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Ascension to Kitsune

Chapter 7

Flashback: same time Naruto arrived at training area 44

"Hatake Kakashi, glad that you could join us so soon and here I was expecting you to arrive a few hours from now with your reputation and all."

An elderly lady said sitting behind a desk in the middle of two others. Behind them were rows upon rows of seating with half of the section filled with names of different clans on them. All the seats were facing a podium type seat that has a table on each side of it with two chairs at each table. This was none other than the areas were all the meetings with the village council took place.

"Ah, Koharu give the young man a break, I mean with the tongue lashing and reprimand he got from Sarutobi he could use it," An older looking man to her right said with a smirk on his face as he watched Kakashi visibly flinch at his words.

"Please, Homura-san, Koharu-san, this is not the time to start bickering or pouring salt in people's wounds. I am sure young Kakashi would appreciate it if you would just tell him why he was summoned," The last man said whose face was half covered in medical gauze as well as his clothing where the right side was stitched closed showing he was missing an arm.

"As always Danzou you are straight to business, well then I suppose it can't be helped."

Koharu said looking back to Kakashi with a slight smile on her old face. Kakashi on the other hand had no idea why he was summoned to the council room and was right now standing in front of the elder council of the village. Those three rarely summoned anyone to have a meeting with them, let alone give evidence that they had ways of spying on the Hokage.

"Now I have come to understand that upon our advice Sarutobi has put the last Uchiha on your team correct?" Koharu asked as she leaned forward on the table she was sitting at loosing the smile on her face.

"Yes, Koharu-sama he has, along with the Inuzuka and Yamanaka of his class," Kakashi said still wondering why they called him because he knew it was not just to talk about team placements.

"Also it has come to our knowledge that the Uzumaki was on your team but now is on Yuuhi Kurenai's team along with the Hyuuga and Nara," Homura asked as he motioned for Kakashi to take a seat in front of them instead of standing.

"Yes, and pardon my rudeness, but what is the point of this meeting and asking things that we all have the knowledge of? I am sure that people of your standing have better things to do than discuss team placements with a Jounin instructor so why?" Kakashi asked in slight annoyance when he was reminded of Uzumaki being first assigned to him and then after a few embarrassments being transferred.

"Well straight to the point just like his father used to be, an admirable trait in my eyes. Well to answer you're question the demon Kyuubi is the point of this meeting or should we call him Uzumaki Naruto as the senile Sandaime likes to call him."

Danzou said smirking as he watched Kakashi squirm around in his seat as he broke the Sandaime's law, and insult him in front a one of the Hokage's shinobi who had all right to report him. Knowing that doing so would now be a punishment of death without trial he could only smirk as he watched Kakashi not leave showing his loyalties to the Hokage were not concrete.

"Do not worry our conversation is safe from all prying ears Hatake," Danzou said as he saw Kakashi eying the room.

"Yes, and to elaborate on what my fellow councilmen has said we believe that it is time for the Kyuubi brat to be taken care of once and for all. Sarutobi is as old as we are, but it seems that he has lost his mind before the rest of us and has also grown too soft," Homura said pulling out a folder and sliding it towards Kakashi.

"Regular assassinations fail every time and since the public execution seven years ago not many in the village are willing to try anymore. Regardless of the threat issued or reward we promise no one besides those from outside the village take us up on the offer."

Wondering if he was being set up Kakashi started sweating a little bit because what they were saying and insinuating was crossing over the treason line. Although he did not like the Uzumaki for what he did to him and how he talked to him as a Jounin in clear disrespect he used to not think that the boy 'was' Kyuubi. Maybe being influenced by him or taken over sure but he did have faith in his sensei and his skills.

So he was sure in the last twelve years that Naruto and Kyuubi were separate beings, and not one and the same as the council believed. But now he was not sure if he still could hold faith in his sensei's seal. He now believed that the seal was meant to turn the demon into a human and seal of his power instead of sealing the demon into a human to be forever imprisoned.

"I can understand your thoughts and belief but what do I have to do with all this?"

"Well you are to have a hand in his assassination my boy, and believe me if you do this you will have very good standing once the new Hokage is in power," Koharu said glancing over at Danzou knowing that once their plans were underway Danzou would finally be able to take the position he always wanted and return this village into a true shinobi dictatorship.

"How am I to have a hand in this and what is the guarantee that I am not being set up? Also if I do, do what you ask of me what do I get out of it besides a good standing in years to come if all goes as you plan?" All three of them could not help but smirk because they knew he would do it now, all he need was a reward that was fit for someone with his reputation in the shinobi world.

"Well, young Hatake, first I have located the sword style of Hatake Sakumo that made him unbeatable and his training style that let him move the way he did. If you do as you're asked I will grant you access to the scroll which it is located in," Danzou said smirking again as he watched Kakashi stiffen at the mention of his fathers name. Now all that was needed was the final push and they had him, a push that they had prepared for just for this moment.

"We have also located the son of the man who made your fathers chakra fang who said it would be his honor to not only fix it, but improve on the sword that made not only his father but your father a legend. So to show you that we mean business tomorrow I will have someone stop by your place to pick it up and deliver it to be fixed. So if you can have it wrapped and waiting in a place to be spotted you will have it back sooner than you think."

"What is it that I am to do?" Kakashi asked not caring about anything else since he would gain what made his father the legendary White Fang of Konoha, who was said, could rival the Yellow Flash of Konoha in power and speed.

"All you have to do is train the last Uchiha in everything you know, especially your assassination techniques Chidori and Raikiri. In this folder are eyes only details about your mission along with a few jutsu's for the Uchiha to learn. Some of those are containment seals like the Goguou Fuuin (Five element seal) that will take care of the Kyuubi gaining access to his sealed power." Homura said handing over the folder to Kakashi who looked in it seeing information on Naruto the Sharingan and the details of the assassination along with the jutsu's he was to teach.

"You will not show anyone this save for the Uchiha and only during times alone or the one month training period of the Chuunin exams. In that time you will train him in every jutsu in this folder and the remaining jutsu's that you have not taught him yet."

