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Chapter 13.1- How Much Do You Like Your Piano?

I felt his lips twitch up and then answer, "I wonder what we could do in all that time."

I pushed his chest down so I was on top of him on the couch. "Hmm, I wonder," I said playfully.

Now that we were safe, and alone, we could do whatever we wanted and I had a few ideas in my head. Yes, we'd made love before but now, with the relief and gratefulness that came from having him safely in my arms after what happened I was sure it would be even better. Humans didn't know what they were missing; because our senses were amplified, we felt pleasure at impossibly high levels, though our bodies could handle it better than theirs.

I straddled his waist and leaned in to kiss him. Before I got to his lips though, I paused and let my breathe fan across his face and be inhaled. I knew not that my breath had the same effect on him as his had on me and I was using that to my full advantage. His muscled relaxed and I went the inch forward to press my lips to his.

I started out soft and sweet against his delicious, silky lips. They felt even better now than when I was human. Also, now my lips were just as smooth as his, as well as everything else, and I took confidence in knowing that I was finally his equal. Soon, his strong hand gently places themselves on the backs of my knees and made their way up my legs. They tenderly and slowly travelled up my jeaned legs, cupping every curve on the way. I felt him pause at my butt for a few seconds, squeezing it slightly. I suppressed a small smile and he continued his exploration of my backside. His hands travelled up to take a hold of my waist and one stayed while the other continued up my back to a place right below my neck, trying to hold as much of me in his arms as possible. My own hands were on his chest, the fingers massaging his perfectly tones abs as the sweet kiss continued.

I reveled on the feeling of his strong hands on my body. It was so wonderful that if I were still human, my heart would have thumped itself though my chest by now. It made me feel so loved and reassured that I just wanted to scream with joy. I didn't know how Edward survived for his whole, long life without this. A smile appeared on my lips at the thought that we could feel this way for eternity. Edward smiled back into the kiss, happy to see me happy.

Soon though, as happy as we were in this bliss, I could feel his sexual tension rising. I could tell he was trying to hold it back so I could have the sweet moment a little longer; I almost rolled my eyes at his selflessness. To please him, and myself, I let my tongue slip out and graze his bottom lip, asking for entrance. All too eagerly he opened his mouth and let his tongue collide with mine.

As our tongue's twisted around each other, his hand on my back slid down and grabbed my butt again. One of my hands moved to cup his face, allowing me to kiss him harder and more passionately. His hands held me in place as he raised his hips to grind against mine. I felt his hardening member against my inner thing and felt a sensation in my lower region. A need. A need to have him in me, filling me out and completing me. A small moan escaped my throat and was muffled into his mouth. This time it was his turn to smile at my actions.

I could feel venom slowly leaking out of me and I was rue Edward could smell it; a sign of my arousal. I could tell he 'enjoyed' knowing this because I could still feel him stiffening against me, slowly inflating. I decided, with an internal wicked grin, that I would help him with that. Plus, my need for skin on skin contact was growing and I wanted to rub my naked body against his.

I broke our intense kiss and sat up, my hands holding me up from his chest. I stared into his lust filled eyes as I ground my hips forward and back. Both of his hands flashed to my hips to squeeze and push me down on him harder. I let him move me slowly up and down on his growing erection as I leaned down slightly and undid the buttons of his shirt. Waves of pleasure rippled over me as I felt him moving against me and saw his eyes close in his own feeling, causing me to pause and grind against him myself and close my own eyes once or twice.

After a moment I managed to get his shirt off and shimmied down to take off his pants. His hands were now gripping my things because my hips were too far away to grasp in his position. My fingers speedily undid the button and zipper of his taut pants and pulled them down. I raised myself up so I could pull them past me and then lowered myself back down on his member while letting my power take the pants off the rest of the way.

His eyes were now staring at my fully clothed body in annoyance as his hands moved to my shirt. I pulled back and his eyes moved to mine, wide and confused. I only winked at him. I wanted to do something more daring with all the adrenaline flowing through me. Not only would he like this but he'd never expect it.

