"She chose his dad over him? Dude that sucks."

"That sucks? Man his dad tried to kill her! Seriously could that family be any more pathetic?"

"Good thing her brother came home when he did, Duncan Kane now that's a hero!"

He heard the whispers as he walked down the hall. He tried to ignore them, but the glares were coming from both sides of the hallway. His father, the great Aaron Echolls had not only had a cheap fling with the former love of his life, he had then tried to kill her. Logan was sure things could have been worse. Duncan could have been late getting home, and Lilly would be dead right now. Yeah, that would have been worse. Lucky for Lilly, her brother managed to save her life, knock Aaron out and then call the police. The Kane duo was all the rage now thanks to Duncan's heroics and Lilly's tall tale about how she was seduced by a famous movie star and never meant for anyone to get hurt. He had saw her on every news channel talking about how horrified she was when she realized Aaron had been taping them. She felt dirty, betrayed and used; thank goodness her brother saved her giving her a second chance to start over. Lilly had always been an actress, and her near death experience was her big break.

Logan walked outside to see Lilly in all her glory telling her story to the 09ers. His supposed friends were eating up every word she had to say. From the sickening moment when she saw the tapes, to the moment her amazing brother came rushing in to save her. He saw his friend Dick look up at him and then away, a few more of the guys looked up to see him too, but quickly looked back at Lilly. Looking in the group of kids eating he suddenly realized one tiny blonde was missing from Lilly's side. Where was her best friend? The girl that followed Lilly everywhere she went? Where was Veronica Mars and why wasn't she attached to Lilly's hip.

He eyed the area around him and then his eyes rested on the small girl, eating alone at a table toward the back. "What's she doing back there?" He muttered to himself.

He decided to ignore the idiots he once called friends and proceeded toward Veronica. She looked up at him, her eyes tired and confused.

"Want some company?" He questioned sitting down in front of her. She smiled gently at him almost as if she was thanking him without words. She looked so lost, a feeling he was learning all to well.

"Logan." She spoke softly. "How are you?"

"I'm curious to how you are." He spoke. "What are you doing over here Veronica?"

"You didn't hear?" She questioned lowering her head.

"I'm not really in the know right now Ronnie." He smiled softly. "In case you forgot, my darling daddy tried to kill the princess of Neptune. I pretty much suck to everyone right now."

"Yeah, sorry about that." She sighed. "I, I tried to talk to Lilly about it." She frowned. "She accused me of taking your side."

"And she banished you to the table of misfit toys." Logan finished. "I see."

"I don't really get it, why people think you did anything wrong." She frowned. "It was your dad, not you." Veronica shrugged. "I told Lilly what she did was wrong, and she told me I really needed to stop being so boring."

"Sorry Veronica didn't mean to drag you into this." Logan frowned. "It's my battle not yours."

"You didn't drag me into anything. She, she, ew with your father." She spoke cringing. "I don't even wanta say it." She frowned.

"Yeah." Logan nodded.

"It's just wrong."

"Correct again." Logan frowned. "But Lil is your best friend."

"Was." Veronica shrugged. "She doesn't need me anymore; she's the star of the show she can pick and choose who everyone at that table associates with now."

"So I've noticed." Logan nodded. "Still you shouldn't be over here alone."

"Where am I supposed to go Logan? Lilly waved her magic wand and wiped me out of the group for good. I had the audacity to call her on what she did. She told me she was the victim and she didn't understand how I could possibly be upset with her. She was just having a little meaningless fun, and it almost got her killed. When I suggested that maybe she should have thought about you during her 'fun', she told me I was a waste of her time and that I could have you."

"Oh she did, did she?" Logan smirked.

"Logan!" Veronica spoke quickly.

"Sorry, just trying to find something positive out of this deal. Bet Lilly would be thrilled if you took her up on her offer though." He laughed.

"Oh I'm sure she would." Veronica frowned. "Of course knowing Lilly she'd just say we're both her leftovers anyway." She shrugged stabbing her fork into her food viciously.

"Hey Ronnie, you wanta get out of this place a little early today? Avoid the wrath of Lilly for at least a few hours?" He questioned.

"Logan, my father is the sheriff! What do you think he'd do to me if he caught me skipping school?" Veronica asked horrified at the simple notion.

"Aw come on Veronica, live a little." Logan said pouting.

Veronica glanced over at Lilly who was sitting on the table eating up the attention that she was being given. Her eyes then traveled to Lilly's brother, Duncan. Veronica closed her eyes for a moment thinking back to the day's when she was Duncan's girlfriend. They seemed so far way now. Opening her eyes again she saw Logan standing over her his hand out waiting on her to decide.

She forced a smile as she looked up at him and slowly slipped her hand in his. "Let's get out of here."

Logan nodded his head and smiled, "You won't regret this." He promised as he led her toward the door.

"Hey!" Lilly's voice suddenly rang out stopping them both in their tracks. Veronica swallowed and looked over at the group that was staring at them.

"Yes Lilly? Do you need something?" Logan questioned.

"What are you two losers doing?" She questioned glaring at Veronica.

Veronica looked up at Logan and then back at Lilly. "What's wrong Lilly? I'm just doing as told." She smiled. "Isn't that what you wanted?

"Excuse me?" Lilly spoke crossing her arms. "What are you talking about Veronica Mars?"

"Hey you told me I could have him!" Veronica spoke again stepping closer to Logan. "I'm just doing like everyone else." She spoke shooting a look at the 09ers. "I'm following Lilly Kane's orders."

Logan chuckled lightly at the look on Lilly's face and then looked down at Veronica. "Shall we?" He questioned.

