Naruto: Alone...

This is another idea over my month long break in December. It has just been taking up space in my head for weeks now, so I figured might as well type it out, see where it goes. This story starts off right after the Kyuubi attack, in the middle of a meeting between the council and the Sandaime. The pairing will eventually, a LONG eventually perhaps, be NaruxHina.

Please do tell me if this is a good idea.

So let the story of Naruto: Alone begin!!!

Chapter 1: The Meeting On His Life

Sarutobi was rubbing his temples as he stood in front of the many clan heads that made up the council of Konoha. Hours earlier, the great Kyuubi no Yoko, a nine tailed demon fox, had attacked his village of Konoha. It was unknown what warranted such an attack from the greatest of the Biju, but what was certain was the immenent threat it posed on Konoha's citizens. Sarutobi at the time of the attack, had been retired, albeit a short time, having left the title of Hokage to his succesor, or now predeccesor, the Yondaime Hokage.

The Yondaime had went off to kill the beast himself, taking with him a small child, who's umbilical cord had just been cut, to the battle field where the Kyuubi was being held at bay by the many ninja of Konoha. He had used a complex sealing jutsu on the beast, sealing it within the small child. Though he had saved the village, it had cost him his life, therefore Sarutobi had to once again take up the position of Hokage, despite his old age.

After the ninja were brought back in from the battle field, and the citizens informed of what happened that night. Many wept for the Yondaime's death, but others were simply angered that their leader had been taken away so suddenly. Sarutobi then told them about Naruto, how his body had been used to seal the fox, and about how Yondaime had wished him to be recognized as a hero, for keeping the demon within his belly, away from the citizens...

...The reaction he received... was not one he was expecting...

The citizen's of Konoha suddenly turned from a mourning crowd, into an angry mob in an instant. Immediately they were calling for the death of the young child, asking for his blood in exchange for what had happened to their leader. Sarutobi was shocked, and when the citizen's began raising weapons, and trying to get passed the Chunin blocking their way, Sarutobi withdrew from the crowd, into the council's room. A meeting would take place to decide the fate of the child...

... Once again... things did not go as Sarutobi had hoped...

When he entered the council's room, there were icy cold glares fired towards the boy, as well as massive amount of killer intent from many ninja clan heads. Sarutobi had to force himself to repress a shiver from going up and down his spine. He may have been Hokage, but he could not stop an entire room filled with angry clan heads from attacking the boy. Sarutobi laid the boy down in a crib not far from where he stood, and then turned to face the council.

The meeting was called to order, and immediately clan heads were asking for the boy's blood. "Order, order!" Sarutobi shouted as he finally got his migraine under control. The entire room became silent as Sarutobi rubbed his temples before continuing. "Now then, this meeting has been called to discuss the fate of Naruto Uzumaki, the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi! During this meeting, as in the others, we will have order! The floor is open for suggestions." Sarutobi said, but he knew what would be said.

"This meeting shouldn't even be necessary! It is obvious what we should do! Kill the demon now before it gets a second chance!" Tsume Inuzuka, head of the Inuzuka clan, shouted as there were several cheers and shouts of agreement along with her.

"Killing a child would be meaningless if it never posed a threat. On top of that, we never questioned the ability and knowledge of Yondaime-sama before, and to believe now that he would lead us astray in his final act of sacrifice would be us placing an insult upon his grave, on top of an already barbaric act." Shikaku Nara, head of the Nara clan, shouted as there were few shouts of agreement accompanying him. Sarutobi sighed in relief, at least there were those that were willing to listen to him.

"While killing a child is a barbaric act, we cannot discount it in this case. While Yondaime-sama was indeed skilled, and he would not lead us down the wrong path, its not beyond reason to think that something, just something, may have gone awry, whether it be that the seal is too weak to hold the fox for long, or perhaps the Kyubi has managed to take control of the boy. Whatever the case, these possible detractions outweigh possible benefits that I can foresee, thus the option of solving the problem before it begins must be kept on the table." Shibi Aburame stated calmly as others shouted agreements, many could barely hear him over the sound of the other members. Sarutobi had just about as much as he could take. With the shouting, the head ache, and now even the unbearable distaste he felt towards the clan heads who could not put faith in his succesor/predecessor, he had it.

"Silence!" Sarutobi shouted as the entire room became eerily quite. None have ever heard the Hokage shout like that, at least none who have lived to tell about it (or have been scared shitless). Sarutobi rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying to release the pent up stress entering him. Suddenly Fugaku Uchiha, father of Itachi, and current leader of the Uchiha clan, rose from his seat.

