Chapter 1 Void

I sat wanting my Edward. Oh how I longed for my Edward to come back to me. But he never would.

He didn't want me.

Stop thinking about it!

I sighed, and let hot tears stream down my cheeks, as was my usual routine while sitting on my bed at night. As I let my mind wonder again back to Edward, I heard a noise outside my window. A ghost of nights past, when Edward would climb into my room from my window and hold me…smiling at me…laughing - No! No more!

I heard a few more noises.

I was asleep again, that must be it.

It was so hard to tell the difference between sleep and awake lately…my whole life was a nightmare.

I saw my window open and pale, strong hands grip the pane. HA! I had finally snapped.

Oh well. I let my insanity take over…if it meant seeing my Edwards face again…

But it wasn't Edwards face I saw. No, but the figure was familiar. I looked at the face.

"Emmett!" A hoarse whisper escaped my throat. He looked at me, grinning until he saw my face.

Me, he saw me. The new and not so improved me. Thin, gaunt, tear stained and broken. He rushed to kneel at the side of my bed.

"Bella?!" He whispered urgently. His sweet breath relaxed me slightly.

"Emmett, how? Why?! Edward!" My thoughts immediately jumped to my love hurt or dying and I panicked. I gripped Emmett's shoulders, frantic.

He took my hands in his and placed them in my lap gently. "No Bell, he's fine. But you…" His voice trailed off.

He looked worried and he touched my still tear streaked cheek. "What happened Bella?" He asked softly.

I burst into tears and threw myself onto him. "What happened!? Edward left me! You know that! I'm dead inside Emmett! Empty!" I sobbed my feelings to him.

He held me close, rocking me gently. "Shhhh, be calm Bella…Please…Seeing you so sad-" He paused, obviously knowing the next statement would sound odd. "Well, it kills me Bella." He said genuinely.

I calmed and my tears slowly ebbed away. I curled up against Emmett's chest. Still shaking, I took a deep breath, "Emmett, not that I'm not pleased but, wha-" He cut me off gently. "What am I doing here?" I nodded. "Well, you want the long story or the short?" I knew he expected me to say long, but I didn't really want the long story right this second. "Short." I stated softly with a sniffle and he laughed a little, his eyes twinkling.

His eyes were just as beautiful as Edwards, I noted. "Ok, so I've wanted to come check on you for months. Everyone else worried too, but they were hesitant to come after Edward asked us not to. But Rosalie-" I frowned, watching his indecision "Truth, Em." I stated softly yet firmly.

He surprised me by tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear gently. "Ok." He said, then started "Rosalie didn't want me to come. In fact, whenever some one so much as mentioned you she freaked out…Especially when I mentioned it."

Of course Rosalie hated me, she always had. Emmett tried to smile "But Bell, I'm a stubborn…ass." We both laughed a little at that, it was true.

"And anyway, I wouldn't give in. I tried to remind her that you were like our sister, but it didn't work. I tried to convince her for weeks until finally…" He broke off, looking away sadly.

I sat up a bit "Emmett…?" I softly signaled for him to continue. He turned his eyes to look into my own, his filled with anger, sadness, and love. It took my breath away.

"Well Bella, she left me. Rosalie and I are divorced…" Now, I may not have been Rosalie's biggest fan before, but I could have killed her (HA!) at this moment. How she could do this to Emmett-Sweet, kind, funny and sometimes a little rambunctious,Emmett- was beyond my comprehension.

"Oh Emmett…" I whispered softly. "This is all my fault!" I said, leaping from my bed to pace my room.

"Poor, sweet, defenseless Bella! And yet now I end marriages because people are so worried about protecting me!" I yelled freely, knowing no one could hear. I had finally convinced Charlie to go fishing for a few days and leave me alone for a while.

Emmet stood, fire in his eyes "Bella!" He roared.

I froze.

It was like Edward -ouch- only worse. Scary, huge.

"Don't say that! It's not your fault! Rose would have left me eventually, we were having problems any way. This just happened to be the thing she decided to use as an excuse." I looked up at him "I'm sorry Emmett! I'm so sorry. This must really-" I struggled to find a word to truly describe the magnitude of the situation. "Suck." Was all I came up with. He laughed.

"It did, but I've had about a month for it to…sink in."

I smiled sadly. There was a long silence. I broke it by saying "So…" I paused a moment, realizing something "How long are you here for?" I asked kindly.

He tried to smile again. "I guess a while…" He said vaguely. "No reason to be any where else and you're a really nice reason to stay here."

I blushed and smiled. I walked to him and hugged him lightly. "Good, stay." I whispered.

He picked me up and set me on my bed. "Ok." He said, finally managing a truly genuine smile.

I tried to take all this in…it was very hard. Then I noticed something…The hole, the one that had been in my heart and soul since… well since he had left me…it was not so big. It was almost not there at all. It felt as if it got smaller each second Emmett was here. God bless my brother, my friend. But I was pulled out of my reverie when Emmet stood up.

"It's almost 12 am, I'm sorry I barged into your room this way Bell. I'll get out of your way…"

"No!" I said a little too loudly as I felt the black hole in me rip open again.

I realized the pain was evident in my voice. Emmett moved closer "Bella? What's wrong?" He asked, obviously concerned.

"Emmett, I know it sounds silly but…When E- Edward left me…It tore a hole in me. An empty void that hasn't once been filled until a Cullen just climbed through my window." He moved closer again "I can even breathe with no pain…" I breathed deeply, reveling in the calming feeling and Emmett's scent causing my pulse to race slightly. "A large feat, lemme tell you…"

Emmett kneeled beside the bed, "You know what?" He asked quietly "What?"

"My void is all filled up right now too…" He smiled and he didn't need to explain what he meant by his statement. I knew. How could Rosalie do this?

My conclusion? Love sucks.