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The Repair Manual:

Fixing Things That Aren't Broken,
And Breaking Things That Aren't Fixed.


Daphne Greengrass had been an interesting specimen of a human being during the final days of The Second War, as it was being called. Admittedly, this wasn't as intriguing a title as "World War II" or "The Seven-Years War", but it got its point across. But back on subject, Daphne was cause for much speculation in the months following the actions she took to grant her instant fame and, in greater quantities, infamy.

Daphne had been the girl in Slytherin who hadn't chosen a side, for six long years. She was a smart girl, but the edge she possessed wasn't something many would call a "perk" to interactions with her. In short, she wasn't popular in the least bit. Not because she was ugly, or stupid, or crazy, quite the contrary to them all, but because she was incapable of submission.

In other words, she refused to be wrong, and would be right, if it meant killing whoever she was arguing with and being left the only one alive, thus winning by default. At least that was the vibe she gave off, and that was also why, among circles on both sides of the impending conflict, she was often referred to as "Mini-Bella."

Bella as in Bellatrix Lestrange.

This was why her apparent alliance with the self-styled Dark Lord and his followers seemed to mark a very dark time in the Wizarding world. "The Dark Lord will win now," Draco Malfoy once stated upon Daphne's apparent joining of the ranks, "And now, as our Lord has his Bella, I have mine." He followed this up by flashing everyone watching a smile and reaching out to touch Daphne's hand.

It would go down in history that the next time Draco Malfoy was seen by such a large crowd in public, he was lacking possession of both "his Bella", and the teeth he flashed so "dazzlingly" to the people around him.

The true story behind who she was and the facts behind the events she became so infamous for began in her 7th year at the shockingly reopened Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Daphne could not stand Harry Potter. Or what she knew of him, at the very least. She couldn't stand him because, for all the leader, warrior, and walking demigod he was made out to be, she was quite sure he lacked one thing.

A set of balls.

Watching him fold like a house of cards under the hot air that was Hermione Granger often left Daphne scratching her head in an attempt to claw at her brain over how ridiculous the entire thing was. Here, the supposed savior of the Wizarding world was, bowing his head in subservience to a loudmouth windbag with no breasts and a serious superiority complex.

She didn't feel reassured.

And she had two choices. She could join the "Dark Lord", or join Potter. The assumed Slytherin thing to do would be to join this self-styled Dark Lord and live happily ever after, or so everyone thought. But there were two things wrong with that. One, Slytherin was always about ambition, and cunning, and not doing what you were expected to do. And if everyone's doing it, it's exactly what everyone assumes you will.

And two, Daphne Greengrass kneeled to no one. She refused to bow before someone else like the rest of the pack. Call it vanity, arrogance, or an honest to god will to not get her knees dirtied, she would not kneel at the feet of any man.

That left Potter. Daphne knew that if she allied herself with him, if nothing else, she would become the master of her own destiny…assuming they survived, that is. She had watched him lay down for Granger for years, she knew quite well that she could quite easily use him as a doormat if that was the case.

She didn't realize exactly how wrong she was, or how wrong the world was in general, about the man that was Harry James Potter.


Harry had a secret.

Well, he had quite a few, to be honest, but he had one that was more important than any other, in truth. For, you see, Harry Potter wasn't honestly just a bit different than what everyone else thought he was, oh no. Harry Potter was quite literally the antithesis of that which he was assumed to be by the population of the world around him. He was as Slytherin as Slytherin could be, however, the bravery it took to put on a front for the world to feel better about itself despite his own feelings, took such courage, the hat had nothing else to do put agree with his wish for placement in Gryffindor. But no one saw this, they saw what he showed them, which was the stereotypical fool-hardy, gullible face that Gryffindor had produced en masse the last decade.

So when Daphne Greengrass approached him in the final weeks leading to what was sure to be the "Final Battle", back straight, eyebrows arched, and ready to negotiate, or more accurately; make demands, she was completely knocked off tilt when he removed his glasses and peered at her.

Those weren't the eyes she had expected to see when she came to him ready to demand things from him to ensure her comfortable future in exchange for her allegiance.

