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Chapter 4

A Force to be Reckoned

It was a fine day. Perfect for strolling down and having fun, and Tokiya was busy with his car. He was giving it its usual cleaning session and check up for anything that was needed to be fixed. So far he found none so he was just concentrating on cleaning it good.

He was a meticulous person. It would have been more convenient to just go to a car wash and have someone else clean his car for him but no…he considered their job too lousy for his liking. His car deserved way more attention than that.

He was applying some wax when a shadow loomed over him.

"Mi-chan…" Someone said in a sing-song voice to call his attention.

Tokiya looked up. There he saw the purple head that had been plaguing his mind for the past couple of days.

He agreed to Recca and Yanagi's plan. Normally, he wouldn't consent to a ridiculous request especially if it involved any of the monkeys. But since he had given his word then he had to go through with it.

Genius as he was, he couldn't think of a way to make his moves on Fuuko that wouldn't seem suspicious and/or too sudden. He didn't want her to go ballistic and send him in the hospital to check in for who knew how long.

"You're just the right person I needed to see. Lucky." Fuuko beamed at him.

"What is it now?" He asked in a bored tone. He continued doing the task at hand which was waxing his car while Fuuko picked up another rag and went to the other side to do the same task.

"I have been thinking…" Fuuko started.

"Oh?" Tokiya raised his eyebrow at the statement. He wondered what she would be up to this time.

"Yes, I've been doing some thinking and before you utter any smart-ass comment, hear me out first. And don't give me that look."

He knew there's a long speech waiting to be heard so he just let her continue without voicing his premature comment.

"Okay, moving on…I just realized some of my shortcomings. Since forever people have seen me as a tomboy and not as a girl. Although some guys have been attracted to me, that's just their hormones kicking in when they look below my face. I know I'm hot and thank goodness for that, but I want them to see me more than that. Mi-chan, do you follow what I'm getting at?" Fuuko asked when she saw his blank look.

"Not quite but don't let my ignorance slow down the deliverance of your speech."

He did not see the glare that Fuuko sent his way since he was still busy with waxing.

"I'm just saying that it wouldn't hurt if those guys show as much interest in me as they put checking out my body. I understand that I'm a little difficult to deal with, what with my wicked temper and my legendary fist and all. But hey, they wouldn't have to deal with it at all if they just stop acting stupid or letting their perversion get the better of them in the first place. I mean, what's a girl supposed to do when being hit left and right? Act all nice and friendly?? Definitely not this girl, nuh-uh!"

Fuuko pointed to herself to put more emphasis as she finished with her ramblings. She then looked expectantly to the silent Tokiya.

He didn't know how to react to her statement. He didn't even know what she was expecting to hear from him.

"You know, this is the time when you say something after hearing my case out." Fuuko said when Tokiya remained quiet after her rant.

"Monkey, is there a reason why you're telling me all of this, or you're just doing your daily routine of annoying the hell out of me?" Tokiya finally asked.

"First thing first, quit calling me monkey since I have a name. It's Fuuko….F-U-U-K-O…Fuuko. Practice saying it. Trust me it's not that hard to get use to it."

Fuuko stopped waxing her side of the car. She walked over where Tokiya was and leaned on the post nearby. She crossed her arms and fixed him a steady glare.

"About me pouring all those sentiments on you, I wasn't trying to annoy you. You're pretty much pissed off all the time without me lending out a hand. I was just trying to tell you my whole sob story so you could sympathize with me."

He resisted the urge to scoff at her no matter how high the temptation was. Had he not known her since way back, he would say she was smoking some crap. He had to admit the girl was amusing. Maybe the deal with the sea-monkey wasn't so bad after all.

'Now, if I could only think of a harmless approach I could maybe enjoy this…' He thought to himself.

"What's my sympathy got to do with your tale?" He couldn't help being sarcastic. Guess old habits really die hard.

"Mi-chan can't you see, I need your help. There's got to be something to make everyone – emphasis on the male population – see that I am indeed a girl without me flaunting my physical assets. Given that I am no damsel-in-distress but to shun me and treat me as an Amazon is a no-no! And don't even get me started with my folks." Fuuko cried.

"Let me get this straight. Basically you're tired of everyone treating you like the tomboy that you are. Correct?"

"Yup, pretty much you sum it all up."

"That's a big problem you have there then. You can't just expect people to see you differently just because you had had enough. You can't blame them either since you really are rough compared to other girls."

"That's why I'm talking to you. You will help me." Fuuko beamed at him.

"I will?"

"You heard me."

"Are you for real??"

"Well, I suppose I could have come to Yanagi but I don't think she would be much of a help. No offense to her but she's far too delicate compared to me. I want to act a little bit more girly but not girly. You know what I'm saying?"

He just nodded to show that he understood what she was saying. For the life of him, he couldn't imagine her acting like Yanagi. It was an abomination.

