I've been having a lot of snow days lately and have been occupying myself by typing random stuff. This is basically just a really short story about the children of Sakura and Sasuke. This first page will be one whole really short story, and anything I add onto it will be other separate really short stories about the Uchiha children. Here are the ages of the children:

Isamu: 16 (Hair color: black, Eye color: onyx)

Misaki: 14 (Hair color: pink, Eye color: green)

Hana: 6 (Hair color: black, Eye color: green)

Ryoichi: 3 (Hair color: black, Eye color: green)

Isamu ruffled his little sister's bubble gum colored hair and chuckled. "Better luck next time, Misaki. I heard that mom was weak when she when she was around your age. It might just take a while for you to get strong." The fourteen-year-old girl punched her brother on the arm with so much force that he stumbled to the side.

"Don't underestimate me, idiot!" Her emerald eyes were shooting daggers at her two year older brother.

"What did you just call me?" The raven-haired boy stepped up to her so that their faces were only millimeters away.

"Idiot!" she snarled, cocking her head to the side. The air surrounding the two was tense. "Just because you're stronger than I am doesn't mean I should be labeled as weak! I'm stronger than most of the people my age and you know it! You think you're so great, just because you're a male! You're a sexist!"

Before the argument could continue any further, their younger sister, Hana, jogged out of the house and skid to a stop beside the two.

"Misaki!" her voice rang melodiously. "Mom wants you to baby-sit Ryoichi while she and dad go out for dinner!"

"Mom and dad are going out for dinner?" Isamu and Misaki echoed at the same time.

"They're going on a date!" Hana shrugged, an eyebrow raised. "I don't understand why people that are already married have to go on dates after marriage. Isn't it just a waste of time?" Sighing, Misaki placed a pale hand on her sister's shoulder and smiled weakly.

"It's a chance for them to spend quality time together." The two females started to walk towards the Uchiha mansion, leaving Isamu in the middle of the backyard. "They don't get to spend much alone time together. Going on a date is the only way they can get away from us." The younger one seemed to be troubled by the 'getting away' situation. Misaki noticed the worried look on Hana's face. "They don't hate us, Hana, they just want to spend some time together alone."

"Oh." Hana plastered an understanding expression of her face to hide her confusion. She would never fully get why married couples did what they did.

Once the girls were in the mansion, Ryoichi ran to Misaki and hugged her legs, nearly knocking her over. The pink-haired girl could never figure out why he loved her so terribly much. He would follow her all around the house, everywhere she went. He even tried to follow her into the bathroom one time. He was only three-years-old, so he could persuade anyone to do anything for him. When he didn't get what he wanted he would throw himself onto the floor and cry.

"Misaki!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Pick me up!" Not wanting to cause Ryoichi to have a temper tantrum, the girl picked her brother up. Sakura rushed into the room and grinned at her three kids that were present. Her expression soon fell into confusion.

"Where is the other one?" she questioned, glancing around the room with her striking green eyes. "I know I have another child." As if feeling that his mother was searching for him, Isamu came through the back door and stood beside his siblings. "Ah, there you are, Isamu. Your father and I are leaving now. If there is an emergency you know what to do."

A second later, their father walked into the room and snaked an arm around Sakura's waist. Both adults wore identical smiles.

"Are you ready?" Sasuke asked, his head turning to gaze at his wife. Sakura turned her head to face his and her smile widened.

"I was born ready." They kissed quickly before bidding farewell to their four children. Once Isamu heard the front door close he stepped forward then spun around to face his younger brother and sisters.

"Do any of you realize when their last date was?" His arms were crossed over his chest and both dark eyebrows were raised. Misaki shrugged and the other two kids just stared at him with confusion. "Nine months before Ryoichi was born. So, in nine months, I'm going to move out and leave you all here to suffer with the screaming and crying of the new baby."

Hana and Ryoichi just stared blankly at their older brother. Misaki set Ryoichi down and punched Isamu on the head. "Mom and dad can hardly handle the four of us! Don't you even think that way, idiot!"

Isamu rubbed the spot on his head where Misaki had punched him and snickered. "I was just warning you about it."

"They're too old," the pink-haired girl spat. The eldest Uchiha turned and made his way out of the room, still snickering. Ryoichi attacked her legs in a hug once again. "Ryoichi, why are you so clingy?" All he did was giggle in response.

"Get off of her, idiot," Hana seethed. Ryoichi only tightened his grip on Misaki's legs and giggled harder. "Ryoichi!" Hana pried the little boy off of her sister and glared at him. "She doesn't like it when you cling."


Sakura hummed as she set the table for breakfast. She seemed a little too happy and Isamu was afraid to ask her why. One by one, the rest of the Uchiha family filed into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from their eyes and yawning. Misaki took a seat across from Isamu and smirked for some odd reason. Little did he know, Misaki was going to tell her mom what he had said last night.

"Mom?" Misaki almost started cackling. After the woman had stopped and taken the time to listen to her daughter, by the time Misaki was done telling her mom, Sakura's face was a bright pink.

"Isamu," Sakura growled lowly. "I never want to hear you talk that way again. That's very disrespectful to Sasuke and I."

Isamu's mouth was hanging open in bewilderment. "I didn't say anything bad!"

"I know that you didn't say anything bad. Although that may be true, just the whole thought of the subject is disrespectful." Sasuke then appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, his chicken hair all messed up. He had caught the last sentence of their conversation.

"What is disrespectful?" he questioned.

"Nothing," the two teenagers and their mother said at the same time. Sakura started to turn an even darker shade of pink. Once everyone was seated, the family started to eat. Ryoichi bounced gently in his chair, slowly eating his breakfast. Hana was the first person to break the silence.

"How did your date go?" Sakura and Sasuke turned and smiled at each other.

"Good," both answered in unison. They weren't about to admit that being alone without the kids was more than good. No one noticed when Isamu leaned over and whispered in Hana's ear. When he pulled away, he nodded.

"Mom?" Hana placed her fork on her plate and stared intently at her mom. "You should take birth control so I don't have another annoying brother." Adult onyx and emerald orbs were wide. Only seconds later, Sakura's head landed on her plate, right in her breakfast. Sasuke, still shocked, glanced over and poked her head with his index finger.

"Sakura?" She didn't move. Sakura Uchiha had fainted. Sasuke went back to eating, ignoring the comment made by his six-year-old daughter. Her eyes gazed at him in puzzlement.

"Isamu told me to tell her that, dad." Sasuke only nodded in understanding, shooting his first son a glare. When Hana cleared her throat, he turned his attention to her. "What is birth control?" Sasuke's head then landed in his breakfast also.

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