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Chapter 1

June, 1979


"Good Morning Boston! It's eleven AM and this is Kasey Kasem counting down the hits..."

Jack O'Callahan, aka OC, turned over to the other direction, cursing himself for accidentally setting the alarm. The radio still boomed in the background and Jack had no choice but to turn it off. Slowly but surely he set it off and collapsed back in his old bed for a while longer. He laid in bed for another twenty or so minutes before he got up. The last time he slept in really late, his mother yelled at him for not being out looking for a job instead. Having just graduated from college, he lived a bit at home while looking for a job.

OC entered the kitchen hoping for the left over bacon his mom usually makes. Unfortunately for him, his younger sister grabbed the last few pieces and wasn't afraid to mock him about it. As soon as OC saw the empty plate he glared at her sitting on the counter and slowly devouring the last pieces.

"Haha," his sister laughed sticking out her tounge at him.

"How immature is that, Katherine?" he shot back, "No wonder mom wants you to stay close to home."

"Nah, I wanna stay close to home. I've been thinkin' of going to BC," Katherine joked as she took a bite of the bacon.

"If you went their I'd never talk to you again," OC laughed.

"Or even better, I could go to U of Minnesota," his little sister cracked up.

"Yeah and I'll beat you up," he replied in a somewhat serious tone, "It's bad enough with Conway going there..."

Just then their mother walked in from the breezeway with a bag of groceries in her arm.

"Kids, can you give me a hand? I've got a couple more bags in the car," she gestured her head towards the door.

Before she put the bag down on the table, Katherine whined, "Mom...Jack just said he was gonna beat me up!"

"Mom...Jack just said he was gonna beat me up," OC mimicked.

"Kids, quit fighting and help me with the groceries," their mom sighed.

The two siblings went out the back door and walked out to the driveway. Each took two bags and were about to go back in. Then Rizzo arrived.

"Hey man, whats going on?" OC greeted his best friend.

Rizzo held up an envelope, "Here. Read it"

OC tore it open and his eyes scanned the letter. Before he could say a word Rizzo held up his own envelope, "I got one too. Along with Silky and Jimmy."

Katherine quickly grabbed the letter from her older brother's hands, "What is it?"

She read it and jumped up in the air and gave him a quick hug, "Oh my God! Your gonna go to the Olympics!"

OC snatched it back, "It's just try-outs for the team. But Rizzo and me will obviously get on so..."

"I'm gonna tell mom!" Katherine exclaimed right before running inside.

"So when are they?" OC asked.

"Like the beginning of July," Rizzo answered.

"Are they here or in Minnesota? It says Brooks is coaching," OC pointed out in the letter.

"It's in Colorado Springs...that's in Colorado,"Rizzo joked.

"No really," OC replied sarcastically.

The two started to play wrestle for a moment when Katherine came out.

"Mom, wants to make you a congratulations dinner. What do ya want?" she shouted at the two boys wrestling.

"I'm going out with Conway tonight...tell her to make dinner seven...and I want steak," OC tried as he was still fighting Rizzo.

"Jack, you suck! You know I hate steak!" Katherine whined.

"Tell her to make lots of it," Rizzo joked, "I'm staying for dinner."

"You suck!"Katherine shrugged, giving them the finger.

Katherine walked back inside. The guys stopped wrestling and went inside to watch tv.

"So what are you and Conway doing tonight?" Rizzo asked flipping through the channels.

"We're seeing Rocky II...ohhhh stop there," OC stopped him at a repeat Red Sox game from the night before.

"You didn't watch?" Rizzo asked, knowing he was a huge Red Sox fan.

"Nah...I went out with'd we do?"he asked, eyes glued to the screen.

"I went to the game and we lost," Rizzo shrugged.

"Damn Bambino..."OC rolled his eyes.

Rizzo started turning the channels again, "So what did you do with Maureen?"

"What do you think?" OC laughed.

Rizzo gave him a high five, "Nice"

"Yeah but I'm not gonna call her. She was really annoying," OC said uncaring.

"Yeah Silky went out with her and told me the same thing," Rizzo replied, "You'll think he'd make it on the team?"

