A couple more weeks after 'Telling Charlie'...(Hey, Emmett's hair is a dark brown right? I was nearly positive but every once in a while when I let a character really grow in my head I...take some liberties without realizing it! Thats how crazy I am!)

I opened my eyes slowly and felt those amazing and cold arms wrapped tight around my waist. Emmett's face was burried in my neck and he was holding me close, rather like a teddy bear or doll.

He was clearly pretending to sleep again...it was really adorable.

I reached out and ran my left hand (The only free one because Emmett was attached to my whole right side.) through his gorgeous brown hair.

"Mmmmm..." Emmett smiled and looked up at me, his eyes opening slowly to reveal a beautiful caramel.

"Well good morning..." I kissed the top of his head, like he always did to me.

"Good morning beautiful Bella." I blushed.

Emmett's right hand moved slowly away from my stomach and to my cheek. "My Beautiful, Blushing Bella..." He mused.

"Emmett..." I began. There had been this thing I had been wanting to do for so long that I hadn't done since I was very little.

"Yes Bell?" He asked smoothly.

"Will you..." I wasn't sure if he would go for this. It would be kinda weird...

"Go on..." He seemed very interested now.

"Will you take me to the zoo?" I rushed out.

Emmett's booming laughter filled my room, Charlie had already left for work apparently.

"Well you didn't have to laugh at me! It was only a request!" I complained and slipped out of his arms. I grabbed my bag of toiletries and started for the bathroom.

Before I even made it out my door, I was engulfed by Emmett's sheer mass. "I wasn't laughing at the request...I was laughing at you being so hesitant to tell me..." He whispered almost darkly in my ear from behind me.

I couldn't help but shiver and I felt him smile as he began kissing my neck.

"So..." I squeaked.

"So... it's really cloudy out and it should ok...get ready, we're going to the zoo." I could hear the evil grin in his voice, as always.

"Yay! Thank you!" I turned around and gave him a big kiss on the cheek and ran to the bathroom.

"I expect a real kiss when you return!" He said, as if it were a warning of some kind.

Though, some times with Emmett's kisses I needed warning. He could be very...aggressive. I loved it though. And he was of course always careful of me. Which made me love him even more.

I showered and then readied myself quickly. If anything, I was just as excited about the upcoming kiss as I was about the zoo. That's a funny sentence...

But the thing is, when Emmett say 'real' kiss, he means 'REAL' kiss. The thought made me giddy.

After I blow dried my hair and but it into a pony tail, I ran into my room and paused only long enough to make sure he was on my bed, I then ran and lept onto his large chest and sat there, waiting.

"Eager are we?" He asked, clearly amused.

I nodded with a blush.

Emmett slipped his hands to the back of my head and pulled me down for a heart stopping, almost literally, kiss. It was filled with all the passion I could take and then a little more for good measure.

After a few moments, I couldn't breathe at all and had to pulled back.

I panted a little and then grinned. I saw he was smiling too.

"I'm gonna get dressed now." I announced rather happily and climbed off Emmett, heading for my closet.

He watched me carefully, as if waiting for me to trip.

I picked out some cargo capris in camo print and then a light green three quarter length sleeved shirt. It was one of Emmett's favorites because it showed off my curves and was a little low cut.

I gave Emmett one more glance and saw he was grinning, cleary having noticed the shirt I picked, then I went to the bathroom to change.

As I re-entered my room, I noticed that Emmett had finally turned the lights on and was waiting for me still, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Ok, I'm ready when you are." I said cheerfully.

Emmett was in front of me in a millisecond, his hands on my hips. There was a bit of skin showing between the top of my pants and my shirt and his cold skin there made me shiver.

I glanced into his eyes and saw they were even more mischvieous then usual...

He kissed my neck, just below my ear and then continued down with kisses until he reached the top of my shirt, which as I said, is rather low cut.

I couldn't breathe at all and my heart was going crazy. That was amazing!

Emmett stood up straight again and whispered in my ear, "Have I told you how much I love that shirt on you...?"

I squeaked a little, then nodded.

"Good." He purred.

Oh he purs so gooooood...I could just faint.

"Let's go get you a snack for the road." He offered and pulled me down stairs.

I followed, in a daze, and grabbed an few grapes and a water bottle from the fridge.

"Will that be enough for you honey?" He asked sweetly, holding my hand now.

I nodded again with a smile.

"Ok, let's go." He grinned and pulled me outside to his new car. It was sleek and silver and had some name that involved seemingly random numbers and letters.

He held the passenger door open for me and I slipping in. Thankfully it didn't have a stick shift or anything so I always slip right into the middle seat.

Emmett was in the drivers seat in the blink of an eye, his arm around me and then we were off.

I guess Emmett knew about a great zoo in Seattle, called Woodland Park Zoo. It was gorgeous!

Once we, meaning Emmett, paid for admission, we walked in.

