Written for Valentines Day last year, and I found it a couple of weeks ago. So I thought 'I'll spruce it up a bit and repost it for this year'. Duke x Tristan. I don't own Yugioh.


It's February 14th. Tristan, along with the others, is in a silent French classroom. He is amusing himself by balancing his pencil on the end of his nose. Duke appears to be engrossed in some huge book. Joey has his head resting on his desk, probably sleeping. Ryou is doing revision for a test later that day. Yugi looks like he could be talking to his Yami through their mind link, and Malik is cutting out chains of little paper people, then proceeding to shred them to pieces.

Apart from the extreme quiet, all is relatively normal. Until a paper aeroplane connects with the side of Tristan's head, effectively knocking the balancing pencil to the floor.

Tristan picks up his pencil and looks around, ready to start hissing at Joey for throwing it. But Joey is still asleep. And everyone else is still absorbed in their own activities. Tristan is a little confused, but gets curious like anyone would. He unfolds the aeroplane.

Mon amour

Tristan blinks at the paper and rereads it, not quite sure if his eyes are playing up. He wonders who could have thrown it. He doesn't recognise the handwriting. Just as he gives up and puts the paper in his pocket, another aeroplane hits him on the ear. He reads this one straight away.

Est-ce que je peux t'acheter une glace?

Tristan is now more than a little puzzled. First this mystery person calls him their love, then they ask if they can buy him some ice cream. He looks around the room again. No one's even grinning. Tristan mentally sighs and puts this unfolded aeroplane with the other one.

10 minutes pass before another note lands on Tristan's desk in the form of a paper plane. He unfolds it, half expecting it to ask him what flavour ice cream he wants.

Quel gout?

Now Tristan really wants to know who's sending them. He looks around one more time, but yet again there's nothing to indicate who the sender is. Curious beyond all belief, he puts this aeroplane with the other two in his pocket.

10 more minutes and the bell rings. The class, with the exception of Tristan, pack away whatever they're doing and leave to go have some lunch. Tristan stays where he is, trying to figure out whose writing was on the paper aeroplanes. It wasn't Malik's; his is pointier. Joey's is messier. Yugi's is bigger, and Ryou joins up his letters.

Tristan groans. Admitting defeat on the issue and picking up his bag, he walks to the open door, only to freeze with a very surprised expression. He sees Duke grinning. Leaning on the wall with 2 ice cream cones in his hands. When Duke sees Tristan, he hands him one of the ice creams.

"Je t'aime."

Say thank you to TK for the French xD I don't know any French, see. Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow everybody! Review?