"Hokage-sama, it is out of the utmost respect that I will say this to you." Fugaku said as the aged Hokage stared at him. "For the safety of my clan, not only them but the entire village, I implore you to end this abomination's life." Fugaku stated firmly as many joined right in with him.

"You may implore and ask until you are out of breath Fugaku-san, but I will not allow this child to be slain." Sarutobi returned, Fugaku's anger flickering across his face as he stared the aged Kage down..

"How far are you willing to go to protect this monstrosity's life Hokage-sama? Because I can ensure you that I am prepared to go just as far, and farther, in order to ensure the safety of this village, and to end this thing's life." Fugaku said in a tense manner, as, suddenly, the entire room fell silent. Had Fugaku just implied, knowingly or unconsciously, that he would, should this meeting decide to allow the fox-child to live, go against this wish and then go forward on his own to strike out at the boy.

Yet, soon enough, the silence was overcome by noise. This noise, for the most part, was of approval, as other clans and minor houses began to join in with Fugaku, and by extension, the Uchiha Clan. Though shouts of disgust or disapproval quickly followed, it was not enough to drown out the shouts for the boy's blood. Sarutobi slowly looked across the room, first noticing Shibi's sudden lack of movement. The Aburame seemed to glance at Sarutobi, and then look away for a moment, perhaps realizing that 'his' side of the arguement had just gotten out of hand. The Inuzuka matriarch, Tsume, quickly joined in with Fugaku, and the minor houses quickly followed up.

Sarutobi also quickly noted that, amongst those withh im and against Fugaku, were the Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clans, the loyalty of the three lifting Sarutobi's confidence a bit. At one last glance, Sarutobi looked over to the Hyuga patriarch, Hiashi, and noticed that he was merely sitting there, staring blankly as almost every Hyuga Sarutobi new had. Sarutobi knew that Hiashi wouldn't join in on his side... or Fugaku's for another. The Hyuga Main House, Sarutobi was sure of, would be very much for getting rid of Naruto... on the otherhand, they'd be disgusted with possibly being on the same side as the Uchiha Clan. A neutral stance would be the best way to keep the Main House from fighting within itself.

With the Uchiha clan, Inuzuka clan, a... less than fully supportive Aburame clan, and many of the smaller houses, threatening to take action into their own hands, with only the Nara, Akimichi, Yamanaka clans supporting Sarutobi, with the Hyuga standing outside the battle as a neutral power, Sarutobi knew that this would be a battle that no one would win, especially so soon after the devastation struck. Sarutobi had effectively been boxed in by the outrage of both sides of this arguement... to get out, he'd have to do something he knew he'd regret... he'd have to make a compromise that would, somehow, placate both.

"Silence!!!!" Sarutobi shouted, even louder this time, as everyone sat there and stared again. You could taste the fear generating off of some of the clan heads. Sarutobi sighed as he began. "In order to solve this... I will compromise." Sarutobi said as everyone sat down, waiting to here this compromise. "I will be creating a law, as of today, that will forbid the mention of the sealing of Kyuubi into Naruto to anyone of his generation!" Sarutobi began, raising his hand to quell any potential outrage.

"However... Naruto Uzumaki... will live as any orphan in Konoha. He will be sent to an orphanage in the village... and what happens to him afterwards..." Sarutobi began saying before the opposing sides began smirking, and the side that were with Sarutobi began grimacing. "I will not be able to interfere with whatever happens to him." Sarutobi said as the entire room fell silent, with those having supported Sarutobi sitting there, their jaws falling open. Even Hiashi Hyuga looked on in shock. "What say you Fugaku?" Sarutobi asked, placing the ball into the Uchiha Clan Head's court.

Fugaku sat in his seat and contemplated the deal... out on the street, without the protection of the Hokage, the child was as within the reach of the Uchiha Clan, through its Police Force, as any other person in the village. Should the little thing get out of line, he would know about it within mere minutes, and be able to act upon it in seconds. In his mind, Fugaku also knew that Sarutobi knew this... which meant the old man was just doing whatever he could to keep the kid alive. The realization wouldn't miss the other Shinobi gathered either... which meant that he, and his clan, could relish in the political victory of getting Sarutobi to place the boy on the edge of his fingers. With a small smirk forming upon his lips, Fugaku looked up at the aged Kage and nodded.

"You have my vote for this measure, Sandaime-sama." Fugaku said in a faux polite manner, those having sided with him quickly following up behind him. Sarutobi looked at the other members, whom, somewhat reluctantly, gave a nod of affirmation themselves.

