It was night time in Jump City. The night sky shone with the moons light and the stars. A beautiful scene for all to see. Some couples even stood up late just to watch the night sky, others didn't.

Everyone has their problems. Some of those problems may be caused by a relationship. The titan girls were no exception to this. The night was still young and two titans girls left the tower and headed out to Jump City, alone. Their boyfriends stood back at the tower.

Things had been a little stressed between the couples. A night away from them was just what the girls needed. Tonight was girls night out. A night to get away from the boys and issues in their relationship.

And where were our young female hero's going to relieve their stress?

A bar of course.

Starfire opened the bar door and walked in with Raven right behind her. They looked around the near-empty bar. Only a few people were there, sitting in booths, drinking away. A pool table located in the middle of the bar gave people a chance to play a game other then shots. There was also a jukebox against the wall, so customers could enjoy a nice melody while they drank.

Tonight the girls weren't in their uniforms. No, tonight was a night to be, in their own way, to look normal. Starfire had on a purple jacket with matching high heel boots. The outfit also had a matching mini skirt, which showed off her long legs. She wore a white tank top, that not only showed her stomach, but some cleavage as well. She kept her hair the same, it fell down her back like a red water fall and bounced as she made each step. Raven to had gotten dressed up. She was wearing black pants that hugged her curves with black boots. A blue v neck shirt completed her outfit.

The bar was quiet and almost empty now. Funny, since most people drank at night. They made their way to the front of the bar and took a seat on the red cushioned bar seats that sat in front. Starfire removed her jacket and rested her arms on the long brown table.

Raven glanced at her watch. "She's late."

"Traffic maybe." suggested Starfire with a shrug.

The bar door opened, ringing the bell that was placed above it. It revealed the late visitor that Raven and Starfire had been waiting for.

"Bout damn time you showed up." said Raven, not even turning around to greet their friend.

"Jeez, Raven, a hello wound be nice." said Bumblebee, taking a seat next to the purple haired girl.

She was wearing a yellow top, which tied around neck. She wore blue, low rider jeans that hugged her curves. A yellow belt hung loosely around her waist. Yellow shoes completed her outfit.

"Hey, Bee." said Starfire, cheerful as ever.

"You guys ordered yet?" asked Bumblebee, ready to forget her problems and have a drink.

"Yeah," answered Raven. "Don't worry, we ordered for you."


The bartender came over to the girls and set three glasses down, one in front of each girl.

Starfire grabbed the glass and raised it up. "Bottoms up."

She swallowed the drink in one gulp, as did the other two girls. The bartender made sure not to keep them waiting and refilled their drinks. The girls drank in silence and they only sound heard was the door being opened. Heels clicked on the hard floor and made their way up to the three titan girls.

"Hey guys. What brings you here?"

The girls turned around at once to see who the voice belonged to.

Bumblebee raised her glass to show the new comer. "Tequila, what else."

"Can I join you?"

"Sure," said Bumblebee showing the open seat next to her. The girl sat down."Hey, bartender! We need a new glass here."

The bartender placed a glass in front of the new girl and poured her tequila. He eyed the new girl and raised a brow, but walked away. She was wearing a black spaghetti strap dress with high heel black boots which reached her knees. She had on fish net gloves that went to the elbow and showed her fingers. She also had a purple choker. Her outfit was strange enough, but that wasn't what surprised the bartender. It was her hair.

"So, Jinx," began Raven, taking a sip of her drink. "What brings you here."

"Apparently, tequila."

Starfire had just drank down another shot of tequila. The others looked at her with curious eyes, surprised she could drink so fast. She looked back at them.

"What? I like tequila."

"Everyone likes tequila," said Raven. "Doesn't mean we should be on our forth glass already."

"Yeah girl, what's the deal?" asked Bumblebee, curious as to why her friend wanted to get drunk this fast.

"It's nothing, really."

"Guy troubles." said Jinx, not even looking at Starfire and sipping her tequila.

"How'd you know?"

"It's obvious. Were all here for a reason," continued Jinx. "And since were all hanging out with out our boyfriends, they must be the reason why were all drinking tequila."

"And I thought Raven could read minds." mumbled Bumblebee.

"So, it's Robin's fault isn't it?" asked Raven.

