A random poem I made up when I was home alone, had extra notebooks, the third movie and the computer. Oh! and I was bored...

By the way, I suck at poetry...

On a coast where waves crashed down,

Blood turns the ground crimson,

Burning a hole in the snow.

A demon of great standing,

Had been wounded that night.

Wounds across his arms and chest,

Painting red his clothes and flesh.

'Chichue' the son asked.

'Do you insist on going?'

'Do you intended to stop me?'

the lord asked.

His love was in labour with their only child,

He must find and save her

From those that would kill

For loving a youkai such as he.

'I will not stand in you way.

However, before you go,

You must entrust the swords

Tetsuaiga and Sou'unga,

To me'

'And if I refuse,

Will you kill me?

Your own father?'

The waves crashed upon the shore,

Tides of new life,

And old death.

'Do you desire power so much?'

The lord asked his heir.

'Why do you seek power

My son?'

'The path I walk

Is that of Supreme Conquest,

And it is power

That will reveal the way

For me'

The heir answered.


Tell me,

Do you have someone

To protect?'


The waves crashed harder,

Urging the lord on.

'The answer is no,

I have no need of such'

The son answered,

Claws glinting in the full moon's glow.

The lord responded not,

But listened to the waves

And transformed.

The pure white dog that stood in his place,

Howled at the moon.

He was the dog.

He was power.

The lord rushed of to find his love.

"Hadou...Ka?" In english it's "Supreme... Conquest?"

"Mamoro?" "Protect"

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