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Chapter Six

When the young ones got home, they were in for a nice surprise. They were all told that they were going to go to Hawaii for a Vacation.

"Yeah" they all cheered.

Seto flew everyone in on of his planes and they all checked into the same Hotel.

"What do we do first" Yugi asked?

"How about we take a guided tour of the Island" Ishizu said.

Everyone agreed and they set off to see the Island. They all were enjoying themselves. But the young ones knew that this wasn't going to last forever and when they got home they knew that it would go back to their punishment but you know what, they really didn't care. They were with their families and eachother and enjoying themselves.

As they were boarding the Jet for the return trip home, Seto, Joey, Solomon, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu and even Odeon were all thinking about geting back at the young ones what was done to them. They all knew it would be considered childish, but what the hell weren't they just grown-up children????

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The End…………………