"When do you want the assassination to take place?"

"Put it this way before the end of the Chunnin Exams the Kyuubi will no longer be a problem for any of us," Koharu said as she handed him the last details of the assassination.

"Do not fail in this Hatake…"

If anyone of them were paying attention they would have heard a tape recorder being stopped as an unknown fourth member made his exit, 'She will want to hear of this.'

Flashback ends

"Where is the young one known as Uzumaki Naruto and the carrier of my son the former Kyuubi?" Tajerro said opening his eyes showing those still awake, glowing blood red eyes split down the middle with a black pupils know to foxes.

The black shadowing around his eye continued to his ears where it extended in the middle up to the tip of the ear. He ears that were on the side of his head twitched again as they continued to grow longer and higher. One would think that they appeared at the top of his head but in looking closely they could tell they just extended pass the top of his head trough his now deep red hair. To his question all he received was silence and he was about to make an example but he realized he had them all frozen in place. Letting out a small smirk he released only one.

"I will not ask again and if you force my hand I will have my daughter and her guards tear this place apart looking for….Well now never mind I just located him, ha I'm good."

Tajerro then turned around to look at the area where he felt a pulse of familiar yet different chakra before he lifted up his arm. No one knew what he was going to do but even if they wanted to stop him they couldn't he still had them frozen in place except Sarutobi.

"What do you plan on doing, and regardless if I am able to stop you or not I will fight to protect this village…?" Sarutobi said slowly shifting into one of his many fighting stances.

"Ha! Well now as honorable as you make think that is," and after adding in undertone, "honorable indeed ha!" he continued, "Your effort is wasted; I am simply going to signal to my daughter where the young one is. Then I will go looking for him as will my daughter, and if we find him in any less than favorable situation we will kill all who are responsible."

With that said, they witnessed Tajerro create a white fireball in the palm of his hand before it flew off into the distance. Sarutobi along with many others watched the white ball of fire fly off into the clearing in front of the forest of death where it stopped before shot towards the ground. The impact created a fifty yard radius explosion that sent a shockwave throughout the whole village along with heated winds. Sarutobi looked back to his glass door to see a hole the size of the fireball which allowed some of the heated airs into his office making them wonder just how strong that fire was.

Seeing the signal everyone watched as the middle fox now know as the new Kyuubi, as well as Tajerro's daughter, crouch down before jumping towards the Forest of Death. The closer the fox came to the area the smaller it got until it disappeared into the forest near the same area Naruto had entered nearly an hour ago.

"Well now can't keep them waiting, oh no I can't, can I?" Tajerro said as he turned back around about to leave.

"If you don't mind I would like to go with you and try to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed on anyone's part," Sarutobi said as he took a step towards Kurenai and Yoshino making hand seals and tapping each one waking them up.

"Fine, meet me in the new clearing ha, but if you can't keep up I won't wait, nope cannot wait," Before anymore could be said he disappeared in a flash of white and blue flames releasing everyone in the room from being held in place.

"Sandaime-sama that demon cannot be trusted we need to gather all of our forces and attack while their guard is down," yelled and ANBU in a goat's mask getting nods out of a few of the others.

"Are you two stupid or something? Do you want to doom us all!? And whose guard is down I suppose you forgot about those two while you were at it?" Sarutobi asked motioning off in the distance at the Black and White foxes now lying down just outside the village walls waiting to spring up at a moments notice. Each of their tails slowly waving back and forth in a hypnotizing manner, and no longer in a violent way destroying all that they hit.

"Now, if no more stupidity will surface, I want two battalions of Black ops ANBU to surround area 44, and the rest spread out in the village ready to evacuate at anytime. Yuuhi and Nara you two are coming with me and also wolf, make sure no one regardless who it is enters that forest unless ordered to do so."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" echoed in the room and a split second later the only thing left in the room that showed someone was in there was smoke from a transportation jutsu.


'Kuso, that was close, almost there just a little bit farther Anko you can do it.' Anko thought as she just missed a clawed swiped at her leg before jumping away to a higher branch of a tree whose trunk was the width of a small house. After running for a few more seconds she saw part of the tower just outside the clearing a hundred feet ahead of her.

'Sweet Kami, I never thought I would be this glad to see that place' she thought looking at the off white tower walls of the place she always went to escape the emotional pain the villagers and some shinobi would inflict on her. With renewed vigor she sped up jumping from branch to branch at an angle going down so once she reached the clearing she would not have far to drop.

Looking behind her she did not see Naruto anywhere but being experienced she did not give into false hope thinking he gave up the chase. Coming into the clearing she had twenty more yards to go before she was at the tower doors, and as she landed her instincts made her crouch down.

As soon as she crouched down a clawed hand flew over her where her head used to be as a feral Naruto appeared right in front of her. Taking advantage of the opening Anko launched two kunai out of her sleeves into Naruto's stomach making him double over before she shot up upper cutting him in his chin with the force of her whole body as her legs pushed her up.

She followed through by dropping back down while spinning to her right shooting her right leg out sweeping Naruto's legs out from below him. Before he was fully on his way down Anko was jumping over him only for Naruto to claw her with is right hand from the middle of her inner right thigh down to her knee.

Landing on her left leg and blocking out her pain Anko made a mad dash the last fifteen yards towards the doors. Right before she was about to use a Fuuton jutsu to blow them open an explosion went off in the distance making the ground shake knocking the both of them off their feet. Turning around as she was getting up Anko looked right into those glowing Amethyst shadowed fox eyes of Naruto only for him to be knock forward to the ground right before she was blasted by a heated wind.

The force of the blast sent her into and through the double doors of the tower as they opened due to the pressure of her body and the blast. Thinking quickly she moved as fast as her injured body allowed her and went to close and blot the doors. Naruto who was taken over by his new fox instincts only saw that his prey was escaping and without knowing it gathered his chakra into his fingers as he brought his arm up and like he was clawing someone swiped in front of him towards the now closing doors.