I pushed myself off him and stood, trying to look sexy in my tight jeans and t-shirt Alice bought me. He sat up after an instant, deciding that this was worth watching. This was not Bella Swan. This was Bella Swan, Edward Cullen's fiancé and Vampire Protector. I could almost feel the dangerous side of me wake up and say hello as I smiled seductively at my lover's mystified face.

He was breathing hard in anticipation as I turned around to face him, posing and accentuating my curvy hips. I strutted forward and grabbed his hair, forcing his head back against the couch. I climbed back on him and bent my lips to his exposed neck. His neck tensed as I started sucking on it, along with the rest of his body. I pulled back my lips and lightly bit the flesh. A moan came out and I grabbed his motionless hands to place them on my breasts. I can't do all the work.

My sucking lips travelled up his neck and to his jaw as his hands started to massage my full breasts. My hand moved down and rubbed against the bulge in his pants. His eyes shut tight and hands squeezed my breasts harder. Once I stopped he let go and eyed my shirt with even more agitation. This time I let him as he reached and shredded it and my bra to be rid of them. I got up then and stood infront of him with my exposed chest. I didn't care; I wanted him to see my body, to explore it, just as I wanted to explore his.

I brought my hands to the button and zipper of my pants and undid them both teasingly, sticking out my chest. Slowly, I slid them down my perfect legs, causing major cleavage, and kicked them off, leaving me only in my red lacey panties. I strode back to him and tore off his boxers with my power before I sat back down on him. His eyes followed my body the whole way and his breathing picked up even more, his chest heaving.

His erection was now almost full length and needed only a little more probing. I pushed him down again so he was lying down on his back. As I went down his body I rubbed myself against him until I was the right distance down. I rubbed my hands on either side of his throbbing penis and down his inner thing, causing him to clench and hiss in anticipation. "Patience," I teased.

"Bella if I wait any longer I'm going to explode." He cried urgently. His hips bucked up as though searching for my hand.

"Well, in that case…" I trailed off and bent down just above him.

My tongue flicked out and licked the head. He let out a strangled noise. "Bella!" He yelled.

I only smiled cruelly and blew on the wet spot my tongue had left. "Jesus!" He yelped.

I decided he had enough torture and took his throbbing shaft in my mouth fully. His hips shot up, shoving me even more onto him. My tongue swirled around it and I heard he couch rip. The next second I felt his hands grasp my head as if searching for something he wouldn't destroy if he clung to it in this state. I started to move my head up and down, my tongue swirling around and sucking on the head.

"Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella." he chanted over and over to the rhythm of my head. "Oh my god, Bella. I love you. I need you." He kept saying breathlessly.

I could feel his leg start to quiver and knew he was going to climax soon. His chanting was replaced my loud moans of pleasure and I almost made me feel just as good, knowing I could please him so much. I stopped bobbing my head and started to suck on him, doubling his shaking. "Jesus Christ, Bella!" He swore. His shaking stopped the moment before eh came and I sucked harder, causing a very loud 'uh' to come out as his mouth-watering venom came spilling out into my mouth. I swallowed it as it came and then sat up, aware of it dripping down my chin.

Bent down to kiss him and he kicked off all the extra juices. When I pulled back he had an astonished face on while staring into my eyes.

"I love you," he gasped.

"I think you mentioned that," I laughed at his amazement.

"Bella, I can't even begin to describe to you how wonderful that was!" he said, still breathless, while staring into my eyes with the utmost sincerity.

"Then show me," I challenged.

His eyes lit up and a wicked smile, much like mine, grew on his lips. The next thing I knew I was on my back and Edward was straddling me with an excited look in his eyes. He bent down to my chest and put his mouth around my nipple, causing waves of pleasure to flutter through my body. His tongue swirled around, caressing it and making me arch my back, longing for more.

