and me a present each. A nice present. And then we might not shoot you.'

'Deal.' Tank said, 'now lets roll.'

We arrived at the bar at 10:15 and I quickly spotted our mark, Phinneaus Madisoni. I didn't know what he'd done or what he hadn't done, but my mission, should I choose to accept it, which I did, was to distract Phinneaus for thirty minutes, whilst Rangeman did who knows what to whatever.

I swayed my way over to wear he was sitting and decided to go with the full-on approach. 'Hi.' I purred.

He looked me up and down and then a smile twisted his lips, 'Take a seat darlin'.' Madisoni said approvingly, watching my long legs stretch out and my dress ride up.

We spoke inconsequentially about the bar, the drinks, and the music, but as the time passed he began to look a little nervous, and he kept glancing at his watch.

'I'm Honey.' I said huskily.

'What?' he said, distracted.

'My name is Honey.' I reiterated.

'Nice to meet you Honey. I'm Phinneaus.' He replied, leering at me. Phinneaus wasn't unattractive by any stretch of the imagination, but he was smarmy and lecherous and he didn't have shit on Batman.

A little alarm started beeping on his phone so I decided to step things up a little.

'Phinneaus? Wow that's a mouthful.' I said suggestively, breathlessly, glancing towards his crotch. 'I'm going to call you Ric.'

Madisoni laughed, 'You can call me whatever you like Honey but I'd bet a million that you could handle a mouthful.' He said, his voice dripping with sexual innuendo. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks as I remembered what had been in my mouth earlier, and Madisioni was right, I could take a lot into my mouth…Ranger had been very appreciative.

I licked my lips, 'oh you can bet I can handle anything you care to throw my way Ric.' I concentrated on imagining it was Ranger I was talking to, cause otherwise I think I would run a mile, and besides, he was undoubtedly listening in on the mic.

'Is that so?' Madisoni leered, turning off the alarm. 'I bet Honey's the perfect name for you baby. You're all wet and sticky, aren't you? Bet you'd be good to taste; so sweet.'


Dammit, I needed to give Ranger another couple of minutes, so I swallowed the urge to chuck my drink all over the creep and instead I licked my lips and focussed on Ranger again. 'Do you want to taste me Ric?' I asked, purring to the wire, knowing it was affecting Ranger.

'Oh yeah Honey, I want to taste you so bad.'

'Lets get out of here then.' I suggested.

'I shouldn't.' he said, glancing at his watch, 'I can't leave my computer.'

'And what's your computer going to do? Run away?' I teased softly. 'You're not one of those obsessive types are you? I don't like those types. They're never into anything fun…like domination. Do you like domination Ric?'

Madisoni was breathing heavily, and his pants were too tight to hide his reaction. 'Oh yeah Honey, I'd like you to dominate me.'

I flashed him a sexy smile, 'well, it just so happens that I have one of my favourite toys with me. Wanna play with my handcuffs?'

'Yes.' He panted.

'Good.' I smiled. 'We can go play in the toilets, that way you won't leave your precious computer, how does that sound?'

Madisoni just nodded frantically and I led him to the girls' toilets, locking the main door behind us. I removed his jacket and his shirt and handcuffed both his hands to the radiator. Then I wrapped his shirt round his eyes – et voila! One makeshift blindfold.

'What are you doing?' He asked.

'No questions.' I said firmly.

He whimpered and his trousers tightened further.


'You have to be quiet.' I instructed. 'The longer you stay quiet the deeper I'm going to take your cock in my throat. You understand?'

Phinneaus Madisoni nodded frantically.

'Good boy.' I breathed into his ear, 'now lets see how long you can be silent for. If you're really good I'll deep throat you, you'd like that wouldn't you Ric?'

Madisoni nodded again.

I removed my heels so they wouldn't click on the hard floor, and then I walked silently to the open window, climbed up the sink, and out the window – leaving Phinneaus handcuffed in a locked room. If he wasn't found in an hour I'd phone with an anonymous tip – it wouldn't do for him to die of starvation or something.

I put my heels back on and walked out to the side alley where I knew some of the boys were doing their surveillance thing. As I approached one of the black Broncos Ranger slipped out the car.

'Jesus Babe, Jesus.' And then he kissed me deeply. I pushed him against the alley wall, holding his arms above his head. Of course he could have resisted if he wanted, he could easily break my grip on him, but he didn't struggle, letting me pin him against the wall. Guess I know what Ric thinks of domination.

I wondered what he thought of public displays of…affection.

I guess I was about to find out.

'Keep your arms there.' I commanded, releasing my grip on his wrists. He kept his arms above him, 'Good boy.' I purred. 'That deserves a reward.' He groaned low in his throat in response.

I was dimly aware that the MM were in the alley too, but if they weren't into voyeurism then I guess they could close their eyes cos I wanted Ric badly, and I wanted him now.

My hands slipped under his t-shirt, and began to stroke all his muscles. I leaned closer to Ric, licking his neck. He moaned again and I whispered to him, 'You have to be quiet. The longer you stay quiet the deeper I'm going to take your cock in my throat. You understand?'

He turned coal black eyes my way, but he nodded and remained silent.

I reached into his pocket and pulled out his switchblade, his eyes widened as I carefully cut his tight t-shirt open. The instant I had access to his chest my mouth was on him, sucking, nibbling, licking his nipples. I could feel the strain in his muscles; see the torture in his eyes as he struggles to remain silent.