Four claw lines of near purple chakra appeared heading toward the tower doors hitting them along with part of the tower. The strike hit with enough force to leave five foot long six inch deep and four inch wide claw marks into it. Growling in rage Naruto continued launching the same attack at the tower leaving the same results all over it trying to get inside to his prey.

Once Anko bolted the doors she heard and felt the force of the attack from the vibrations hopping that the door could stand up to the attack of the enraged Naruto. Crawling to her right across the tiled floor she made her way to a hallway that led to the medical rooms. Once she made it there she went into the cupboard where the medical gauze were at she discarded her blood soaked trench coat and wrapped up her leg, stomach and ribs the best she could and swallowed two blood pills.

Before she passed out due to blood loss, exhaustion, and near chakra depletion from using most of it to strengthen her muscles and speed output in her mad dash to the tower. She could no help but smile at the whole situation and what her eccentric way got her into. 'I am going to kill that gaki if I get out of this alive.' With that last thought Mitarashi Anko passed out with a smile on her face lying in a small puddle of her own blood.


"A few more seconds and I would have left you, ha it seems you brought a little help, help you may need," Tajerro said as Sarutobi, Yoshino, and Kurenai each appeared in a swirl of leaves.

Without waiting for any response Tajerro jumped over the fence which was blocking the entrance to the forest of death and took off trough the trees with the three shinobi following closely behind. They traveled quickly but not as quick as Tajerro would have liked since he was only going this slowly to allow the humans to keep up with him.

Reaching the spot that Anko and Naruto first started fighting they stopped to look around noticing the broken tree limbs and some branches fill with kunai and shurikan. Tajerro started sniffing the air picking up three different scents before he followed them to one spot. He stopped there to inhale deeply finding where two scents blended strongly and when he moved to follow it again could only stop when it disappeared.

Backtracking he could not find it and got frustrated before letting out a smile when he picked up an all new chakra scent leaving where the last two mixed. Following that one he ran into the scent of snakes and tainted blood where the new chakra took off after into the forest.

"Egh, the smell of tainted snake's blood along with something that changes things in my mind that it does went off in this direction. We might want to hurry because Naruto's chakra has change and it is no longer human, so I can tell he is all instincts heh, heh so much fun," Tajerro said pointing in the direction of a felled tree which had the bottom half shredded.

Sharing worried glances with each other the three Konoha shinobis took off at an even faster rate hoping to catch up quickly and put an end to this night but not before Yoshino picked up something off the ground. 'Naruto please be alright…I hope you and Anko both are still alive when we get there.' Yoshino and Kurenai both thought as they took off following Tajerro and Sarutobi.

"Head to the tower if I know Anko she would have made her way there if she felt her life was threatened," Kurenai said to Sarutobi who took point setting an even faster pace than before while following the damage left by Naruto.


Naruto still trapped in his instinctual rage noticed another presence appear behind him so he sent another chakra claw attack in that direction. Watching as the trees were ripped apart and turned into splinters where the chakra hit. Naruto saw someone jump out of the area he aimed at over him landing in between him and the tower.

Turning back around quickly Naruto started growling and sniffing as he slowly crouched down to all fours getting ready to attack thinking they were after his prey. Standing in front of him was a female in a navy blue colored battle kimono with nine flowing sky blue fox tails behind her and a pair of sky blue, red tipped fox ears. Her eyes were a shadowed glowing black silted emerald color which stared right into Naruto's own glowing amethyst silted and shadowed ones.

"Hmm…well now you sure are cute when you're mad. I wonder what you will look like when you gain all your fox traits in that form? Maybe I should mark you now before father gets here."

She said as she lifted a clawed hand to brush some of her sky blue waist length hair out of her face. And just like Naruto and her father she had three dark and jagged whiskers like marks own the sides of her cheeks, except hers were pretty thin. Thinking she was going to attack when she moved her hand Naruto lunged forward towards her only to freeze before he made it one foot.

"Whoa, now! I can't have you attacking one of the ones you called to help you now can I?" She said stopping him with her chakra.

"Now why don't I shock you a little to get you out of that state huh?"

As she finished one of her yellow tipped tails started glowing at the tip before she shot an arm sized lightning bolt out of her raised left had. Expecting him to start to have a spasm fit she was surprised to see her lighting bolt hit and then go right into Naruto like it was a part of him.

'Kuso I just had to feed him one of his elements but how does he have it when my brother did not. I thought Jifu (father) said he would be getting the exact same elements.' Growling brought her out of her mind as she felt the hold she had on him slipping so she put more force on him to keep him in place.

The force pushed him down on all fours to where his body was only a few inches off the ground before he started fighting back. She watched as his chakra started raising to a point that she could feel the pressure of it and watch as the near purple chakra swirled around him. She did not think much of it until she started to feel a breeze start to pick up coming from all directions and seemed to flow around Naruto. It started slow but then picked up as a small tornado formed around him reaching up into the sky.

Looking up she noticed the clouds coming together and mixing around in a whirlwind pattern before the first lightning strike shot trough them. Like a flood gate opening that strike was the first of many which only got bigger filling the air with electricity. The wind pick up more to where it was violently ripping at all that was around the area where Naruto was still gathering his chakra. Just as he almost broke her hold on him things started calming down enough for her to relax a bit.

'Whew that was close…He sure does have some power in him and so far none of it was my brothers. He was almost at half of a full tails worth and to be able to make the elements react that way on his first time tapping into his chakra is a feat all in itself.' Just as she was about to let her guard down she heard a deeper growl and caught the movement of his head as it lifting up.

As his eyes met hers again hers widened as she saw lightning flashing in his glowing eyes before she was pushed back a step by strong winds coming from him forcing her to use chakra to stick the ground. When she looked up she noticed the dark clouds swirling in the sky faster than before with flashes lightning coming closer to striking the ground. Feeling herself sinking she looked down to see that the ground had become wet with water coming up out the ground. Her eyes got even wider at what that meant and she needed to stop him before this got anymore out of hand.

