Sunny and her sisters at her great-grandmother's place presenting her and their mother a large card, big bunches of colourful flowers and presents. Beth Chan gives her grandmother a hug and a kiss. Earlier that day, they had been at the temple, praying for their ancestors.

Raine Moysten Murphy closed the door to Adam and Jonathon's room, and nearly walks straight into her oldest son. He shyly holds out a big painting fill with pictures of them both from when he was a baby to now.

Nick waits until it was almost time for bed, then gave his mother a single deep pink rose. He tells her it means Thank You. He gives her a delicate silver bracelet. Tears welling up in her eyes, shes hugs him tight. And, for once, he doesn't mind.

Liz and Pete made their mum breakfast in bed, and gave her a new book she wanted, and big bunch of sunflowers.

Richelle, Tiffany and Jason take their mum out to Chez Nous and present her with flowers, cake and a gift certificate of $100 at Raven Hill Beauty Spa.

Elmo places a big bunch of xeranthemums and zinnias on his mother's grave. He and his father stare at the lettering. SARAH GRACE WAUGH ZIMMER - 1950 - 1988. A beloved wife and mother. 'Rest In Peace, Mum.' Elmo whispers.