"Can I help you?"

"Um…well, you see…I came over here to demand, well, that is, to get…well, to ask…humbly…uh…"

He let out a huff of a chuckle before motioning for her to sit down. He then began to speak before giving her a chance to say anything regarding her demand/request. His words revealed to her someone who was much more Slytherin than even she herself. And that had frightened her, because in that precise moment, she had finally found a cause to honestly support, or more, a person to follow.

She had found someone worthy of her kneeling.

But he refused to ask that of her. He simply asked her to stand when the time came, and refused to let her bow to anyone ever again. But the last one was simply a promise of future fulfillment, because the plan they had woven wouldn't allow him to protect her, or even acknowledge her existence.

The plan was, Daphne would join Voldemort, and be exactly what was expected of her, the ruthless, seemingly evil to a fault, Bellatrix-in-Training. And in doing so, become able to lead Harry right to his enemy.

It was irony at its best that it would be a group of muggle devices that would lead to the ultimate downfall of the self-styled dark lord.

Daphne would drive a car Harry would provide to the storehouse in muggle London where the portkeys to the actual property that was the Dark Lord's lair were stored. The car was equipped with some muggle device called "LoJack", and once activated, would alert Harry himself to its location through his procurement of one of the police tracking systems used to find the car. This was necessary because, though a muggle property, it had wards on it that were a modification of the Notice-Me-Not charm, that caused the person who entered it to immediately forget where it was, geographically.

Upon taking the portkey, Daphne would then be on the land that housed Voldemort's personal sanctum. The property itself was unplottable, however, in order to have such powerful wards around it, they had to be kept close to the lines of the property and not stretched enough to cover a large area. Daphne would then be portkeyed, find the lines of the wards, and then toss the GPS transmitter Harry had somehow procured out of the wards.

It was entirely likely the magic of the wards, and moreover the portkey would have destroyed the actual function of the GPS transmitter, however, if there was an off-chance it survived both, Harry would have an easy enough time getting to it and finding the lair, and an easy time leading others to it. If not, he would have to use a skill he found entirely his own.

He had found he could apparate to an object, if he was able to visualize it clearly enough in his mind, though it was entirely possible it would be destroyed on his arrival, since nine out of ten times in practice, he landed on top of the item itself. This was the most likely scenario, but the one least helpful to their plans, because he would be unable to bring reinforcements directly with him.

The hope was, all of the people inside would rush out to the storehouse upon hearing it was being raided by the Order, who would obtain the coordinates from Harry before the boy apparated, leaving no one in the actual lair but, hopefully, Voldemort, Harry and Daphne.

And from there, they were completely on their own.


The plan had gone perfectly.

The day ended with Voldemort dead, Daphne apparating away and secretly alerting the Aurors to the now ward-less lair's location, and Harry being heralded as the savior of the world.

Daphne Greengrass, to the public, would for the next few months be known as the Death Eater that got away.

That was until the public was blindsided by the apparent wedding of she and the man who was being passed off as a light wizard the likes of Merlin and Albus Dumbledore.

The word "Imperius" was tossed around like a Quaffle for quite some time after the huge media spectacle that had happened at what was supposed to be the Potter-Weasley wedding. Most often the word was used by Ginny herself, but she was often brushed off at this, as the world was made quite aware of Harry's now apparent immunity to the spell altogether.

The world just couldn't cope with the thought of their savior, and the most publicly unknown yet feared woman in Britain, married.

Which was why the revelation of what the two would be doing with their lives upon their return would turn the entire Wizarding world on its ear.


An Excerpt from the Daily Prophet Classifieds the day of Harry And Daphne Potter's return to civilization after a honeymoon to an undisclosed locale:

The Fixers!

Some things aren't right in the world, no matter how much they appear to be, and it takes a special type of people to fix them. That's where we come in. For the right price, we will fix any, and everything, asked of us.

From forgetful secret keepers, to cheating spouses, to professional and governmental coup d'état plans and enactments. Anything and everything, "dark", "light" or all the grays in between, you're one-stop-shop for all your needs.

All of them.