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A/N- This is just a one shot I did when I was bored, actually I did it English class when we had to write a story. I may make another chapter or two, but it's just a one-shot for now.

A Nice Dinner

"Edward, come on, I really don't like it when you take me to fancy places." Edward rolled his eyes.

"Bella, you are being completely, and utterly irrational." He said, frowning "Is it really so horrible to go out to a fancy restaurant with me?" I sighed "Edward, it's not that, it's just that I have nothing to pay you back with." I said, frowning also.

Edward sighed again "Isabella Marie Swan, how many times do I have to tell you that you owe me nothing. You pay me more then I can ever give you just by merely existing, and loving me." So, he said, turning to me "Please?" I could tell he was trying to dazzle me, and I almost gave in, but then a brilliant idea came into my head.

"Fine!" I said, and Edward smirked, looking smug. 'I didn't know it would be that easy. If I did I would have done this long ago." I smiled and crossed my arms "Oh let's see whose going to be laughing soon." I muttered, but Edward's extreme vampire hearing caught what I was saying, and he frowned, looking at me with curiosity. Now I was looking smug, I'm sure this was one of the many times he wished he could read my mind.

Edward's Volvo pulled into the parking lot of the fancy French restaurant, whose name I could not even imagine trying to pronounce. I was still working out my scheme in my head when Edward opened my door for me and kissed me, he was, no doubt, being extra nice to me so that I wouldn't do anything to embarrass myself or him. But, that wasn't going to happen; this was such a great opportunity I couldn't let it pass.

He kissed me again and said "Now, Bella, you don't want to do anything rash now do you?" he phrased it as a question, but I heard the threat in it. Of course, I chose to ignore it.

I stumbled in the door in the ridiculous high heels that Alice had made me wear. There was a women waiting to seat us. She looked Edward up and down, at least twenty more times then necessary. Edward either didn't notice or care, but I glared at the girl, and took my seat across from Edward.

A man came out to take our orders. Of course, Edward said "Nothing, thanks." But I smiled and said "Can I have some grilled cheese with bacon on the side." The man looked surprised for a moment, but then said "Umm, I'm sorry miss, but we don't have that." I whined like a three year old and crossed my arms. "But I WANT it!" The man had a strange expression, almost scared, and Edward sighed, and slipped him some money. The man went off and I yelled "And I want a Coke, in the can, with a bendy straw. And make sure the straw is purple!"

The man hurried off, and I looked at Edward, he sighed and said "I try to do something nice and…" I smiled sweetly "Edward you're right, you are the greatest, I'm really sorry." I got up, taking my elaborately folded napkin with me, and went over to him, he looked puzzled and I put the napkin on his head. "ALL HAIL KING EDWARD!" I said, bowing in mock worship. When I looked back at him the napkin was off his head and from his face I could tell he was very angry, but trying to fight it.

I smiled innocently again, and sat back down in my seat. He breathed deeply and said "Bella, if you are trying to get me to leave, it's not going to happen. I will enjoy a nice evening with you." I giggled "Silly Eddie, I wouldn't want that." Edward stared at me, studying me, as if he was trying to figure out what I would do next.

The man came out with my food and Coke. He set down the plate, and the can with the purple straw I had requested. I tried my best to looked shocked and said "Hey! Wait a second! Where are my tacos?" The man looked surprised and slightly horrified "But you didn't ask for-" I put up my hand 'I said, that I want a tacos!" The man looked slightly horrified and scared again, but then he hurried off.

As Edward was sitting with his head in his hands, I peeled apart my grilled cheese, which was cut in half, and stuck the sticky parts with the cheese to the wall giggling and humming. "Hey Edward!" I said, and he looked up at me with a new expression of horror. 'This one is Larry." I said pointing to one triangle shaped half that was stuck on the wall "And this is Carry. They're married." I giggled and picked up the other halves without the cheese 'This is Mary, and Jerry, they are cousins of Larry and Carry." I giggled and made the grill cheese "walk" across the table toward Edward "Hi Edward!" I had Mary say "I want to be your friend." Then I had the other piece of bread say "No way, he's my friend!" And the grill cheese engaged in an epic battle, which, in the end, involved Mary getting ripped in half.

Finally I stopped playing with the grilled cheese. And pulled Larry and Carrie off the wall. "Catch!" I said tossing each at him. And, like I had expected Edward caught them. "Bella…" he said his words coming out strained with anger "This is… ridiculous! Stop acting so childish. It isn't funny at all!" I giggled again, and Edward continued to massage his temples.

Finally my tacos came. I got three, perfect. I cackled in delight, and I could see that Edward was looking wary. I broke all the shells in half, and grabbed some of the meat, which was in a big pile in the middle of my plate. 'Edward!" I said gleefully "Let's play beauty salon." And before he even knew what was happening, I was up out of my chair, by him massaging the meat into his hair. I hummed and made one spike with my "gel." He stood up quickly, and I 'accidentally' fell into my plate hitting it so that it hit Edward square in the chest. I laughed and smeared it on his face. He grabbed my arm "Come on Bella, let's go!"

I giggled madly, and Edward threw some money on the table, he hurried me out into the car, and I laughed even harder, because, look who's feeling smug now?

DUN! DUN! DUN! Looks like Bella wins!