Sirius glanced at his watch for the third time in fifteen minutes, jiggling his right foot impatiently. He was a restless person by nature, and the fact that James' plane had gotten delayed only made matters worse. Not to mention, there was this hot guy who had been staring at Sirius ever since he'd entered the airport; and Sirius wanted nothing more than to just drag him into the W.C. and fuck him right now. But he resisted. Not out of decency, but because friends always came first.

He shifted in his chair, briefly wondering if James had enjoyed his trip to France. It had been a sort of birthday present to him from Sirius, and truthfully, the only way he could find to cure his best friend's heartbreak.

Sirius handed James a large drink as he settled on the chair beside him. 'She wasn't going to show up and you knew it, mate. So cheer up, yeah? I didn't throw a fucking grand party for you to mope around like an ungrateful twat.'

James gulped down his drink all together and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. 'I don't understand why she won't give me a fucking chance. I mean, high school was bloody ages ago, and she's still holding on to the notion of me being an arrogant and self centred prick.'

'And you are still holding on to the hope of her going out with you.' Sirius sighed and rested his forearms against the table. 'Listen, mate, you got to look outside the box, yeah? Try someone else instead of waiting on your hands and knees for some stupid bird who can't see you for the great person you are.'

'Lily's not stupid,' James argued, failing to see the point.

Sirius watched the crowd of sweaty bodies meshed together on the dance floor longingly. James was lucky Sirius loved him so much, or he would be drowning in his own misery alone right now. 'My point is that you shouldn't have to be humiliating yourself like this, James. You're a fucking football star! There are entire queues of women waiting to have your babies. Why don't you ask them out for a change?'

'I don't think I'm ready for babies yet,' said James, grinning and trying to make light of the situation.

Sirius grabbed James by the shoulders and looked deep into his hazel eyes. 'Forget her.'

James looked away. 'It's easy for you to say, you know. All you think about is fucking. I never see you trying to make into a relationship.'

Sirius rolled his eyes. 'That's because, unlike you, my existence doesn't depend on love and all that sodding bullshit. It depends on sex, and I get it whenever I need it.'

James snorted. 'You make it sound like a product in the bloody supermarket.'

Sirius chuckled. 'Don't give me high hopes, Jamie boy.'

James sighed and buried his face in his hands. 'Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time I got over her…got on with my life.'

Sirius patted him on the back encouragingly. 'That's the spirit. And to celebrate your new found self, I present you with this.' Sirius dug into his pockets and laid an envelope on the table.

James frowned, opening the envelope seal suspiciously. Sirius was well known for his outrageous pranks, even at a mature age of twenty-eight. 'Tickets to France!!!'

The disbelief in James's face was worth the money. Sirius laughed and kissed him on the cheek. 'Happy birthday, brother.'

'Sirius, you've already-'

Sirius shushed him with a wave of his hand. 'Flight's on the 15th. I want you to have the time of your life, dine at the most lavish returants and shop at the most hip malls. Then, I'd tell you to fuck every single hot woman there, but knowing you, it's best you find someone you can cuddle with after a hard day of work.'

James shook his head exasperatedly. 'I love you, you know that, don't you?'

Sirius laughed. 'Yeah, yeah, now get your arse off this stool and dance with me!'

Sirius nearly shot off his chair when he saw James walk through the gates, smiling when his friend spotted him and waved cheerily. Sirius was slightly disappointed to notice that James's hands were occupied with suitcases instead of potential females. It would seem, that despite his best efforts, James had come home alone.

Well, not entirely alone, Sirius realised, as his eyes strayed to the figure on James's right and stayed there. Apparently, James had made a friend in the plane, and what a friend it was. Dirty blond hair combed back haphazardly, emerald green eyes shining excitedly as he talked rapidly about something or the other; a bit on the small side and not too built either, but as he bent over to help James with one of his bags, Sirius noticed that he had a great arse. Very fuckable and Sirius was hoping James would introduce him, being the amazing friend he was.

'Hey you!' James pulled him into a one armed hug. 'How have you been?'

Sirius noticed that Sexy Arse had decided to stick after all, and was watching them with an amused smile. 'Missed you, mate, but you look like you had the time of your life, eh?'

James grinned. 'Bloody tops…wait till you hear some of the stories I have to tell.'

Sirius smiled, his eyes checking out Sexy Arse thoroughly and unabashedly. He winked and delighted when the bloke blushed and looked away 'Who's the hottie?' asked Sirius, gesturing towards Sexy Arse with his chin.

James raised an eyebrow and pulled Sexy Arse closer to him by the shoulders. 'The hottie is Remus Lupin, my new boyfriend. So eyes to yourself, Black.'

Sirius blinked for a while and then promptly burst out laughing. At James and Sexy A- Remus's confused faces, he hastened to explain. 'Funny thing, Jamie boy. See, I thought I heard you say that this man…' He pointed to Remus 'Is your boyfriend.'

James kissed Remus lightly on the lips. A very disturbing image and Sirius hoped to God he was hallucinating. 'You heard right.'

He was going to faint some time now, Sirius was sure of it. 'I thought you liked birds.'

James shrugged like it was no big deal that his sexual preference had just taken a 360 turn. 'Guess I like both.'

Sirius rubbed his forehead, still unable to digest his friend's revelation. 'Wow, amazing what can happen in three months, eh?' He looked at Remus and smiled weakly. 'So, you French or what?'

Remus grinned, a small dent forming in his left cheek. 'No, I'm originally from the Chelsea. I moved to London a year ago. Had to go to France on important business.'

Sirius was impressed – brains and an arse – who would have guessed?

'We met on the plane to France,' said James, looking at Remus admiringly. 'Decided to stick around together rather than move around the place alone. Don't know when this hit us though.' He gestured at the minute space between them.

James hadn't looked this content in a long while, and Sirius found himself relaxing to the situation. As long as his best friend was happy, it didn't matter.

'James has told me so much about you,' said Remus, holding out his hand. 'I'm glad I finally got the opportunity to meet you.'

Sirius unconsciously held on to their handshake for a second too long. 'Bit formal, isn't he?' asked Sirius, winking at James and not bothering to keep his voice down.

James and Remus chuckled.

'I'll get us a trolley,' said Remus, and Sirius watched him walk towards the long line of carts in the corner.

'I asked him to move in with us. I hope that's okay,' said James, breaking Sirius out of his reverie

Sirius waved it off. 'It's fine. You don't have to ask, you know that.'

James beamed. 'God, Sirius, you were right, you know. I mean, I had my doubts at first, but Remus is so fucking wonderful, it's unbelievable!' He frowned at Sirius's lack of response and placed a concerned hand on his shoulder. 'You like him don't you? I mean, you think he's all right and all, yeah?'

Sirius thought his best friend had cost him a very good fuck, but he could get plenty of arses like that whenever he wanted. He didn't think it was that much of a deal. But this Remus chap seemed to really bring out the life in James, so in Sirius's eyes he was more than just all right.

It was still a bit of a shocker, but Sirius would get over it.

'I think he's great for you, mate, I really do,' he whispered, pulling James into a hug.