She looked up when she felt Naruto reach half a tails worth of power and still rising but at a slower pace to see a bigger lighting bolt than she fired at him come out of his eyes straight at her. 'Oh shit!' Taken by surprise in witnessing an impossible and unheard of attack she was hit in her chest sending her twitching body into the side of the tower leaving a body sized scorch mark where she hit.

"Son of a…."

Before she could finished her statement she had to jump out of the way as Naruto landed right where she was at claws sinking into the now wet ground. Still dazed from that attack she was not prepared for his follow up attack as he sent his chakra claw attack straight for her that hit her in her back launching her into the forest. Staying in the area of the tower Naruto did not pursue her because he was only defending the area in which his prey was at he sent two more strike into the area where she flew in.

After a few moments Naruto turned his back on the forest to try to search for his prey again and was tackled form behind. Rolling around on the ground clawing and biting at each other, ripping through each others clothes and flesh that healed almost as fast as it came to be there Naruto was pinned after a few minutes. Holding him down with her many tails she grabbed his head with another tail tilting it back she lifted a clawed hand at his exposed throat preparing to rip it out.

On the downward strike her hand was stopped by another clawed hand which yanked her away from the prone Naruto and threw her ten feet away. Flipping in mid air and landing gracefully on all fours she prepared to attack when she looked up and saw who it was.

"That is quite enough of that! Your actions are unbecoming of a princess and the ruler of the vulpine. Especially considering he has not even the power of one tail and you whose title is now the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Coming out of her feral rage she stood up and tried to clean her self off as best she could and only thankful that her ripped clothing did not show anything embarrassing. Looking around she noticed she was in the shadowed part of the forest and could only think her father wanted her hidden.

"Sorry, Jifu, how long were you there for?" she asked with a small bow.

"Long enough, I was here to see you lose your temper, and get into the same instinctual rage as the young one over here was," Tajerro said motioning to the prone Naruto.

"You were so caught up that you did not even realize that the young one lost consciousness as soon as you pinned him with your tails," At this she could only blush in embarrassment before she noticed that they weren't alone. Knowing this was probably the reason why he threw her in the shadows and the fact that he has not introduced them to her yet only strengthened her claim.

"Who are they?" she asked as she looked over to the two females and one old man who were moving towards Naruto.

"The Hokage of this village, Sarutobi Kisai, his ningen (human) sensei, Yuuhi Kurenai, and his ningen obasan, Nara Yoshino, they came for the young one and another," Tajerro said as he walked towards his daughter to watch the rest but staying in the light.

"Hokage-sama come over and look at this," Yoshino said with a little excitement in her voice.

He made it over to were they were at and was about to ask what when he noticed the rest of the whisker marks fade out of Naruto's skin. They sat and watched as his fangs shrunk just enough to not protrude out of his mouth and the black outlines of his eyes disappear also. He still had his angular features and his almond shape eyes but no longer did he have defining fox features. Reaching down Yoshino lifted one of his eyelids and to the surprise of them all, his original cerulean eye looked right back at them. They could not but think that he looked just like his father at that age but Naruto looked a little more mature since he had no more baby fat and more angular features.

"Yoshino as much as I know you want to stay, you and Kurenai need to find Anko since you are the medic-nin. I will stay here with Naruto. Kurenai come back once Anko is safe and taken care of. Also tell me what state she was in when you found her?"

"Hai Hokage-sama," They said in unison as they ran towards the tower doors.

"Fuuton: Air Blast!" Yoshino whipered sending a strong gust of wind blowing the doors apart while running towards the tower followed closely by Kurenai.

Once they were in there they saw the trail of blood and fearing the worse took off running following it until the came to the room where Anko laid in a pile of blood with a smile on her face. If it was any other time they would have enjoyed the moment to tease her about later but being the medic-nin Yoshino was she knew it was a serious matter.

The moment was ruined when the flash of a camera signifying a picture being taken stopped her from moving. Looking back just as Kurenai put the camera away in her kunai pouch she gave her a hard gaze not believing she did that in this type of situation.

"What? She would never forgive me if I did not get a picture of this moment with her like that," She said motioning the smile on her Anko's face.

"Well help me put her on the bed in the room next door so I can get to work and also go get Naruto-kun in there as well."

So with the help of Kurenai they moved Anko into the other room while Yoshino immediately cut off the wrapped bandages and started cleaning and healing the many wounds she had. A few minutes later Kurenai came back in carrying Naruto over her shoulder without his trench coat on or what was left of it and laid him on the other bed in the room. She shook her head again at the wait that the coat was at and could not help be amazed at the fact that trough out all she guessed happened he was wearing it with no problems.

"You think it is wise to have them both be in here when they wake up after what just happened?"

"Yes I think it would be safe as I will be in here and from what it looked like when we showed up and what Tajerro said, Naruto was in a state that I don't think he had any real intellectual thoughts." Yoshino answered as Kurenai started to cut away the ripped clothes of Naruto so she could clean him up.

Turning to look and see how Kurenai was fairing she saw her blushing as she was wiping the dirt and blood away from Naruto's well toned chest and stomach muscles.

"Maybe I should do that and you come over here and finish bandaging Anko Kurenai," She said with a smile as she saw Kurenai blush even more at being caught.

"Getting so red over the body of a twelve year old are we, what would everyone think about you now? Oooo and now you have him on your Genin team so you get to see him work out, and watch his body move in ways that could only hint at what could be done in another situation," Yoshino said trying to get an even bigger rise out of her which worked for a bit but quickly turned into a frown.

"Hell, he is built like someone at least four years older. But I am wondering where all these other scars came from, they look a lot older than just tonight. Plus I have not found any scaring or evidence of any wound that I know he had to have received while fighting against Anko and not to mention the scuffle with Tajerro's daughter," She said as she changed places with Yoshino before blushing again thinking about why she was switching in the first place.

"Those, from what I was told. Are from the event that happened seven years ago on his fifth birthday around the festival. Supposedly those wounds were too severe for even the Kyuubi's healing to completely close do to trying to keep the boy alive," Yoshino stated in a somber voice as she remembered.