"I suppose so." said Starfire looking down at the ice cubes that floated in her drink.

Raven sighed. "What he do this time?"

"Same thing he does every time. Ignore me."

"You should dump his ass," said Jinx, receiving glares from Raven and Bumblebee."What?"

Starfire took a sip of her drink. "It's not that easy. I understand why he does it. He wants to protect the city."

"So that gives him the right to be a complete ass and ignore you." said Raven.

"He has to do his job, Raven," responded Starfire. " would be wrong for me to try and stop him."

"Can I ask a question?"

"Of course, Bee. What is it?"

"Did you and Robin ever had sex?"

Starfire chocked on her drink when she heard what Bumblebee asked her. She patted her chest and began to take deep breaths to calm herself down.

"Is that a yes or a no?" asked Bumblebee, still waiting for Starfire to answer the question.

"Why do you want to know?" asked Starfire, still a little shocked.

"Curious," responded Bumblebee. "Yes or no?"

Starfire took a sip of her tequila, loving the taste. She closed her eyes and sighed. The blush on her cheeks were as clear as day.


"What was that," asked Jinx. "I didn't hear you."

" and Robin have"

"So, have you guys done anything in a while?" asked Jinx, curious of the love life of her fellow titan.

"No, we have not."

"Really," asked Jinx. "You guys haven't done anything after that?"

"We have kissed."

"But he's avoiding the bed room?" asked Raven.

Starfire nodded.

"Why do you put up with his shit," yelled out Bumblebee. "You could have any guy you want! But instead you chose Robin."

"I guess so," said Starfire. "But there is no one like Robin."

"Yes, there is," said Raven. "Red X."

"The villain?" questioned Bumblebee.

Raven nodded. "He flirted with Starfire."

Jinx out a finger to her chin. "Oh yeah, I remember him. Cool guy. He would make a good replacement for Robin."

Starfire finished up her drink and got up. She walked over to the jukebox and put in a silver coin. She scrolled down the menu until she found a song to her liking. She pushed the button and turned up the volume. The bar was filled with the song Naughty Girl; by Beyonce.

Starfire closed her eyes. "No one can replace Robin."

"You sure about that?"

The sound of his voice made her open her eyes. She turned around and saw him. There was Red X, sitting on top of the pool table. The bar was empty except for the two of them. The room was encased in a soft red light.

"Of course I'm sure." said Starfire, walking up to him.

Red X hopped off the table and slowly made his way up to Starfire. Her green eyes watched him as he walked up to her. He circled around her, like a animal stalking his prey. His eyes looked her up and down. He stopped when he was behind her. He lifted up his mask, so only his lips were showing. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him, so her back was resting on his strong chest. He leaned in close to her face, his breath tickling her ear.

"Come on, cutie. You and I would go perfect together."

"Im happy with Robin."

He spun her around so her face was only inches away from him. She could feel his hot breath on her lips.

"That's a lie. Does Robin tell you how much he cares about you, does he kiss you," he brought his hand up to stroke her cheek gently. "Does he even touch you anymore."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Come on, cutie. I know there's a bad girl inside you."

Starfire eyed him. "You talk to much."

She grabbed him and pulled him down into a fierce kiss. Her hands wrapped around his neck while his played with her hair. The kiss was full of passion and they soon pulled away to catch their breath.

"I knew you wanted me." said Red X with a grin.

"Enough talking."

Starfire ripped open his shirt, exposing his bare chest. She placed her hands on his chest, feeling how strong he was. He pulled her in close and placed soft kisses on her collarbone, traveling up her neck and to her lips. The kiss was sweet, but firm. He licked her lips, asking for entrance into her mouth. She didn't hesitate to let him in. He broke the kiss and lead her over to a table.

He pushed everything that was on it to the floor, making room for Starfire to lay down. He climbed on top of her and kissed her again. Her arms went around his neck bringing him closer, his hand traveling down to stroke her thigh. Her mouth opened, letting him in once more. She moaned into his mouth, both of them enjoying each other. He broke the kiss to whisper something in her ear.

"Mmm, Starfire."

"Starfire, Starfire."

"Huh?" Starfire snapped out of her trance to look over to Raven and her other friends.

"You okay," asked Raven. "You looked kind of out of it."

Starfire looked down so no one would see the blush on her face. "I'm fine."