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7:01 am
Dormitory…..dream like trance…..

So what if I snogged Andy last night???

It's not like I have feelings for anyone else or anything.

7:02 am
Floor of dormitory……

Baby Jesus was taunting me with all of his holy-ness.

In retaliation, I've removed his little mittens. I'm hoping his hands turn black and fall off.

9:28 am


Harry and Andy are going to duel!

Over me!!

"So I was wandering along, thinking of pudding and its many flavors, when I overheard something."

"A fight? A decleration of love for me? What??"

"Well, it was Harry and Andy. And they were talking. Quite loudly."

"Merlin, Luna. I know that already! Did Harry seem really angry?"

"No. More shocked than anything. Anyways, I was pondering the ways of luring a kinumph, which led me to remember that sometimes they fancy pudding. Which led me to look at the floor. And that's when I noticed the note."

"I think you may be slightly unhinged."

"Why thank you."

"You're welcome."

"So. What side are you on?"


"Well, will you stand by Harry or by Andy?"

"Physically or metaphorically?"

"I would think….both."

"Well, I choose neither."

1:59 pm
Free period…..thinking…..

Andy is more man than I gave him credit for. Just have a look at the note he gave Harry.

Dear Harry,

I challenge you to a wand duel. Prefect's bathroom. Midnight.




2:07 pm
Free period…..slightly worried….

Andy doesn't have a chance. Poor little lamb.

Harry's going to kick his arse!

Speaking of arse, Harry is purposely wearing tight jeans.

I think he's gone rouge.

2:11 pm
Free period….tittering around like mum….

Harry wouldn't kill Andy.


2:13 pm
Free period…..panic….

Oh, who am I kidding? Harry will burn him to a crisp, just like Baby Jesus.

Why do my crumblie catchers have to be so bloody useful? They are lethal and they must be disbanded at once!

2:25 pm
panic….times a billion….

Luna says I mustn't disband my boobs. She says I might need them again someday.

Ha. I doubt it. All this dueling mess is putting me into a tizzy. I might just wilt away from the stress of it all…

2:38 pm
Dormitory….counting down…

What shall I wear?

2:39 pm

Everything I own is rubbish!

Where is the "I want to look smashing so I woo back my ex-boyfriend so he doesn't kill an innocent bystander who happened to get in the way of my crumblie catchers" outfit when you need it???

3:56 pm
Potions…counting down….

Hermione and Ron are NOT very pleased with me. They cornered me before class and moaned on and on for ages.

I told them to shut up, find a nice broom closet, and have a dirty quick snog.

3:58 pm
Potions…awaiting dismissal….

I thought Hermione was going to hit me.

"Honestly, I don't know why they're fighting over you."

"Don't make me stab you with my fork, Luna. I swear to Baby Jesus--"

"Holy shite."

"What? What's happened??"

"Harry is on his way over here. Right now."


"Watch where you're flailing that fork, Ginny! You've stabbed me!"

"Luna! I don't have time for your antics. Just be quiet and eat some pudding!!"

"Hello, Luna. Ginny."


"She's really invested in her meal, Harry. Right, Luna?"


"See? So, what can I do for you on this fine evening?"

"Maybe it would be better if we did this in private."

"Harry, I'm not so sure. Last time we had a private conversation I ended up with frozen knickers. A girl doesn't forget her…uh….first pair of frozen knickers."

"Gin. Please?"

Don't you look at me like that Harry Potter!! I'm not your good-time-romp. I am going to stay strong. And refuse your advances.

"I promise that we won't even leave the castle."

Blast. He's doing that lookey-thing that he does so well.


Fuck. "Fine. I'm coming. But don't think I'm not suspicious Harry!"

"Let's go. I know where we can talk alone. Night, Luna."


"What's wrong with her? What did you do to her?"

"Me? Why is everything always my fault? For your information Harry, Luna is taking a vow of silence."


"Because Ginny told me to shut my trap and keep eating."

"Luna! I haven't heard your voice in days! It's so wonderful to have you back! The silence has put you in a delusional state. You're obviously confused."

"No. You're the delusional one. You told me just as Harr--"

"Time to go! Lead the way, Harry!"

7:08 pm

So. Harry "The Arse" Potter thinks I'm "acting out". He wants me to stop "prancing about" and "messing around with boys" that I "don't even know"!!!

He. Is. Such. A. Git.

7:10 pm

HE can't control me! I'm my own free woman! Crumblie catchers flailing about proudly!

7:12 pm
Dormitory....getting ready...

I have a wand duel to prepare for.

I must look smashing. I have people to make jealous, people to woo.

It's exhausting, really.

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