Prologue: Scenes form a Memory

Disclaimer: I do not own HDM or any of its subsidiaries (That means characters and stuff) I'm test driving this story, but The Dance of Eternity and Silvia Cooper are still at the top of my priority list. This idea was bugging me and I wanted to see how it would go. This story was inspired by Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory so it involves reincarnation

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"On Midsummer's Day…as long as I live…" she said.

He found himself unable to see, but let the hot tears flow and held her close

"And if we-later on-" she whispered shakily. "If we meet someone we like and marry them, we must be good to them and not make comparisons all the time and whished we had married the other…but just keep up this coming here once a year, just for an hour…just to be together…"

The two locked in a passionate kiss, and then pulled away. The girl turned and looked right at him.

"Nicholas…" she called to him.

Nicholas Bryant woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for air. He pushed himself up and let his breathing return to normal. He looked out the window: it was still dark, but the sun would be up soon so there was no use going back to sleep. Already he could hear the sound of the garbage truck rounding the corner and coming down his street.

He let himself fall back against the covers and ran his hands through his messy blonde hair. Another night, another dream. For months now, Nicholas found himself having vivid, powerful dreams about that girl. A girl about thirteen years old had been plaguing his dreams for months now. Every night she called to him, and for the last several months, her calls had become increasingly desperate. The dreams were so powerful and real that he swore to himself that he was standing right there as it happened, only to be dragged into reality as he awakened. Who was she? Why did she seem so familiar...?

Nicholas pushed himself out of bed. Might as well get ready for school, he thought. He wouldn't fall asleep again; he never did.


Thirteen miles away, unbeknownst to Nicholas, sixteen year old Emily Davidson was violently coming out of her dream and into the real world. She pushed herself up and ran her hands through her long black hair, trying to calm herself down. Another night, another dream. Who was he? Every night she had a dream involving a boy a few years younger than she was which would make him thirteen.

Emily looked at her clock in disgust. Five forty five. Too late to go back to sleep and way too early to be awake, she rolled out of bed. Even if it was earlier, she wouldn't go back to sleep; she never could…

"Nicholas! Pay attention!"

Nicholas sat up, shaken from his sleep by the sound of his History teacher's voice. Apparently, history was the wrong class to try to sleep in. Nicholas rubbed his eyes tiredly as the teacher glared back at him.

"I suppose you would like to provide an answer to number nineteen on last night's homework?"

Nicholas gulped. "Well, you see, Mr. Malloy, I didn't do the homework last night…"

Mr. Malloy sighed. "And why, pray tell, not Mr. Bryant?"

Nicholas's bottom lip quivered. "Well…it's…my grandmother, sir."

Mr. Malloy's face softened. "What's wrong?"

"Well…she took a rather bad fall last night and had to spend the night in the hospital. I was in the middle of the assignment when we got the call, so I just…"

"No, its fine, Nicholas. Just get the assignment to me when you can."

"Thank you sir."

Mr. Malloy turned around and Nicholas smirked to himself. He fell for it. The worst performance of his career and he never doubted him for a second! The other students simply rolled their eyes. It was a well known fact amongst the students that Nicholas was an accomplished liar. He always managed to find a way to weasel his way out of any situation with relative ease.

Mr. Malloy turned around to address the class. "We are going to be joined by a new student today. She has just transferred from Winchester and I hope you'll all…" he was interrupted as the door opened warily. "Ah, here she is now!"

Nicholas watched as a girl with long black hair entered the classroom. She stopped for a moment to check her schedule, before asking timidly "Am I in the right room?"

"Come in! Ladies and Gentleman, this in Emily Davison, our new classmate."

All The students gave Emily a half-hearted welcome except for Nicholas. He simply stared at her. He was sure he had seen her before…but where?

"You can have the desk next to Nicholas. Raise your hand so she can see, Nicholas."

Emily's eyes traveled to the boy with his hand raised. She froze. That boy…he looked so familiar. She had never met him before, she was sure of that. But for some reason she felt like she had known him all her life.

She slowly made her way to his seat, never once breaking eye contact.

"Now as I was saying, the expansion of the Holy Roman empire led to the rise of…anyone?" and the tedium of class returned. Students reluctantly returned to their books, tiredly taking notes as their teacher droned on.

Nicholas and Emily were trying to pay attention, but kept shooting glances at each other. They were both possessed with the strangest déjà vu they had ever experienced. How did he know her, and why did he look so familiar?

The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Nicholas turned to Emily.

"I don't believe we've been properly introduced." He said, holding out his hand.

"No, I guess we haven't."

They both clasped hands. At the same time, they said. "My name is…"

Then the most peculiar thing happened. Their brains both reached back to retrieve their names. They had given their names so many times before, it was hardly a difficult task. But as their brains pulled their true names up, their mouths betrayed them.

"Lyra Silvertounge" Nicholas found himself saying.

"Will Parry" Emily replied.

Finally their brains caught up with their mouths. The dropped each other's hands in shock and stood stunned for a moment.

"I'm sorry…I don't know what happened" Nicholas said, confused.

"I-I-I have to go!" Emily said, picking up her things and running for the door.

"Wait! I didn't get you're real name!"

She turned around. "Will…damn! Emily Davison!" she called out

"Right. I'm Ly…Nicholas Bryant!" he forced himself to say.

Emily disappeared out the door, but Nicholas just stood there, feeling confused. Why did he say that? That wasn't his name…was it?

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