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Misaki once again turned away from her mother, Naomi held securely in her arms. "No, she's mine." Sakura sighed for the nth time that day. Their eldest daughter had taken a liking to their newborn since the first second she saw the other pink-haired Uchiha. Misaki wouldn't let anyone else hold her, not even her own parents.

"Misaki, she's my baby, not your's. She needs fed. Would you rather give her to me or have her starve to death?"

In defeat, the female that was the spitting image of Sakura handed over the baby. A cute pout formed on her face and she made her way into the kitchen sulkily. Ryoichi threw his hands up in the air, a grin across his face. "Victory is ours!" Sakura laughed at her son and reached down, ruffling his dark locks. It was only seconds later that Naomi started to tremble, face suddenly flushed.

"Uh-oh," Sakura mumbled, cradling her daughter.

A piercing shriek echoed off the walls as the onyx-eyed baby started to cry. Ryoichi plugged his ears and cringed. Misaki rushed back into the room, alarmed that "her" baby had been hurt. It also attracted the attention of the three other Uchiha in the house, which happened to gather on the staircase and peer down into the living room and the screaming infant.

"Shut her up!" Isamu exclaimed, one eye twitching. It was quite the scene, considering Sasuke was standing right beside their eldest child, his eye also twitching. The only raven-haired daughter simply stared, eyebrows raised in amusement.

Grinning like an idiot, Sakura turned and headed for the couch where she could feed the baby.

Isamu then backtracked up to his room, knowing he shouldn't stay there. He didn't want to witness his mother breast-feed. She wouldn't have let him anyways.

The young man plopped down on his bed and flung kunai at a target he had set up on the wall across from his bed.

"Big brother!" he heard Ryoichi scream before the young one burst through the door and sprang, landing on him.

"Get off!" Isamu snapped, almost getting the wind knocking out of him from his brother. Ryoichi, smiling, scooted off of him so that he could lay beside his role model on the bed. "What are you doing here?"

Bouncing up and down, without replying, Ryoichi scanned the room with interest. He had been in Isamu's room quite a few times, but he always had to take a look to see if anything was different or if he had missed something the previous time he was in there.

Isamu nudged his little brother. "I asked what you were doing here."

"I just came to hang out with you, big brother."

Sighing, a gentle smile tugged at the corner's of the older one's lips. Sometimes it got annoying at how much Ryoichi wanted to be like him and follow him around, but at other times it was flattering.

Isamu handed the younger child a kunai and nodded towards the target.

"Really?" Ryoichi said in squeaky voice. Never had his older brother let him practice hitting the target in his room. After getting a firm nod from his brother, Ryoichi aimed and flicked his wrist. The kunai penetrated the wall instead of the target and Isamu's face twitched. "I'm sorry, big brother. I'll never be a great ninja like you."

It wasn't like Ryoichi to talk like that, to put himself down like that. As he grew older he started to change, and just now Isamu could tell that he had been changing since the last time they trained together outside. Last time he had been so full of confidence and pride.

"It's okay, Ryoichi. It takes time to get good at this." Warmly, he smiled down at his brother. "You will be as good as me one day. And when you do get to my level, Ryoichi, I want to fight you."


"Yes. I said your name, so I meant you." Returning to his normal emotionless facial expression, he added, "Don't put yourself down. It makes things worse. You have to have confidence in yourself if you want to get better."

Grinning up at his brother, Ryoichi took another kunai and tried again. This time, he hit the target, and not too far from the center. "See? You're doing great."

Sasuke, who was leaning against the wall outside of the room smiled weakly to himself. There was more 'thuds' as the two practiced aiming together.

"Isamu?" Sasuke heard Ryoichi say meekly.


"You're the best brother ever."

Sasuke's smile became a tad bit larger, but it held a sort of sadness in it. He was thinking about how he and his brother used to practice together all those years ago. The man swallowed hard, knowing he was letting his emotions get the best of him.

Sakura, who had finished feeding Naomi, had handed her off to Misaki and had come up the stairs just in time to hear the last part of what Ryoichi had said.

Frozen on the spot, she gazed at her husband with sympathy in her striking emerald orbs. She knew what he was thinking.

Once he realized she was watching him, he turned his head away from her in slight embarassment.

"Don't," Sakura whispered, making her way over to him. She held his face in her hands and gazed into his eyes, offering a genuine smile. "It's okay, Sasuke."

Even though he dwelled on the past at times, as Sakura pulled him to her and held him in her arms, he knew he had all he ever needed in life right there in that house.

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