That night, Laramie visited Manfred. She walked up quietly, then yanked the sheets off of him. He bolted upright with a shout, looked around, and yelled, "Holy crap, La'tear! Don't do that!"

"The spell is still working, but we won't have much time now." Laramie La'tear's voice sounded like icicles, falling heavily in the darkness.

Manfred squinted at her. "What spell?"

"I cast a spell on that Breeze girl. She can't tell anyone too much without hurting herself." She smiled self-satisfyingly, then scowled. "Father wants her soon! You have until tomorrow evening, or we come. Dr. Bloor wouldn't like that very much, now would he? If I remember correctly, he and Father don't really like each other that well."

"All right, I'll have her for you by noon. You will come to pick her up, though? I can't leave."

"I will, but don't push your luck." With a flick of her hand and a few muttered words, she was gone in a small shower of blue sparks. Manfred sighed and tried to go back to sleep, thinking up plans for capturing Eliza.

Eliza, at the moment, was standing in the shadows outside of the room with her head wrapped in a black scarf to hide her fair hair and skin. She had only gotten there a few minutes ago, but she had heard enough. Quietly, she pushed a few tendrils of wind under her feet and walked down the passageway, keeping to the shadows and not making a sound.

Vedee woke up, looked over to Eliza's bed, and bolted upright. Eliza was gone. This normally wouldn't have been strange if not for the fact that they weren't allowed out of the dorms yet and the small note on her pillow. Vedee stood and bent to pick it up.


Sorry to worry you, but I've gone to visit my dear Aunt Margie.

I'll be back in a week or two.


"But, she doesn't have an Aunt Margie..." Vedee murmured. Emma walked over to her.

"What's that?"

"A letter from Eliza. I don't think... Aha! I knew it wasn't real!"

"What?" Emma asked in confusion.

"Do you have a flashlight?" Vedee asked her as she want to Eliza's suitcase and started rummaging through it. Emma retrieved her flashlight and handed it to her.

Vedee held up the note and pointed to a dot in the bottom left hand corner. "She does that when she wrote something in lemon juice on the back." She turned the paper over and held the now turned on flashlight to it. After approximately three minuted, brown shapes started to apear. Two more minutes, and they could read it.

Got lemons from Cook. Laramie is here. Be on your guard.

"Who's Laramie?" asked Emma. Vedee switched off the flashlight.

"Her full name's Laramie La'tear. She's nasty and really annoying. Her family captured Eliza's parents and brother. No one really likes her. The whole family is a bunch of sorcerers and witches. Those who aren't are scientists."

"We have to go look for her! Tancred and Lysander will probably go, and I think Charlie and Gabriel will too, if we tell them everything." Emma exclaimed.

Vedee looked uncertain. "I don't think that we should tell too many people."

"We should go see Cook, though. She should know something!"

"All right, we'll go during breakfast."

Manfred was called down to Dr. Bloor's office early that morning. He hadn't brushed his hair or even changed out of his black pajamas. When he got there, Dr. Bloor was standing behind his desk and looking out of the window that overlooked the old castle. He turned as Manfred walked in the room and said in a gruff, commanding tone, "Eliza Breeze has disappeared."

Manfred felt his blood run cold. He was really in trouble with Laramie this time. He would have to find her, before twelve o' clock. Dr. Bloor was speaking again.

"I want you to find her. The school could get in a lot of trouble with the local authorities if she's running amok. Dismissed."

Manfred hurried out of the room and ran to change his clothes.