"Probably," OC shrugged, "So will Jimmy. I just hope that cheap shot from Minnesota won't be at try outs."

Rizzo rolled his eyes. OC's been pissed at a hockey player named Rob McClanahan ever since the NCAA game a few years ago. And he's not even close to getting over it.

"C'mon OC," Rizzo tried, OC glared at him not getting the answer he wanted, "I don't think he'll be there. Last year he got drafted to the Sabres, and he said he'd start playing for them after finishing up college. And since he's done..."

"Good," OC sighed.


After dinner with his family and Rizzo, OC left to hang out with his best friend Annie Conway, aka 'Conway'. It was supposed to be one of the last times they really got to hang out since she was leaving for Minnesota the following week.

OC pounded on the door, "Conway open up!"

She didn't answer. After a minute of waiting outside her apartment, he let himself in.

"Conway, you home?" he shouted once he got inside.

Then OC noticed a ton of empty and full boxes scattered everywhere across her living room and kitchen.

He heard a faint reply coming for another room, "In here."

"What?" he yelled back.

"In here!" she tried again.

"Where?" he hollered to her.


He followed the voice as he replied back, "POLLO!"


"POL..." before finishing he stumbled upon his red headed best friend, "...hey. Whats with the piles?"

Annie had been getting ready to leave for Minnesota so her place was a sty. She was currently trying to sort through her clothes.

"Well, the pile to the right is keep clothes, the pile in the middle are leave at home, and the one at the end is for goodwill," she explained.

"Conway...there are only two piles," OC pointed out.

"Yeah well I haven't found anything for goodwill...yet," she tried not to sound mean.

OC quietly laughed and gave her a look. Annie laughed a bit too, "Stop! I just don't want to give my clothes and sports memorabilia to anyone else. They're mine!"

"Selfish..."OC muttered under his breath.

"Shut up!" she giggled.

Then she noticed a hideous pink sweater that her aunt gave her a couple years ago for Christmas. She threw it to the side and started a third pile.

"Look, I'm a nice person!" she pointed to the pile.

"Whatever you say Scrooge," OC laughed, "And that doesn't even count. It's pink, you hate pink!"

"Well sometimes it's not the thought that counts," she told him as she began to look through her clothes.

"Who knew you liked clothes so much?" her best friend laughed while watching her.

"I don't. I just don't want to have to go shopping while I'm there," she shrugged, "Wait...why are you here? It's only eight. Your like a half an hour early!"

"Yeah...I sorta have to tell you something," OC told her.

"What?" she asked concerned that something was wrong.

"I got asked to try-out for the Olympic hockey team," he replied trying to sound cool.

Annie smiled and got up, she was that awkwardly tall kid growing up and stands about 5'7 today, which gave her complete eye contact with all her guy friends. She gave him a high five, "Congrats! You're gonna make it for sure. Anyone else I know get asked?"

"Yeah...Rizzo, Jimmy, and Silky," he answered.

"That's cool," Annie smiled.

"And if I make the team I stay in Minnesota at the University, cuz Herb Brooks is the coach."

"Oh my God! I'm going there!" Annie exclaimed like a five year old.

"I know!" he sounded excited that quickly changed to accusation, "Your only staying for four years right? Until your done with med school?"

"Shut up OC! You know I am! After I'm done I'll move back here, but I promised my gramps I'd go to school there," she explained for the umpteenth time.

Her grandfather paid her her college education, since her parents couldn't afford it. But they made a deal that if he paid for it then she would go to med school in Minnesota, where he lived. He hasn't been well lately and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's earlier that year.

"I know," he shrugged, "I don't see why you have to go there. It's not like he'll remember anyways..."

"Yeah but I will," she gave a half smile, "But whatever. Since your going to Minnesota, we can be like best friends forever now!"

"Yeah, i just have to go through try-outs but they should be a piece of cake,"OC sounded overly confident now.

Annie laughed, she knew how cocky he would get. "C'mon, I'll deal with this war zone later. Let's go watch the Italian Stallion."

She hummed the Rocky theme, "Gonna Fly Now", as she left the room and OC still stuck around.

Annie poked her head back in, "OC, you comin'?"

"Right behind ya, Conway"

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