"Lead the way."

The beach was empty when Logan and Veronica pulled up in his Xterra. They had never spent much time alone together, but at the moment Logan was very happy to have Veronica Mars by his side. He watched her as she nervously played with a long strand of blonde hair.

"You'd look good with short hair." He suddenly spoke out loud.

"What?" Veronica asked looking up at him.

"I was just saying you'd look hot with short hair." He smiled. "Not that your not hot now, just less.."

"Lilly?" Veronica questioned arching an eyebrow.

"I was going to say innocent." Logan shrugged, "But yeah, that too."

"Short hair huh?" She questioned. "Never really thought about it."

"Now I'm not saying go out and shave your head." Logan laughed. "Just was a thought that popped into my head."

"Not really a bad idea though, looking less like Lilly." Veronica spoke thinking the idea over in her head. "Maybe it's time for a change."

"It sucks to be us right now doesn't it?" Logan questioned getting out of his vehicle. Veronica followed and met up with him at the front of the Xterra.

"You mean having no friends isn't fun for you?" Veronica asked. "Look at all the alone time you have now." She smiled.

"Oh yes, and I'm sure you were thrilled to sit alone today."

"Hey, I had a few offers." Veronica laughed, "Alone just felt safer somehow."

"Yeah." Logan nodded as they walked down to the beach. "You know you can work this out with Lilly. All you have to do is tell her you've saw the error of your ways and you two will be tight again by tomorrow. No more eating alone for you."

"So I let Lilly once again have her way? No thanks. I'm tired of pretending to agree with Lilly about things." Veronica shrugged. "She was with your father Logan! And who knows how long it went on."

"Gee thanks for putting more questions in my mind Veronica." Logan muttered.

"Oops sorry." She whispered. "It's just that it's so wrong."

They finally found a spot on the beach that agreed with them and slowly sat down side by side. Logan watched as Veronica stared out at the waves her eyes never leaving the water. "You need her Veronica." He spoke softly. "In a place like Neptune, you need someone like Lilly."

Veronica looked over at Logan and saw the weakness in his eyes. There was truth in the words he had spoken. In their town, their school, being best friends with a Kane was really all you needed. When she was with Duncan she had it all, the perfect boyfriend, his sister as her best friend, and all the friends that came with those things. It was what most high school kids dreamed of. She sat at the 09er table wrapped in the arms of Duncan Kane while his sister braided her hair.

Logan had been there too, with Lilly, not with Lilly, but still at the table as a 09er. Their table had wealth, popularity and beauty everything that the other students were so jealous of. Now the two of them sat alone on an empty beach outsiders in a town where being part of the 'in' crowd was almost an essential part of survival.

"I can't go back Logan." Veronica spoke taking a deep breath. "I can't pretend I agree with her." She told him without ever looking away from the water's crashing blows. "It's not who I am."

"Who are you Veronica?" Logan questioned. "Do you really know who you are outside Lilly?"

Veronica lowered her head, "Guess I better be finding out." She answered back.

"Well then, I guess you better be thankful to Lilly." Logan smiled wrapping his arm gently around Veronica's shoulder.

"Thankful to Lilly?" Veronica asked with wide eyes.

"For allowing you to have all that is me." Logan joked. "Looks like you're going to need me."

"Think so huh?" Veronica smiled.

"Hey I'd say you got a good deal. Not only do you get to do that whole self discovery thing now, but you get me in the process and really who can resist me?" He added with a wink.

"Ah yes, that Echolls charm." Veronica laughed. "So irresistible."

"And I'm all yours baby." Logan joked squeezing her shoulder softly.

"Aren't I the lucky girl?" Veronica teased.

Logan laughed happy to finally see Veronica smiling again. It was nice to make her laugh, to help them both forget the ordeal at school. He didn't want to think about his father or the girl he had tried to kill. He knew there would be a trial, and more press than there already was. He would have to watch Lilly and Duncan tell the story of what Aaron had done, and then he'd be forced to watch his father defend his actions. At least now he and his mother were free of the man. Free from his anger and all the abuse they had suffered at his hands. It was time for a fresh start, for everyone involved.

"So tomorrow." Logan spoke and paused.


"I'll pick you up for school." He offered. "We'll do the whole outsiders thing together."

"Logan you don't have to do that." Veronica frowned dropping her head.

"Of course not." He smiled. "I want to Veronica, you stood up for me and it cost you all your friends."

"And what wonderful friends they were." Veronica mumbled. "Duncan had already dumped me for no reason, and the rest of those people could care less about anyone but themselves."

"Yes well that goes without saying." Logan sighed. "So I'll pick you up in the morning sunshine?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." Veronica nodded.

"Great! I knew you couldn't resist my charm and good looks." Logan smirked wiggling his eyebrows.

Veronica didn't smile at his words; instead she dropped her head and touched the sand with her hand. "We're going to be okay right Logan?" She asked so vulnerable it almost scared him.

Logan had forgotten that this wasn't Lilly he was dealing with. It was Veronica, sweet, naïve Veronica who wasn't used to the cruel reality of the real world. "Yeah Ronnie, we're going to fine." He promised moving a strand of hair from her face.

"And yet somehow I'm still not feeling reassured." She frowned standing to her feet.

"Hey! I know for a fact that I'm a brilliant liar." Logan laughed standing with her. "Seriously though, we'll deal with it. I mean if you're going to be exiled, who better to be left with than me?" He spoke with a satisfied smirk.

"We're stuck with each other aren't we Echolls?" Veronica asked as they walked back to the vehicle.

"Fraid' so Ronnie, 'fraid so."