"Oh and before I forget, Hokage-sama said that he would take care of the events tonight and that he will tell use of what happens when he comes to check on us tomorrow. All I have to do is get my team in the morning and bring them here because I think that we will train here from now on. Plus I will have Anko help me train them since she will be working with Naruto anyway," Kurenai said as she finished up with Anko pulling the sheet and blanket over her to let her rest.

"Earlier I had expressed to Sarutobi-sama that I wanted to forgo tradition and train my team for at least six months before we start to do missions for the last two months before the next chunnin exam."

"Good luck with that, and I might come by to help train them with another person. If you have any of your students who can become a medic-nin I would not mind passing that knowledge on. It would only make your team better and capable of more if you have a med-nin in them."

"Yes that does make sense and Hinata has already voiced to me that she wanted to become a combat-medic Kunoichi. So if you are willing, teach her all that you know and maybe you might have someone to be able to pass on your style to."

"That would be nice now that I am a Nara and no daughter I might as well. Now then we mind as well get a couple cots and blankets in here to so we can wake up at a moments notice if we are needed."


"Well now where do we go from here I still have a village on edge ready to attack your foxes and I do not trust my ninja enough to believe they have lasting patience," Sarutobi said as he watched Kurenai carry the unconscious Naruto into the tower.

"Where to go indeed, hmm, now lets see…We can do that ha umm fun, but no, no, no that won't work. Well now where do we go from here?" Tajerro said while pulling on his beard to the annoyance of his daughter.

"What my baka Jifu means is that we will take care of your entire village under the rank of Jounin civilian alike. While you brief the rest on the events of this night and the consequences of any action that is taken towards that, that….." She stopped as thinking about Naruto made her blood run hot in a good and bad way.

'Hmm well now this is the first time I have seen her so flustered over a male, yes plans to be made indeed,' Thought Tajerro as he looked upon his red faced daughter.

"That young one," He finished for her.

"Yes, thank you."

"What do you mean by take care of?" Sarutobi asked wanting to make sure that they did not plan on any hostile activity.

"Don't worry your ningen little head off if we planned on killing them it would have been done already. No what we plan on doing is a little memory adjustment that will take out what really happened and make it seem like everything from when Naruto's killing intent first hit and onwards never happened. What they will remember instead is that they just went on with what ever they normally do. Oh and no council member is evolved in your little brief just shinobi for your rank of Jounin and above that's it."

"Fine when I am ready I will flare my chakra as the signal to start. But why do you want me to do this for just those of the ranks involved?" Sarutobi asked already getting his speech prepared.

"Also I know you want me to say something on your behalf so what is it and how will I know we are safe from your memory jutsu?"

"Ah ha yes now I got it, you will let them know that poor treatment of the young one is no longer tolerated. You will break your own law for the meeting and remind them of the true facts of that night twelve years ago. Why there was an attack on your village even I don't know that you would have to ask my son. Also that the young one and my son are separate beings and that any attack on Naruto is an attack on my son and they will be dealt with. Yes that is about right, was there anything else? Hmmm…let me think," Tajerro said as he went back to pulling on his beard while Sarutobi heard a sigh come form where his daughter was.

Sarutobi's eyes went wide as she stepped out of the shadow and he laid his eyes on her for the first time that night. From what he could tell she was almost the very definition of beauty, and if he was any younger than he was, he would have passed out from a nosebleed due to her state of dress.

"To make sure we don't hit any of those who are to be briefed. Take all of them with you and bring them here, every last one. We will guard your pathetic village until you are done and will only target the village minus this area with what we plan to do," She said looking over at her father knowing he played this type of mind games often.

"Also tell the young one when he wakes that I will return soon to start his real training," Tajerro said looking back at Sarutobi as his blood red eyes flashed with excitement.

Shaking himself out of his stupor Sarutobi closed his eyes rubbing his temples and when he looked up they were both gone. Shaking his head again he also disappeared in a swirl of leaves to his ANBU outside the gate of the forest of death issuing his orders.


"Well Obito I have been given a tough task to do but from the events of tonight, I am more convinced now that the seal either has failed or that everyone else was right and Uzumaki Naruto is the Kyuubi."

Kakashi said to the memorial stone looking at his former teammate's name. He knew that he was supposed to be in the training area 44 like everyone else of his rank but like always he did not feel as though it was that important. Just as he was about to go he felt the Hokage's chakra flare and with one last look started to turn around only to feel the affects of something hit him before he passed out.


Sitting on top of the first Hokage's head Tajerro and his daughter watched as the shinobi's who were called made there way into the forest of death and after a few minutes they both felt the flare of chakra from the Sandaime Hokage. Summoning up their own chakra they let it sweep over the whole village putting every one in a deep slumber as Tajerro started changing the memories one section of the village at a time.

"Jifu about Naruto's elements in the forest he…"

"Not now I am trying to concentrate, after I am done and we are all back home we will talk about the young one to your hearts content," If he was not trying to change the memories of the thousands in the village with the help of her royal guards, she would have tried to hit him for insinuating anything between her and that ningen. 'But he is not a ningen anymore is he?' she thought as he signaled he was done.

They both watched as her guards disappeared in a flash of light for one while the other seemed to be swallowed by the darkness of the night itself, as she herself left in a swirl of water

"Let them all sleep and I will return very soon to start the young ones training, yes return I shall."


Opening his eyes slowly he had to shut them quickly when a burning sensation assaulted his eyes. Bright light had hit them coming from the lightened area that he seemed to be in. He took a deep breath through his nose before he sneezed at all the smells that assaulted him and cried out when the noise of a forested area hit his ears.

Bringing his hands up quickly and putting them on his ears to block out the noise. Naruto almost cried out again at the burning sensitivity of touching things before his whole body began to burn. He could feel his clothes rubbing against every part of his body making it seem like fire was licking at his skin with no mercy.


It was a deep growling voice that bounced inside of his head that did not make any sense to him. All he could hear was a type of clicking and grunts along other noises he did not recognize. It seemed as if the words that were spoken were said in a language that used sound effects.

