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Summary: Harry and Hermione find comfort in one another as the war rages on and when trouble occurs at Hogwarts Harry is determined to set Hermione out on her own, but obstacles in his way bring Harry and Hermione together nonetheless. But can one part of the relationship survive?


It is Valentines Day. Hermione wakes up with pink hearts already floating over her head, when she realizes that Crookshanks is hovering over her with a festive collar. Her hands go up. They meet a mess of fluffy orange hair.

"Morning, Crookshanks. Happy Valentines Day." Hermione murmurs, pushing the cat sideways slightly as she sits up.

She is not the biggest fan of Valentines Day, pink, red, and white confetti being showered in her face, or anything from Madame Puddifoot's. Hermione hates cupids, with their persistent faces and the constant harp harping at their sides, and she loathes those frilly Valentines Day cards they toss around all the time.

Today, she's hoping that she won't be attacked by any of those things.

"Good morning, Hermione–" A sweet voice floats up the stairs, and Hermione ties the knot on her bathrobe.

"Oh. Ginny." She says shortly, picking up her blouse.

Ginny has her hair up in a single bun, tied together in the back with a pink and red scrunchy – along with her black Hogwarts shoes highly polished. Hermione eyes her appearance all along, horror evident in her eyes.

"Ginny, what are you wearing?"

Ginny's hand goes up immediately to her hair scrunchy while the other twitches. She smiles.

"Oh," She says. "That. Just some Valentines decorations."

Hermione winces.

If possible, Hermione hates Valentines even more. She hates the people in Valentines Day who make Valentines Day such a frilly holiday. She hates the gifts and the flowers and the jewelry and the demented apparel. But perhaps with the proper persuasion, she may grow to love it; frilly Valentines cards and all.

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