"The motion passes, the laws are in place. With all business finished, this meeting of the council is adjourned." Sarutobi said, ending the meeting as soon as possible. As the clan members left, Sarutobi just sighed as he began walking back to his office. He would have to find an orphanage for Naruto that would, at the very least, take minimal care of him...

The years to come would be hell for Naruto Uzumaki... and for now there was nothing Sarutobi could do about it...

Three and a Half Years Later - Hokage Tower

'I hate it when I'm right...' Sarutobi thought as he stared at his crystal ball. Naruto's life up to that point had been, for a lack of a better word, been pure hell. While he was successful in preventing any of the adults from telling Naruto, or telling other children, of his identity as the Kyubi's carrier... he wasn't nearly as successful as keeping people from 'sticking it' to him, through either outright ignoring the child, or through other, sometimes somewhat violent, means. As Hokage, he could dissuade people from these violent actions by enforcing existing laws, but he could do little more than that. His compromise had tied his hands behind his back, requiring Sarutobi to only assist Naruto in the manners in which current law would allow... which just basically meant fining and punishing people for their actions whenever they would occur.

Today, however, he witnessed an action in his crystal ball that nearly caused him to swallow his pipe whole. The Orphanage, after having 'put up' with Naruto for the past few years, tossed the boy out on his rear. Now, he merely watched as Naruto wandered the street, the poor child looking... confused, dismayed... absolutely destroyed. Sarutobi sighed as he leaned his head against his hand.

'One of the worst decisions I've made, no doubt...'

Streets of Konoha

'What did I do wrong...' Naruto thought as he wandered down the street, confused as he kept his head down. 'Was it something I said?' The young blond added as the clouds began rolling in over head, the blond not noticing as he just continued moving right along.

Naruto walked around the streets, looking up to meet the glares of the villagers with his own eyes. 'Why do they hate me so much...' Naruto thought as the wind blew and Naruto began hugging himself to keep warm, his hands running up and down his arms. Naruto's life in Konoha was... terrible to be completely honest. No one would allow him into their shops, but what was he going to buy, he had no money, no one gave him food, no one gave him money, and no one gave him a home...

Suddenly lightning flew through the air, and Naruto ducked down, covering his head with his hands, and cowering from the lightning. After a while the lightning picked up, and so did the winds. Naruto was beginning to shiver more, from cold, and from fear of the lightning. He tried to run into a clothing store for shelter... only to be chased out by a woman with a broomstick. Naruto ran out, and fell over onto the street, sitting there for a moment... before another bolt of lightning scared the young boy into crawling right into an adjacent alley

And at the point where Naruto believed that things could not get any worse, it began to rain. Naruto's eyes began to well up with tears, and those tears began to mix and mingle with the rain as he took an abrupt turn into an alley. Maybe he could find a nice box to keep him a little dry, or a little warm. Naruto walked through the several alleys, eventually he found the entrance to one he did not believe he had seen before. These was a large shaw thing covering the entrance of the alley (like how those cloth things do to some shops) and it was eerily silent on the other side of the shaw. There were kanji on the shaw, but Naruto was unable to read themm, so he passed right through the cloth entrance, coming upon a big, empty lot.

Of course, this lot had not always been empty. During the 3rd Ninja War, while many of Konoha's ninja were out fighting the good fight against other ninja villages, crime began to flourish inside of the Hidden Village. At first it was rather simple crime: petty thieving, pickpocketing, the tiny things that could happen on a weekly basis. However, without the large amount of ninja in Konoha ready to patrol the city, what was small crime slowly turned into large crime: small groups of thugs were getting together to rob entire stores blind, assaults on the few ninja inside of the city began to grow, and small extortion rackets were beginning to build.

Out of this crime grew a small syndicate, a group of criminals assembled from Shinobi returning from the war front, injured. The empty lot Naruto stood in was a former hideout: while in its current state it was just a lowly lot, back during the height of organized crime in Konoha this was the place to be: secluded from the main streets, and somewhat hidden in what had become the twist and turns of Konoha's urban sprawl, it was a good place to duck away for a while.

However, when Konoha's full forces returned at the end of the war, crime was immediately crushed under the thumb of the Shinobi, and the syndicate dissolved. Of course, little Naruto was unaware of this. All he knew was this was some place somewhat shielded from the drafty winds, and seemed pretty deserted. A good place to rest. So, Naruto did just that, the young boy walked up towards one of the walls, picking up an old rag to go along with him, not noticing the small metal object falling from the same rag, and laid himself down beside the building, slowly nodding off into a shallow sleep.

