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Ascension to Kitsune

Prologue: Chapter 1 A little history

In the age when shinobi discovered chakra with its many uses for humans, a change came about the lands. Through hand seals, different bloodlines, bloodline limits and traits, strong techniques surfaced. Many wars broke out on just who were the strongest, and carried the most power while using chakra. Daimyo no longer ruled by a shogun, sought to divide the lands to give themselves more power and governed rule. As the years passed and alliances were being formed, broken and reformed by many different shinobi and samurai clans, the once united land divided into ten different territories being ruled, save one.

Later, these territories were given the names of the land of Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Iron, Rice, Snow, Delusion, and Void. With many small territories being controlled and named by the Shinobi controlling them. Giving birth to what is now known as the elemental nations.

In a different plane of existence, many Kami foresaw the upcoming problems with the human's development in chakra and the division of lands. So the Kami of Creation called upon his children for an emergency council to try for a solution.

Omoikane, the Kami of wisdom and intelligence, led the council in a land which was the only area not occupied by the humans. Once the meeting took place, Omoikane told them their fathers concerns over the humans, and that he wished for the divine races to guard over them, and enforce the will of the Kami. To decide this, Omoikane had their champions, which were the rulers of each of the divine races; compete to see who would guard over each landmass. The battle lasted for many months and only stopped when there were only 9 still standing, the exact number they wanted.

As a result of these battles and the time it took to complete, the backlash of their powers remained, sucking the life out of everything. In which the area they fought in came to be known as The Land of Void. However, because one area could not contain their power, the damage leaked over into another, making it an ever changing place. Which is now known as The Land of Delusion because nothing is ever as it seems there.

These nine divine champions were then split up to govern different areas with some teaming up, to only interfered when one nation became too powerful for their own good; or they were trying to go beyond what the Kami had intended for their race. The nine divine champions were later known by the humans as bijuu-dama, (tailed demon lords) for the destruction and death they caused when they appeared. Many not knowing or even caring that the Kami themselves made them and held them in high regard. While others who prayed and had temples built to worship their Kami, with depictions of that Kami's champion. Where given the knowledge of the reasons why there was one of the divine beings now walking among the lands.

On the human side, and before there were the five great shinobi nations, which were housing many known and unknown clans, the Namikaze clan were known by all. Renowned for their superior and deadly taijutsu skills, kenjutsu, healing and medicine practice, the Namikaze never were known to belong to one nation. Welcomed and feared by many, regardless if they healed or cured clans that were at war with each other. The Namikaze's never fought for anyone, save their own clan and to protect those under their care. For that they were feared, respected, and hated but never hunted.

When the Namikaze clan was traveling in Fire country, shortly after the time the Hidden villages were created, the first great shinobi war started. The clan was forced to take shelter outside the capitol city of Fire country, Fenikkusu (phoenix) to make sure they were not involved in the fighting. After a rough year of war and heavy losses the Daimyo of Fire country came to them, and requested the help of the renowned Namikaze clan. Being as though the Namikaze had no affiliation or allegiance with any nation, and were known to stay neutral they only offered to heal and protect the wounded. The Namikaze could never be forced into any situation, which angered by their refusal to fight, the Daimyo of Fire country tried to do.

In a show of force, the Fire lord summoned half his entire samurai force, to bring the Namikaze to him by any means. The Samurai fought using an old code of honor, which had them waiting until dawn, so that their enemy could see and know their purpose. Later, they realized that if they were just even a little bit like their ninja counterparts, they would not have taken so many loses. After a few days of bloodshed, only one of the Daimyo's samurai was left alive to tell the tale of the samurai's destruction. With not a single life lost to the Namikaze.

Humbled by the battle prowess and miracles of healing by the Namikaze's and with fear of their movement towards the capitol, the Daimyo of Fire country had no choice but to surrender to the Namikaze clan. With only half his fighting force remaining, the Fire Daimyo knew the Namikaze's could and would destroy him if further provoked. After a few months of debating and peace talks, the two councils of the Fire country and the Namikaze clan came to an understanding. The Namikaze's, being tired of constant traveling into areas where power hungry people wanted to control them. Or use them for their own purposes; they decided to go live and help out in the village of Konohagakure no Sato, using their many skills and knowledge, to help with the war and better the nation.

Though the Namikaze's were angered, for the action of, in their opinion the simple minded current Fire countries Daimyo, trying to force the clan into submission, they considered the future of their clan. They put together an ironclad treaty that would see it signed right away. The only drawback to the treaty was to the nation of fire because of the way the treaty was formed. For if any reason the Namikaze clan felt as though they were being treated unfairly, or viewed the rule of the hidden village as corrupt, they could renounce their titles and standings with the Land of Fire, and leave with no repercussions in anyway. The contract after being reviewed by the Daimyo's advisors added one stipulation. After every three generations the treaty was to be resigned and known throughout each clan council, and the court of Daimyo, to keep both parties happy and the alliance strong. Unfortunately after sometime, all good things must come to an end. Whether this ended bad or good and for whom? Only time would tell.