He removed his mouth and replaced it with rotating fingers as he moved to the other one, doing the same. I heard a moan escape my lips at the feeling tat was claiming my tensed body. One of his hands rubbed against my wet panties, making my hips buck up. I felt his weight shift down my body and knew what was coming next. His lips moved off my breast and down my stomach as he shifted down, his hand replacing his lips and massaging my perked nipples.

Once he was satisfied with his position he took his hands from my breasts and tore off my lacey panties, not bothering to pull them off. He nudged my legs with his knees and moved them so his were between mine. He grabbed one and put it on his shoulder and put the other over the back of the couch, spreading them apart.

His fingers went down first and started to massage my clit. My back arched again and my eyes closed, taking in the incredible feeling. "Edward." I moaned as I pressed my head back into the couch.

His fingers were replaced by his lips and tongue. "Edward." I gasped, pressing my hips up. I felt two fingers enter me and I thought I would explode. The fingers started moving in and out as his mouth sucked on my clit. "Holy shit. Edward, please, don't stop, I love you." I managed to pant. His pace quickened and he added a third finger. I pushed my head harder into the couch as loud moans escaped my throat and travelled passed my open mouth.

I felt my legs starting to shake and the sucking on my clit got harder. "Ohh, oh god. Edward." I gasped as I felt myself nearing the peak. His fingers were going vampire speed and I pushed my hips up to get him further in me. My climax came and I had stars erupt behind my eyelids. My breathing was heavy and my chest heaving.

Edward moved back up my body and kissed my lips. I could taste myself from his lips and it made me yearn for him more. "Edward," I said, my voice thick with want.

"Yes, love?" He answered, slurring the words.

"I need you in me." I said, grabbing his shoulders and looking into his eyes.

He bent down and gave me one quick kiss before positioning himself at my entrance. My hands were clutching to his back and his were on my hips as he thrusted into me. We both moaned in unison as he first filled me out. Pleasure even greater than before rocked my body and I wanted to scream out. He pulled back slowly and then forward again. My hips pushed forward, swallowing him whole. I could feel his tip pushing against the barrier, fitting me perfectly.

His pace quickened until we were both thrusting at the same rhythm, moaning each other's name. His hands moved from my hips to squeeze my breasts in time with our drives. Pleasure rippled though my hips and chest, leaving me literally breathless for a minute. "Edward, Edward, Edward. I love you." I exhaled. He didn't reply because he was moaning so loud.

I used my increased speed and moved my hips even faster. His grip on my breasts turned so tight it was painful, but the pain only made me go faster. A moan erupted form the back of his throat so loud that the human neighbors a mile away would have heard. "Jesus fucking Christ, Bella!" He roared. I could feel him coming and then cold liquid shoot into me. I wasn't there yet so I pushed him, set on reaching y goal. After a few more drives I came into ecstasy.

He fell on top of me, not even bothering to pull himself out of me. Both of us were breathing hard and in rhythm to each other. It took us minutes to come back down to earth from our highs. Once we did he pulled himself out of me and then collapsed once again.

"Bella, I love you so much. I'm the luckiest man in the world." He panted, still on top of me, his head in the crook of my neck.

I smiled and then laughed.

"What?" He asked, sounding offended.

"You're the luckiest man alive because you're fiancé can give you the fastest sex in the world." I laughed holding him to me.

He was quiet for a moment, realizing that this was true; I was the fastest being in the world. "N-no, that's not why," he finally stuttered.

I only chuckled and hugged him to me tighter. "I love you, Edward Cullen."

"I love you, Isabella Cullen." We both fell silent for a moment, thinking of that and the future it held. I then almost laughed at the thought of pre-marital sex. I was never one for religion though. Plus, if this is what I got, if God decided to smite me then it was worth it.

Edward shifted on top of me, making his member brush between my legs. He tensed and so did I as another wave of sexual need crashed over me again.

"Hey, Edward?" I asked, a mischievous plan forming in my mind.

"Yes?" he asked, his voice sounding clenched.

"How much do you like your piano?" A wicked smile grew on my lips as I saw his eyes widen in realization.

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