"Then there's good ol' Recca ready to help anytime. But on second thought, I spent so much time with him growing up that I thought myself one of the boys, ergo, this problem I have right now. Never mind Domon. For all I know --"

"Fine, I get what you're saying. I'll help you."

"—he could be the president of the "Fuuko-sama fan club". So that leaves me with you. I thought about it and you are just perfect. You can -- huh? Wh-what??"

Fuuko gaped at him having a hard time thinking that she heard him right. She squatted next to him and placed a hand in his forehead to check if he's hot with fever. His temperature was normal.

"Stop it. You heard me right so stop acting stupid before I change my mind." Tokiya slapped her hand away.

"But, but…you agreed so easily. Are you sure you're alright? You know I still have a lot of good points to prove why you're perfect for the job. You sure you don't need to hear about it?" Fuuko still had a bewildered look on her face.

"That's exactly why I agreed already. I know based from experience that you won't take no for an answer. You'll give me less headache if I just agree right away." He said matter of factly.

What he said was partly true. Lord knew that giving up wasn't included in the girl's vocabulary. But the main reason he agreed was because of the deal he made with Yanagi and Recca. He could actually use this situation to his advantage. He didn't have to worry about Fuuko going berserk on him since he got a valid reason why he's getting closer to her.

If it's a man's real attention she needed, he'll give it to her no problem.

'For the meantime, that was.' He added as an afterthought.

"Oh. Of course! Good thing you learned your lessons already I don't have to go to all that trouble to convince you."

For a second he thought he saw a flash of fury in her eyes but it was gone before he could really make out what it was. He decided it was just his imagination since Fuuko was grinning so wide her lips were extended from ear to ear.

"Let's make things clear. If I'm going to go out of my way to help you get rid of your manly ways, you better listen to me. Do not, I repeat, do not make things more troublesome than it already is. Are we clear?" Tokiya asked haughtily.

"Sir, yes sir!" Fuuko gave him a salute befitting to a commander-in-chief.

Fuuko chuckled to herself when she got inside her room. Phase 1 of her plan was successful. Had she not known about the deal Tokiya had with the meddling couple she would actually be worried that he agreed way too easily.

Now that she got her excuse to approach him more often than before without him getting all riled up, she wasn't planning to waste any of her precious time.

When she accidentally heard the conversation between the trios, she was very furious she wanted to smack the living daylights out of them. Except Yanagi of course, she'll just give her a piece of her angry mind. Even when she's mad she couldn't bear to hurt her fragile friend.

Good thing she calmed down and came to her senses. Why get mad if she could get even?

That was when her plan materialized.

Recca and Yanagi thought Tokiya would be the perfect 'pretend' boyfriend for her. Heck, she didn't even need a real boyfriend to begin with. If they really thought that Tokiya or any other guy could suppress her, they better think again.

It was still maddening for her though that her friends thought she needed a man in her life to get herself stay out of harm's way. In all honesty, Fuuko knew that she was indeed a wild card. Just like her element, she was quite unpredictable to the point that some might say she was careless.

What irked Fuuko was that she had been with Recca since forever and he doubted her judgment. Didn't she fight along his side during the Kouran Mori action drama? Even way before that, he already knew her wild streak and it had not been an issue. Why now of all the freaking time? She got a minor accident and he flipped? Fuuko thought it absurd.

And Tokiya, the nerve of that guy! He thought he could charm her? Ha, as if. Thought he would dump her lightly once everything seemed fine and perfect according to their twisted standard? Dude, when hell freezes over.

If there's anyone who would be doing the fall-madly-in-love thingy, it would be Tokiya…with her, Fuuko nonetheless. She would make sure of that. Most of all, if there's anyone who would be dumped, she was surely sure that it wouldn't be her. It would be Tokiya, and she wasn't planning to do it in an easy graceful way. She'll dump him like a hot potato.

'Ha, take that arrogant ice block!' Fuuko mused.

Fuuko could just imagine how distressed the trios would be once everything's done with. Especially Tokiya since he would be the one who would experience the tragedy of falling head over heels in love. Of course she could count on Recca and Yanagi to be extremely guilty since it was their idea to pair him up with her.


Fuuko looked at her cell phone to see who was calling. It was Tokiya.

"Yes Mi-chan?"

"I just need to remind you that we will be meeting in the café where we agreed before at 5 on the dot. There's no need to be fashionably late so don't even think about it." Tokiya said in a tone implying that he'll be gone once the clock strikes 5 and Fuuko's butt wasn't sitting on the chair in front of his.

"Believe me; it didn't even cross my mind. Is there anything else Mi-chan that you need to remind me of?" She asked in a sugar-coated voice.

"That's all, I'll see you then." She heard the click of phone indicating that he hanged up already.

She smiled wickedly recalling her devious plan. She could hardly wait for the fruits of her labor.

'Once I start making my actual move, me coming in late would be the least of your worries Mi-chan.'

With that thought in mind, Fuuko went out of her room to ask Yanagi what was for lunch.

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