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Summary: All Tokiya wanted was his solitude. Boy was he in for a crazy ride especially if it involves a purple head tomboy who needed help in turning on her dormant feminine charms full throttle.

Hey there, this is my first attempt to write a fanfic. Hopefully I can satisfy your appetite for reading.

Chapter 1

Lovely Reunion...Not!

Mikagami Tokiya was on his way to the university while enjoying the soothing effects of classical music in his car. He still had plenty of time before his first class starts so he was in no rush to get there. Besides it was the first day of the semester so he could be late if he wanted to no big deal.


'What the hell..?' He looked at his side mirror and saw a guy dressed in all black driving a motorbike. He couldn't see the guy's face but he could see the smirk the bastard's giving him.

Tokiya would have ignored the incident but it seemed that the idiot thought differently. The said guy hit his side once again then sped up to pass him.

'That does it! If this guy wants a race I'll be more than willing to oblige…and do more than that!' he said furiously.

Tokiya stepped firmly on his gas and sped up as well to chase the guy who seemed to have an early death wish. It's a good thing that there were only few other motorists aside from them since it was still early or else they would have caused a traffic jam.

'Damn! This guy's fast.' He muttered to himself while he's still trailing behind the object of his annoyance early this morning.

He had to keep on changing lanes so as to avoid colliding with other cars. He ignored all the honks and possibly curses thrown to him and just kept on driving in a very frightening speed that would have made an average passenger, if he had one with him at that time, cry for his dear life.

'For all this trouble, you'll be lucky if I give you a quick death.' He was thinking of all the possible ways to end the guy's life once he gets his hands on him.

He keyed up when he saw that he's closing in.

'Just a little bit more…just a little bit more…' he chanted in his mind. He was now very, very close.

But then alas!

The bastard turned in a narrow street just when Tokiya was about to catch up.

'Shit!' he cursed.

He drove around and looked for any hints of the guy's whereabouts but he completely lost him.

Pissed to no end, he continued on his way to his class cursing the guy mentally.

As annoying as his morning turned out to be, Tokiya managed to get his composure back. He got to all his classes without any further mishap. Well unless you wouldn't count those freshmen girls added to his ever growing fan club who were drooling at the mere sight of him which was really irritating, then yes everything turned out just fine.

He was about to enter his apartment building when he saw a motorbike in the parking lot.

'Hmm, that looks oddly familiar' he mused then remembered the incident earlier.

He pushed the thought aside thinking that it was just a coincidence. For all he knew there were millions of people who owns a motorbike. The possibility of that motorbike belonging to that idiot was slim to nothing so he dismissed the idea.

Tokiya was greeted by a shockingly familiar faces when he got in the lobby of his apartment building. There stood in front of the elevator waiting were the rest of the Hokage team he thought he had permanently bid farewell to when he entered college. He inwardly groaned. If they were still as what he remembered them to be, then he could just picture himself kissing his treasured peace goodbye.

"Mikagami-sempai, it's so good to see you again." Sakoshita Yanagi was the first to notice his presence and greeted him. Gentle as ever, she was still the same girl that he was fond of since she resembled his sister Mifiyu.

"Surprise, surprise! Not expecting to see us here huh? We're on the same university. Who would have thought we'd end up at the same apartment too? Isn't this great?" Hanabishi Recca, the sea-monkey, yelled so loudly that Tokiya's afraid his ears were bleeding. He couldn't imagine how Yanagi could withstand this noise everyday.

"Oi, Mikagami! Wait till Fuuko hear this. She'll be thrilled to have fridge-boy around again." Ishijima Domon a.k.a. gorilla shouted as well.

Tokiya was now at his wits end. It was a miracle the gorilla graduated from high school, let alone attends the same prestigious university with him.

Yup, it's official. Whoever it was that's controlling destiny was holding a grudge against him. Tokiya wanted to hit his head on the wall so bad but that would be so out of character for him.

'Kami-sama, what have I done to have these morons back in my quiet life again?'

Yanagi, he's cool with. The monkeys he could live without.

"Baka, I already knew he lives here. Why do you think I threatened the supervisor of this building to give us our rooms? Besides we had a little friendly race this morning, ne Mi-chan?" said the purple head that just came down using the stairs when she heard what Domon had said.

"YOU..!" It was all Tokiya could say when he noticed the all black ensemble the she-monkey was wearing and the helmet that was a dead giveaway.

"I know Mi-chan, you don't have to say it. And I missed you too." Fuuko was grinning like a maniac.

Tokiya was now fuming. He remembered all the trouble she gave him this morning, not to mention his abused car. He's debating on whether to strangle her or to cut her down to pieces using his ensui.

"Friendly race my ass! You came from out of nowhere and started to harass me. I could have had crashed had I been someone else. You better start running for your life now!"

"Aww loosen up Mi-chan, you're so uptight. You didn't crash, did you? So what's the fuss?"

"Why you, insufferable monkey..!"

"Really, don't you think we're way past name callings? Anyway, I know you're excited seeing me and all, but as much as I wanted to stay and chitchat with you I better go now. I still have to take care of some things. Ja."

Before he could make up his mind on which best way he could kill her that would give him so much pleasure, the she-monkey left already.

So what do you guys think? Acceptable, yes?