Prompt: Hero Summary: An DA drabble. He lectures her. Notes: I know. It has one sentence paragraphs. I meant for it to be that way.

"That was really stupid, you know."

She shivered and nodded at the same time, watching as he traced the metal grooves of a hard cold locker.

"Something a lot worse could'a happened."

Long fingers traced their way back to the lock were he'd started.

"You should have known better."

Goosebumps raised up on her arms as he slowly lifted his head up, then his eyes, to meet her own.

"In that dress."

The delicate fabric felt even thinner as he looked her up and down several times, as a cop, best friend, and boyfriend.

"You didn't have your gun. Or your badge. Or me."

With each item, he took a step closer until she had to close her eyes.

"If you would have been a split-second slower, you would be dead."

His face was to the side of hers, his lips so close to her ear it felt uncomfortable.


He tilted his head several inches to the right, so his lips brushed against her cheek.

"I would die if you were gone forever."

She leaned into his embrace, no longer scared. No longer angry at herself. No longer cold.