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Chapter One

Joey was just waking up when he though he heard something and he opened his door, big mistake. Wham, he got hit in the head by a bucket of cold water. "Shit!!!" Joey yelled.

"Serenity Beth Wheeler where are you?" Joey roared.

He heard giggling coming from the kitchen and when he went into the room, whack, he got hit by a flying pie and he hit the floor.

"You're in so much trouble young lady when I get up." Joey yelled.

She ran past him laughing as she went.

He finally got up and went after her. The phone rang and when he picked it up and put it to his ear to answer it, there was glue and it stuck to his head.

"Serenity," he yelled and the caller got his ear hurt. "Why in the hell are you yelling?" Seto asked.

"My sister had gone bananas" he said.

Just then Seto yelled into the phone and hurt Joey's ear. "Why are you yelling too?" Joey asked. "Oh, shit. I'm stuck to the chair" he said.

"Mokuba James Kaiba get your ass down here right this minute." Seto yelled into the phone.

"Stop yelling" Joey yelled into the phone. "Sorry, forgot about your ear" Seto said, Hold on he continued.

Joey heard grunting and something ripping and then he heard Seto scream.

"These are my new pants, Mokuba when I get you I'm going to make you wish you never got up.

I'm hanging up now" Seto said. I've already ripped my pants and am free from this damn chair, now to kill a brother Seto thought to himself.

Joey did the only thing he could think of he pulled really hard and ripped the phone from the side of his face and tore some skin off doing it. He went after Serenity and she was going to wish she had never gotten out of bed.

Across town, At the Motto residence Yami had just gotten up and went to the bathroom to go and when he tried to get up he was stuck.

"Yugi get in here now!!!!" Yami yelled.

Solomon came to see what the problem was and when Yami told him he started laughing.

"Its not funny" Yami said.

"Not to you, but to me it is really funny." Solomon said as he walked away. Solomon went back to the kitchen and when he opened the door, Wham, he was hit with a ladle full of scrambled eggs.

"Yugi," Solomon yelled. Then he heard laughing coming from the other room and went to find his grandson, but what he found was more trouble.

Yami had taken the toilet seat off the toilet, but it was still stuck to his ass and was trying to walk down the stairs when he slipped and fell.

He looked up and there stood Yugi with a can of whipped cream and he went to yell for him to put it down, but instead he got a face full of it.

Solomon went to try to stop him, when he slipped on something that was on the floor and landed on his ass, and he too got a face full of whipped cream.

Yugi ran out of the house laughing his head off.

"When I get myself off this damn seat, he is going to wish this day had never begun" Yami said. "I second that" Solomon said.

Serenity, Mokuba and Yugi met at the Park. They were still laughing from what they had caused.

"You know that we are all going to pay and pay dearly" Serenity said.

"It was worth it" Mokuba said.

"I think so too" said Yugi.

"Now what do we do?" Serenity asked.

Just then Joey met Seto and as they walked towards the Park they bumped into Yami and Solomon. Yami was walking kind of weird.

"What's wrong with you?" Joey wanted to know.

"Got a toilet seat stuck to my ass and had to rip it off" Yami said.

"Oh, ouch" Seto said through his laughter.

What happened to you two? Yami asked.

Joey said "cold water and the near stuck to phone" Seto said glued to a chair"

"What do we do to them when we catch them?" Solomon asked.

"What I'd like to do is to make them wish that they were never born" Seto said. They all laughed and continued on their way.

Across town they things were happening to both Marik and Bakura.

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