Turning his head towards the way the voice sounded from he could not help but notice as he concentrated on the voice that he could feel the vibrations of it in the air. Concentrating on just that word which was spoken as it was still bouncing in his head he noticed the dulling of his over active senses.

He tried in his head to tone down the noise of the forest that he heard even with his hands still over his head, and noticing that it worked kept going until he could barely hear them. Taking his hands slowly away form his ears he grunted in pain when the noise was still loud before dulling the volume a little more until it was tolerable.

"Negnin denrut Enustik."

Ignoring the voice that said more of what he could not understand. He let the words bounce around his head along with the first word spoken. That was when he could here the life of the forest to a point where he never thought was imaginable. He could hear the wind blowing against and through the leaves and trees that he could feel surrounded him.

He could hear the swaying of the grass from the gentle breeze which in turn felt as though it were silk that was gently flowing across his face and the skin he had exposed. He could hear the patter of the forest creatures as the moved about the forest, and could also feel every vibration through the ground flow into his back when they moved across the forest floor.

"Lortnoc rouy wen sesnes dna etacol em."

As the next set of strange words hit him he could hear the flaps of the wings from the birds and insects that flew through the forest above him and around him. He then started slowly breathing through his nose again gathering his knowledge on what he could identify. First was the grass them came a few sweet smells of flowers that he knew and next came the smell of tree he knew were the cherry blossomed ones. Other smells he wrinkled his nose at knowing that it could only be that of waste produced by various animals of the forest.

Not knowing what else to do he concentrated on everything he felt, heard, and smelled and almost went into shock. It was like he opened his eyes because from what his sense picked up they painted a live picture in his mind that was a clear as day. Everything moved in his mind as it moved outside of his mind that he could tell, while he could see the rabbits moving about some getting chased by small regular sized foxes. Sniffing towards them he stored their scent in his mind and everything else he saw that he could not recognize by their scent before. The only differences between seeing with his eyes and seeing with his senses, was that he could not see color or in too much detail. He was seeing in black and white and by the many different vibrations that were being sent to him and pinpointing and adding different things by the smell.

"Rehtag lla ruoy sesnes dna emoc ot em rof srewsna gnilttik."

Opening his eyes ever so slowly he winced as the bright light shot into his eyes making him want to shut them again, but knowing he needed this he left them open. Once his eyes got used to that small opening he started opening them more and more at a slow pace getting used to the bright light, before he subconsciously dimmed the flow of light.

As his eyes fully opened he could not help but stare in amazement at the sharp colors of the surrounding forest that he could see. Everything was in such detail he could see the moister that was still on the leaves of the tree, and when he concentrated he could hear it as it ran off the side of it and land on the ground. For some reason after that happened he knew if he concentrated enough he would be able to feel that little water droplet as it landed on the forest floor.

He tried to concentrate on all of his senses at once and when he did everything was amplified two-fold at which point he could only flinch. Getting over it his body automatically sent an amount of chakra so small to his eyes that if it was not in his body we would not have noticed it. Once it reached his eyes they seemed to slow down everything to a point in which he watched as it took a bird fifteen seconds to flap its wings just once. He could see farther than he ever could and in such detail, that it seemed as if someone took the part of the forest he was looking at, and placed it right in front of him.

Making note of the changes he went to cut off the flow of chakra to his eyes but noticed that there was no longer a flow to them. Not knowing what to do he just looked around and found a pond behind him and walked over to it. Once he reached it he bent down to his knees and looked into his reflection to see if there were any changes. All he saw was his thick dark and jagged whisker marks, his dark outlined amethyst colored eyes and fanged face staring right back at him.

Concentrating on dulling his new found senses he watched as his whiskers faded and his fangs shorted and the outline of his almond shaped eyes disappeared. What surprised him the most was watching his slit pupil turn into a regular small round ones and his eye color change back to the cerulean colored ones he was born with. He then sat there practicing bringing those features and senses back and forth, to the point that he now barley had to concentrate anymore and with a thought they changed. What he had to figure out was that only when he stopped suppressing his senses, did he facial features make him look like a fox. 'Well I guess that is what I will normally look like now so if I need to blend in I can just suppress them. But even if I do my senses are still even better now, than they were when I first woke up after the seal released with the changes.'

The last thing he tried to figure out were the words that were still bouncing inside of his mind in the order that they came. Repeating them over and over again he slowed down the pronouncing of the words and little by little they made more sense. After what seemed like an eternity he sat straight up as the first word sounded loud and clear to him, followed by the rest.


"Ningen turned Kitsune."

"Control your new senses and locate me."

"Gather all your senses and come to me for answers kittling."

Not really remembering how he got here he tried to look around and remember where exactly he had seen this place before but realized he has never been here. So remembering back to the direction the voice had come from he released his senses and took off in that direction. Sniffing around the area for a sent he had not yet picked up on before he found one that was too strong for him to have missed.

'How could I not have noticed this before, and the chakra in this scent is massive and it smells of the foxes that I noticed earlier?' He could only think that now he was in the place where only one creature could be at. He was not in his mind he could tell that so the only other place that he could be at was inside the seal on his stomach that housed the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Breaking out of the tress he came to a dead stop as he looked into the clearing to see the biggest creature he ever heard of and laid eyes on looking his way. It stood there with all nine of its tails waving in the air behind it in a slow manner that could only echo the calmness that the beast felt inside. He could hear the way each tail cut trough the air and could feel the hot breath as it breathed in and out in a slow rhythm that would make one think it was asleep. That thought was quickly squashed as he looked into those big shadowed blood red eyes that stared back at him giving away no emotion.

He could not help but shiver in fear as he looked upon the legend that was this fox. He could only let his fear rise as he looked at the teeth and noticed that even the smallest one was bigger and longer than he was tall. Gathering up his courage he took a step forward only to stop as more teeth came into view as the lips of the giant fox peeled back showing them all along with the red gums they were attached to. Looking up to the eyes once again trying to find any emotion to see if he was to be attacked he could only see amusement in them.

"Ah so the new Kitsune finally makes his way to that which he is to become." The fox said as it took a few steps forward stopping as his front paw landed twenty feet from the frozen boy.

