Vedee Darkshadow grabbed her things and rushed out the door with her adopted sister, Eliza Breeze. Eliza had shoulder length blond hair that she parted at the side of her head and pinned up into a bun. Her dark green eyes stared out from behind large, half-rimmed glasses. She was several inches taller than Vedee, who had tan skin with dark brown hair braided to her head. Her eyes were a clear brown. Both of the girls were fourteen. As they ran down the street to catch the bus, they donned their green capes.

"Hey, Bookworm! Going to some freak school for the mentally deranged?" The boy from next door called at Eliza. He was a fat ten year old who, from the moment she saw him, knew would be trouble.

Eliza had come to live with Vedee's family five months ago, when her parents and brother had been kidnaped in France. They had been presumed dead, and Eliza went to live with her godparents, Mr. And Mrs. Darkshadow.

Eliza and Vedee ignored the boy and caught the green bus, which was, apparently, filled with children. They sat near the back, with a twelve year old looking girl and two boys that looked about fourteen. "Hi! Is it you first day at Bloor's? My names Tancred," said the blond haired boy. "This is Lysander," He pointed at the dark skinned boy with dreadlocks. "And this is Emma. Who are you?"

"I'm Eliza and this is my sister, Vedee."

"Cool!" said Emma, looking up from her sketchbook. Vedee, who was sitting next to Emma, asked what she was drawing. When Emma handed the sketchbook to her, Vedee exclaimed with surprise. A beautiful, long necked crane seemed to be alive on the paper. It was eating a fish with utmost delicacy and had blue tipped wings.

"That's incredible! You're a great artist!"

"Thanks." They chatted all the way to Bloor's.

The day went fine, except for when Vedee got lost and ended up in the Janitors Closet. During the dinner of a weak tomato soup, Dr. Bloor stood and held his hand up for silence while he made an announcement.

"We have two new endowed students with us. Vedee Darkshadow and Eliza Breeze, stand up."A candle on the teacher's table flared, casting a fierce gold light throughout the room for a brief moment. No one seamed to notice. "You will be doing your homework in the King's Room." He continued, then added, "DISPERSE!"

Eliza stood up, gathered her things, then walked over to Tancred. "Do you know where the King's room is?" she asked him.

"Sure. Just follow me." he said. Eliza and Vedee followed Tancred and Lysander up to the King's room, where they were a couple of the last ones in. Manfred, the Twins, Joshua Tilpin, Dorcas Loom, and Asa sat on one side of the round table, while Charlie, Billy Raven, Lysander, Gabriel, Tancred, and Emma sat on the other. Eliza sat next to Vedee and Billy, while Vedee sat next to Emma and, of course, Eliza. After about thirty minutes of quiet working, a pencil whizzed past Eliza's ear. Eliza saw Charlie glance at the Twins, who were gazing at the pencil without emotion. As it came around for another pass, a light waft of wind sped at the pencil like a bullet, where it stopped, trembling in midair, before zipping back towards the twins. A quiet smile played on Eliza's face as she shuffled her books around to a better position.

Everyone just sat there, staring, when Vedee let out a single giggle, her hands covering her mouth, trying to muffle the sound.

"Was that YOU?!" Manfred practically shouted, tipping his chair over as he stood up. Fire shone in his eyes and his face was contorted with rage. He had been having a bad day and he didn't want some stupid third year to be messing around when he was in control. "What's your endowment?" There was silence. "Now, Darkshadow!" He looked precariously close to hitting her.

"Fine, if I must." she said, sarcasm dripping from her words. Manfred glared at her. Suddenly, a large black shadow started growing on the wall. When it was bigger than Vedee, she walked cooly over to it, ignoring the goggling stares of most people in the room and stepped in. Her foot disappeared, then her arm. Once she had walked all the way into the wall, the shadow vanished, and a minute later, Vedee pushed open the door to the room and entered, humming cheerfully to herself.