The Next Morning

By the time the sun rose, Naruto's small stomach was already roaring in protest at its lack of nourishment, as it did nearly every morning. This, somewhat suddenly, woke the small boy up, as he yawned and rubbed his eyes. Naruto had actually been very surprised to have slept so long and so completely, often times the shouts from a random adult, or just the shere cold waking him up several times in the early morning. Still, this mattered little to the poor blond boy, as his stomach still roared. So, Naruto stood up, laid the rag down, and began walking.

As he took his small steps, the street orphan accidentally kicked something, sending it stumbling across the lot. Naruto looked at what he kicked, and was wide-eyed and surprised to find a metal kunai, rusted as it may have been, laid right there. Naruto had never really been so close to a ninja weapon before, though he had seem some of the ninja carrying them. Naruto wandered over to the small metal weapon and picked it up, stuffing it into his pocket. Who would know if he would need it or not.

After his small discovery, the blond orphan went garbage can diving for almost an hour, not even finding an old shoe for him to chew on. Naruto's stomach let out another loud growl, and Naruto clasped it and began crying again. He sniffled a little bit, trying to keep the mucus from coming out, when all of a sudden an aroma came to his nose. Naruto smelt the air several times before drool began coming out of his mouth. He began following the sweat smell to the streets of Konoha, right up to the Konoha Bakery. Naruto looked at what he had been smelling that entire time... a fresh loaf of bread.

Naruto stared at that bread with wanting eyes, a loaf of bread may not seem much to most, but to Naruto Uzumaki, it looked like the best meal a person could ever have. Naruto began walking towards the bakery, ignoring the hated looks from most of the people, and walked right into the bread store. Naruto walked right up to the counter and looked at the bread with lustful eyes. He was then hit on the head with a broom. "Get out of here, demon, I don't have time to deal with you." The baker said as he walked into a back room.

On any other day, Naruto would've listened, on any other day Naruto would've walked out the door of the shop, obeying the person no matter how bad they were. But today... Naruto's young mind couldn't care less about what the baker said. Naruto didn't care about him, he didn't care about that the baker didn't want him here. The blond was the hugriest he had ever been, and he was going to eat. Naruto glanced around quickly for anyone watching, and when he saw the coast was clear, he quickly grabbed the loaf of bread and ran out.

The baker walked out of the room, and saw the bread was gone. He ran out to see Naruto run down the street, and he got pissed. "Hey someone stop that kid! He stole my bread!!!" The baker shouted as several Chunin looked up. Theft, even for a small loaf of bread, was a crime in Konoha. However, most Chunin wouldn't allow themselves to chase down such a minor theft, most of the time it'd just be Genin who'd pick up the tab. However, seeing a mess of blond hair and whiskers quickly changed the surrounding Chunin's minds.

They quickly began running down the street, chasing Naruto like a dog would chase a cat with its food in its jaws. Naruto looked back and saw the Chunin chasing him, and he began running even faster. Though he was running as fast as he could, the Chunin were catching up fast. Naruto began thinking, thinking of what he could possibly do to get away, when suddenly a thought hit him. Naruto reached into his sleeve and pulled out the kunai. He looked back to see the Chunin approaching, and he threw the kunai in a random direction towards them.

Fortunetly for Naruto, fate seemed to like him today. The kunai, flew through the air, into the ground, and that ground was right where the Chunin in front of the rest was about to step. He stepped on the kunai, and then tripped over, causing his fellow Chunin to fall over him. They all laid their on the ground, and watched as Naruto Uzumaki got away with his breakfast for the day. Naruto made it back to the empty lot and began eating the bread ferverously.

Meeting Room

"This is an outrage!" One council member shouted. "You have to do something!!!" Another shouted. The council of Konoha and Sarutobi were back in the meeting room they had occupied three and a half years earlier. News had gotten around of how Naruto Uzumaki had stolen a piece of bread and had gotten away. The council members who had wanted Naruto dead were furious about this, while the others who had wanted him alive were just sitting there, not really disturbed at all about this event.

Sarutobi, despite this was smiling, and when the shouting of the council members was over he looked up, and showed them his smile, creeping most of them out. "I'm sorry, but you all told me not to have anything to do with him, to treat him as a normal orphan, so that's what I'll do, let the Police take care of it." Sarutobi said smuggly as he effectively ended the meeting, causing the angry clan members to begin cursing, while the others just sat up and left.

Yes... finally things were finally happening the way he wanted them to...

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