Moving its head towards him he could only watched as the boy fell back landing on his rear with waves of fear coming off of him as he got closer. The Kyuubi lowered his head more and moved it to the side so that his right eye was right in front of the boy as he stood up standing firmer than before. The Kyuubi could only be impressed as the fear that he tasted earlier slowly ebbed away to where there was only a small amount coming from the boy. Lifting his head back up the Kyuubi slowly laid his body down placing his head on his front paws as his size starting getting smaller until he was the size of a horse.

"I have a ton of questions for you at this point but some can wait and some cannot," The boy said when he found his voice to speak in font of the now horse sized fox.

"I also know that foxes are proud creatures especially the ones that are of your intelligent nature. So my first question to you is what is your name? I know that the Kyuubi is your title so that can only mean that you had another. As you may or may not know my name is Namikaze Naruto. Oh and why could I not understand you before?" Naruto said watching many different emotions flash through the fox's eyes which he did nothing to mask them.

"You seem intelligent yourself kit, and I am thankful that you are not as stupid as you were before that other seal was released. As for my name I will tell you, I am known as Kochi the red, leader in the clan of the Vulpine also known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I am Kami's Grand Champion, leader of the Nine Divine, and son of Tajerro the wise. Who is the personal guard and champion to Kami's messenger Inari." Kochi paused, letting Naruto take in his titles before he continued.

"As to why you could not understand me before now was because you were not used to hearing how we foxes speak, not to mention you did not have the hearing capacity to pick up on it."

Naruto just looked up at him wondering since that was true could he now speak in the type of growling, clicking, grunts and moans that he had heard before it was translated. As if Kochi could hear his thoughts he answered him.

"You do not notice it but if we were in your real world the ningen's would not be able to understand you right now and they would barely hear the noise you are making. As you talk more in this way you will be able to start to tell the difference and be able to use this language at will. What is also nice is no matter how loud you speak in our language you will sound no louder than a whisper. Your roar is the only thing that can be loud enough to blow the eardrums on a ningen. As you may or may not have found out yet. Earlier when you roared you put a lot of our kind of chakra in it which is a sort of summon to those that are in tuned to you. It worked this time because part of my Chakra was in that roar."

"Thank you for that bit of knowledge and I will practice once I locate a fox outside of this seal. Now my other questions are why when the suppression seal released I gained features of a fox and not that of what I was supposed to look like? Also why is there only the soul seal left on me and I have not gained the effects of the rest since they are gone? Last but not least for the moment why were my senses going haywire when I woke up in this seal?" Naruto asked before sitting down getting comfortable awaiting Kochi's response.

"The answers to your first question is that, yes, when the suppression seal released you were to only gain what was taken and hidden of your human body. That was until I interfered, you see I awoke the first time you were beaten badly when you were three and you needed to be healed very quickly. So ever since then I have been studying the two seals that were placed on you and trying to find ways to get out of it."

Naruto could only grin at the thought of the fox trying to find ways to get out only being disappointed at the results. He could not help but think of why the fox had come and tried to destroy the village but he knew that he would get the answers later when he asked.

"Finding out that I could not and the real purpose of the Fuinjutsu: Go Gawa Mira-Nai Yajuu Yuukai Fuu (Five part mirror dead beast fusion seal) that your father placed upon us, I decided that when the suppression seal was destroyed I would let part of my essence mix with that which was to be returned to you, to speed up the process of turning you into a Vulpinian."

Kochi paused to let the information sink into him and let him reason in and out of every thing that was said before he continued.

"Now as to why your senses went 'haywire,' as you put it, that happened because just like those of us in the Vulpine clan. When we first access our chakra we also access other things. One of which is enhanced senses or in your case you gained the Kitsune senses. The other things we gained which you will have to practice are your Nature manipulation. That is what you would call being able to camouflage yourself with your chakra to blend in with what ever is in your background so as not to be seen. Last but not least we gain immunity to one out of the five nature elements that there are. Mine was the immunity to fire which is why my fur was the color of a type of red. I do not know what yours will be since your fur color will be the same as the hair on your head." Kochi said before moving to lie on his side.

"What I do know is that you gained something that you should not have until you have at least one almost two tails. You gained the Raiton Mimicry which allows you to do just as it says. Mimic any lighting attacks that are used against you. The next stages of that is mastery which allows you to create what you want in an attack or defense in that element at the cost of your Chakra. The last stage is that of supremacy which allows you almost complete control of that element. In other words if you have supremacy in the Raiton element, you can turn an attack against you back on the attacker. The only thing is, is that you have to get the Guardian of that elements blessing to be able to get that status."

Kochi paused again as he watched Naruto take in that information with an excited glint in his eyes.

"So far out of the whole clan I am the only one to get the Guardians of the elements that I use to grant me supremacy. That is why you don't see my ears or any of the tips of my tails in a different color. Now as to why I took off the rest of the parts of that seal well let me just say that, that was the best choice to be made. It was either that or when the chakra part of the seal released have you explode killing me, you, and the whole village in one fell swoop."

"What do you mean in the scroll I read left to me it stated that it would slowly release into me until it was all converted into me?"

"While that may be true kit no one, not even your father, with his knowledge of seals could know just how potent and powerful even an ounce of my kind's chakra is. The only way to safely have it done was to have me control just how much was filtered into you along with my body. You need to train in the basics of being a Kitsune before you can even train your body to be one of the Vulpine. As you train and expand your new chakra coils I can release it at a rate that would only benefit you."

"What do you mean new chakra…?" Naruto started to say then like a movie in his mind he remembered the events that led up to this point. "So that was you who was draining my chakra and I take it that burning I felt was from my human coils being destroy before you created the new ones?"

"Yes and no. Yes, as you were burning off chakra I was draining and mixing my own to create your own Vulpine chakra. Yes, that first burning sensation was your human coils being destroyed but it was not I who created your new coils, it was you."


