A very random story that I made up one day at school. I also wrote some of it in the bus.

Would I be here if I owned InuYasha? If I did, Kagura would be alive. Since she is dead, I don't own InuYasha.

Kagura looked down at the destroyed and burning mansion,

"That could be a good place to look for that brat's kimono," she thought bitterly. The child Naraku had worked so hard on inside Hakurei-zan had been split in two and the half that her older sister had given to her saying "It is for the best" was now giving her orders. Great. Just great.

She lighted down at the entrance to the largest building and the only one that was hardly on fire. She strode in just as if she was walking into Naraku's chambers, and she was just as pissed.

She looked around and saw pretty much every style of kimono imaginable.

"Holy shit, who the hell had the time to get all of these?" she asked, awed. The room held at least 1000 kimonos.

"I wonder which one that Haku-brat would hate the most, but wouldn't get me killed," Kagura wondered allowed.

Being a woman, Kagura possessed a strong sense of fashion and that sense kicked in now.

"Hmm… Maybe something white to go with his hair… What the hell Kagura?!" she demanded ofherself irately. "What do I care which colour that Brat wears?!"

But the little voice would not shut up.

"Fine," she snapped allowed. "I will get him something white, but something that will also extract my revenge!"

She hadn't realized it at first, but the previous owner had arranged all of the same colours together. She stalked off to the white section.

The kimonos were mostly those for weddings and other such ceremonies, but looking in between, she found that there was other kinds in between. She looked at a few of these 'other' kinds.

Those too were useless, mainly for woman, but before she gave up, she saw a small piece of fabric.

Curious, she gave it a tug and a kimono followed.

The kimono was white with a blue pattern on the sleeves. It was poofy and had a sort of purple glow to it. The under kimono was orange and deep blue. But that wasn't the best part. The best part was light blue and yellow clown buttons.

Kagura grinned. It was as good as she was going to get in here. She walked out of the building and toward the final arc of her life.

Just to clarify things, I am very behind on the details of things after volume 28 and episode 167 so what I call 'the final arc of Kagura's life' is pretty much the entire time that Hakudoshi was alive, even if he dies before her.

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