"What do you want to do first?" Emmett asked while he kept his arm tight around my waist.

"How about we go see the...GRIZZLEY BEARS!" I burst into laughter at my own joke.

"Bella..." Emmett said warningly before cracking up himself.

After I calmed down, I smiled sweetly and got up on my tip toes to kiss Emmett softly, my hands laying on his chest softly.

He placed his hands around my wrists and held my hands in place "Let's save the grizzley bears for a little later...like...lunch time."

I giggled. "Let's go to the butterfly gardens!" I grinned and yanked Emmett along beind me until we reached the door that led to the large glass building.

As I pulled him in, I realized we were almost the only people in the whole zoo, most likely because of the heavy clouds and possible rain for later.

The garden, heavily laden with tree and flowers, was empty as well. I glanced around, my eyes catching all the gorgeous colors of the butterflies. Some were so big I couldn't believe it!

Emmett didn't look around much, he kept his eyes focused on my face, as I 'oo'ed and 'ah'ed. He would glance to things whenever I pointed them out, but it was clear that he enjoyed my reactions much more the the sights themselves.

There was a small stone bench in the middle of the humid room and Emmett sat, pulling me into his lap, holding me bridal style. I looked up and all around, enjoying myself so much. I caught sight of a simply magnificent large blue and black butterfly nearby. It flew over and actually landed on my knee! I lay my head against Emmett's chest, watching as the creature opened and closed it's wings slowly. It was very serene.

After a few moments went by, my new friend flew off, high above me, and I watched happily.

I saw Emmett's face which was absolutely eminating the joy he was clearly feeling as he watched me.

"Isn't this amazing?" I whispered.

"Your amazing...I can't wait to marry you Bell..." Emmett breathed slowly, probably taking in my scent.

I smiled softly and kissed his lips lightly. "Same here."

We sat in silence for a few moments as I enjoyed the beauty of this place a while longer. I stood slowly and led Emmett out into the open once more where it looked it might rain any moment. I decided it would be best to do all the inside things, the penguins, the aquariums, and...the bats.

We first went to the shark aquarium and walked through the glass tunnel they have there. I found it rather erry and it was clear that, once again, Emmett was thoroughly enjoying my reactions. My occasional shivers when I felt like a shark was looking particularly creepy seemed to amuse him greatly.

He kissed my neck nearly constantly as we walked through the other emtpy aquariums, with his arms locked around my waist from behind me. I was finding it hard to concentrate but he released me a little as we ran through the light sprinkles of rain beggining to get to the penguin habitat.

Penguins are so adorable! I just love them. This, above my reactions to all the other animals we've seen today, seemed to facisnate Emmett. He didn't understand why I loved them so much and I couldn't quite explain it.

"Well, when you look at them...what do you see?" I asked, leaning my head back against his chest as I watched the black and white cuties interact.

"Well...to be honest..." Emmett began.

"Ew! You see a meal don't you!" I said, a little disgusted but mainly laughing.

"Well, yeah." Emmett chuckled, stroking my hair.

"If you ever eat a penguin, I'll kill you!" I warned.

"But really, what's so cute about them?" He tried to understand.

"Haven't you ever seen Happy Feet Emmett? March Of The Penguins?" I asked.

"Um...no." Emmett admitted.

"Gr. Your so difficult. Let's go onto the next lac before you get the munchies..." I mumbled.

Emmett held me tight but followed me slowly "I assure you Bella, if I were stuck in this room and got the munchies...the penguins would not be my first choice..." He said sexily in my ear and kissed my neck.

It's a good thing we got out into the fresh air a moment later or I may have passed out...that was soooo hot...garsh.

Now for the final sight to see, The Bats. I couldn't wait to see what Emmett would say about them. I mean, with all the myths involving Bats and Vampires and such...hmm.

I felt him kissing my hair softly and then we entered the very dark room. I looked through the glass that had only a small light around it and saw hundreds of bats, mainly all hanging upside down, presumably asleep. A few flew aroundly randomly with screeches.

"Sooo...?" I asked curiously.

"What?" Emmett looked down confused.

"Oh come on. Nothing to say about the creatures so assosiated with your kind?"

Emmett chuckled rather loudly and I saw a few bats freak out because of it.

"I bare no ill will toward them, I assure you." Emmett smiled.

"Oh my gosh! Seriously? You were all ready to start gulping down penguins but when we get to the bats your just all 'kome see kome sa'??"

Emmett laughed once more, even louder. "I think it's time to go Bella..." It said soothingly, pulling me towards to the doors.

"Oh come on! Nothing!!?" I whined, shocked.

The entire walk to the front gates I ranted; "Not even an obscure Dracula reference or anything???"

Emmett laughed at me the whole way and I finally gave up, pouting as we reach the car.

"Your no fun..." I mumbled as I got into the car.

Emmett mearly burst into peals of laughter once more.