I pushed my body against him, and I could feel his cock was straining against his trousers. I could feel it throbbing even through the thin material of his combats. I rubbed up and down on him slowly and saw him bite his lip hard enough to draw blood.

Seeing his eyes, black and wild, was enough to push me forward. I grabbed the remaining tatters of his t-shirt and ripped them off him. I laid the material down on the wet concrete, and then I slowly knelt down on to it, in front of him.

His breathing was ragged with frustration and anticipation, and even the master of control couldn't stop a small gasp as I stroked him through his trousers.

I unzipped his combats and his hard cock sprung free, silently begging me to take lick him; so naturally I complied. I took a long lick of the length of him, and he shuddered in response. I breathed softly over where I'd licked and felt another shiver run through him. I looked up and his desire soaked gaze was on me.

'Give me your hair tie.' I ordered.

He did so, handing it to me before putting his arms back above his head.

I tied my hair back so that he could watch my mouth taking him; he loved to watch.

Meeting his eyes I lowered my mouth back onto him, playing with him, licking around his head, teasing the slit at the top, tasting the bead of pre-cum. My right hand encircled his cock and my left was busy teasing his balls. I eased his head out of my mouth for a moment so I could say, 'You can speak now.'

And then I took him in my mouth again and sucked. He cried out, thrusting his hips forward. It was like all the words he had been dying to say had burst forth from his full lips in a mindless litany, 'Please Stephanie, please, oh Babe, please, God, Please.'

I consciously relaxed my muscles in my throat and slid his cock deeper into my mouth. I paused, letting my throat get over its inclination towards gagging, and then I slid him further and further in until his cock was sliding along the back of my throat. And then I sucked, and tightened my hand on his balls. I could feel his body tensing and tightening, and I could feel mine doing the same; the heat in my stomach was broiling and I knew I was as close as he was.

A minute later and he all but screamed my name as he came hard, 'Stephanie!' His body was shuddering and convulsing with the strength of his climax and even through my surprising orgasm I continued to suck him until he was dry.

When I was sure he was done, I eased him out of my mouth and carefully tucked him back into his trousers and zipped them up.

Ranger's arms were still above his head, his hair was down, and his satisfied yet dazed expression was pRiceless.

I got my phone out of my bag and snapped a picture of him before he could complain. The picture was great; his whole look screamed I've just been fucked to my core.

'You can put your arms down.' I said, suppressing a smirk.

He did so slowly, and then he turned to me. I swallowed as I recognised the familiar glint in his eye.

'Uh oh.' I said.

He stepped closed to me and I backed away until I bumped up against the black Bronco we'd arrived in.

'You sucked me off,' he growled, 'you took my cock in your hot little mouth and you made me beg while my men were watching.'

And they were watching I realised. Tank, Bobby and Lester were leaning on the other side of the Bronco, watching us like their favourite porno.

Ranger watched the knowledge flicker over my face, and his eyes darkened as he noticed my nipples tighten.

He flicked his tongue out to lick away the blood on his lip, and I felt a rush of moisture between my legs again, I moaned.

'My turn.' He breathed. 'But not in front of my men, I won't share you again, Babe, not ever. You understand?' he growled.

I kissed him desperately for my answer, tasting his blood, and he pulled me hard to him. I wrapped my legs around his hips and felt him stirring against me. My dress rode up and his hands caressed and squeezed my ass.

'Not here.' He finally managed to say. He gestured to the Bronco impatiently and we all climbed in. Ranger took the driver's seat and sped towards my apartment.

'Maybe you should slow down Boss.' Tank said.

'Fuck off.' Ranger replied easily, speeding up.

We arrived with a scream of wheels, and Ranger wasted no time getting me up to my bed and polluting the air with screams of a different kind.

Epilogue – The next morning

Beep beep beep.

I reached out blindly for my phone, too tired to move more than an arm. Luckily I grasped my phone quickly and brought it up to bleary eyes, opening the message.

Are you still alive Babe? Love Ric x

I turned to the heater at my back, 'wiseass.' I muttered to Ranger.

He let out a rumbling laugh and pulled me to him, 'I wasn't sure anything else would wake you up, I was half afraid I'd somehow put you in an orgasm-induced coma.'

'Smug bastard.' I said, smiling.

'Yeah.' He agreed 'you love me anyway.'

'Yeah.' I agreed, stretching awake.

'You sore?' he asked as I winced.

'A little.' I admitted.

'I give good massages.' Ric grinned at me, 'It's all to do with technique…'

Things were just starting to get interesting when there was a knock on the bedroom door. Ranger quickly covered us with my sheets and started for his guns.

'Psycho's don't knock.' I pointed out.

'This one does.' Ranger said as Tank walked in.

'I'm hurt.' Tank said, 'And I was here to give you presents as well…'

'That's only cos you bet on us!' I pointed out indignantly.

He looked sheepish again. 'Well, yeah.' Then he chucked a box at Ranger and left before we could open it.

'Should I be worried about what's in the box?' I asked Ranger.

'Maybe not worried – try concerned.'

I rolled my eyes, 'yeesh, open it already.'

Ranger opened the box, ripping through layers of tape, and then the biggest shit eating grin I ever saw made its way across his face,

'I may give Tank a raise.' He said.

'What is it?' I asked, wriggling to try and get a better view.

'They.' He corrected.


'They.' Ranger agreed.


He laughed softly, and then turned the wolf grin on me, 'they're cell phones Babe - with built in video...'

The End.