"You are very amusing young one. When I destroyed your human coils your body needed new coils to survive so before I was done converting my chakra and yours trying to give you the same chakra traits as me. You subconsciously took control of the mixing making a new type of chakra than what I made. Along with blending what was left of your original coils and your new chakra coils. The result was even better than what I could have done, how your body and mind found the knowledge to do that I do not know. What I do know is that it was the cause of you reverting back to a primal state and acting only on instincts."Kochi said going over the whole battle and chase as it was presented to him due to Naruto thinking about it. Naruto sat and watched the expression flash through the fox and could only wonder how he was able to tell what each one meant while Kochi was in his fox form. He became a little worried at the end when Kochi's eyes widened and then narrowed at then scene of the female Vulpinian before they turned to surprise.

"Yes, you are very interesting indeed…and I see that you have met my younger sister who has probably taken my title of the Kyuubi with her nine tails. Quite the accomplishment she has done since when I left to come here she only had six tails."

Kochi only smiled at the thought of the clan seeing his little sister rising to take his place and the response from the clan. His smile left though when he thought about what she did in that fight knowing that she still has not mastered each of her tails like he told her to. He also had to wonder at the elemental natures of Naruto's chakra and how they responded to him.

'That has never happened to anyone to my knowledge and he does not even have a tail yet…Yes, he is interesting indeed. Also the types of elements that responded, he has...' Kochi was cut off from his musing as both he and Naruto heard voices of females talking.

"Looks like it time for me to wake up."

"Yes it does, just remember that when you want to contact me just concentrate on the seal and I will pull you to it. We have so much more to talk about and things I need to teach you. Come back to me in a few days time and do not be alarmed when you dream about things you never have seen or done or the influx of knowledge. That will be me transferring my knowledge to you."

The world of the seal and Kochi started fading around Naruto to the point that it went totally black and he started hearing and feeling a new set of sounds and sensations. When they assaulted him he automatically dulled them to the point they were at in the seal world. He was about to open his eyes when one last sentence reached his ears.

"When you train double your weights and training repetitions and you will be surprised at what you can do and how fast you now recover. Also what ever you gain in muscle, power strength and speed you do not loose only gain with more training. Welcome to Kami's warrior clan of the Vulpine young kitling."

Opening his eyes and using is senses that were fast becoming instinctual Naruto looked around the room noticing that is was like a hospital room. But after looking outside out the window at the surrounding forest he knew he was not in the Konoha hospital.

He smelled the stale blood almost like it was fresh but also that it was mixed in with chemicals telling him that it was cleaned up to a certain level. He also smelled four different scents that were lingering around with two that he could recognize. One was that of burned tobacco leaf which he knew was the Hokage's.

The other made his eyes narrow a little bit because it smelled of snakes and a taint that left a bad taste in the air. Pulling back the blanket as he sat up and smelled a scent of strawberries and lilac the fourth was that of fresh pine trees and spice.

Storing those scents to identify later he looked around and noticed a pair of his clean clothes and anther dark grey trench coat hanging on the back of the chair. Looking down and the state of what was left of his clothes he could only sigh and shake his head. Quietly getting out of bed so as not to draw attention from those talking outside the door he got out of the bed and went over to where the bathroom was and smiling at the fact that it had a shower in it. As he was in there he also caught a stronger scent of blood, and evil taint and snake followed by a very small aroma of vanilla that made his stomach knot up in excitement.

Going back out to gather his clothes he stepped into the bathroom closed the door and turned to the mirror to note that the changes to him that he saw reflected in the seals pond were the same. Out of everything that changed and went back to normal his hair color of a semi-dark golden blonde stayed the same instead of reverting back to the sunshine blonde he used to have. The only difference to his hair was that the tips of the two bangs that went down the sides of his face to his collarbone were blood red as he had small strips like highlights of blood red through out the rest of his hair.

As he put down his clothes he was glad when he saw a black mask and that his clothes where the same but instead of one of the other colors he had bought in the lightning pattern these were that of the same color cerulean as his eyes. Even the medical tape that he used was that color so now he had black and cerulean colored clothes that he had picked out in the days passed.

'Again I must thank Yoshino-obasan,' Naruto thought and hearing them leaving down the hall talking about food Naruto went about getting cleaned. After he was done and dressed in his clothes Naruto pulled is mask over his head and in place tucking it into his turtle necked shirt. Then he proceeded to wrap the seal on his arm after ripping off the right sleeve off the fishnet styled shirt.

'Eight months to go before the chunnin exams and I can open this scroll and learn about my family...' Once he was done Naruto gathered a little chakra in his hand and at the top he saw a number 2 appear in black.

'Hmm…only 2 times normal gravity and I don't feel anything anymore,' So sending some of his chakra in the gravity seal on his chest he looked into the mirror as the gravity seals appeared over the parts of his body he could see before pushing more chakra into it. Watching his hand and the numbers going up Naruto stopped adding chakra when he fell down to his knees from the force that was added. Slowly lifting up his hand he put more chakra into it and noticed as the number six appeared.

'So he was right I guess that change in chakra and my body a little more made it so I could take more but I have to wonder at what my speed would be at. Oh well I will check my speed once we are fully merged. I am just glad that what ever I gain stays there, ha this curse is turning in to a blessing very quickly.'

Finished with that thought Naruto made his way to a standing position and tide on his shuriken pouch to his right leg and the extra one that was brought to his left leg as he figured that he should learn to use his left hand as well as his right. Leaving out of the bathroom he walked over to the table where he saw his medical pack sitting on it, and ties it back around his waist and onto the right side of his lower back.

Picking up the new trench coat he pulled out a scroll and summoned the training katana he was given. Naruto then strapped it to his back with a chakra strap, after he added weight to it. Putting enough weight on to make his arm sag and start to lower if he held it in front of him. Next he poured chakra into his coat adding more weight to the point where he felt his knees start to shake. Doing some stretches and small exercises to get used to the weight on him and the gravity seal to the point where he could move around with out too much a strain, Naruto made his way to the door.

'Now to get something to eat, identify these other scents, and talk to that snake woman Anko, Yoshino obasan, my new sensei and train……


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