My Dearest Readers,

Hello, and welcome to a new year, I truly wish that 2013 is filled with joyous celebration and blessings for you all.
If you have reached this in confusion, you did not get the last author's note that has been up for a month – OR, you just started reading this fiction recently.
I have made the decision to take down this fanfiction, edit it and do some re-writing and eventually self publishing. This opportunity will allow me to judge if I want to persue writing in a serious fashion or not.

Once more I would like to express many thanks to each and every one of you who have walked with me through this journey. To the ones who became my closest friends, to the people who just simply read – I thank you. The ones who expressed their pain and who found peace from my writing. Those who gave me strength and found their own in return. To those of you who struggled and won, and the ones who refused to give up. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for showing me that I am worth something. That I will never – ever – be alone again. That neither will you. Thank so much from the bottom of my heart.

For those of you who just stumbled upon this fiction – I would like to apologize for cutting your experience short. Though, there were many mistakes and errors that made me cringe.

Thanks to the lovely and wonderful Sqry, the pdf is available. (IN MY PROFILE AT THE VERY TOP)
If you have a pdf version, I request you do not had it out as this is not your story to distribute. Please only use it for your personal access and reading.

Important: Some of you were confused. I am not sending each individual the link to the pdf. It will be available in my profile. I will only send it out if there are issues with the link (only after I have tried to fix it). ONCE MORE: The link for the PDF is and will be available in my profile until I officially self-publish. I will only be sending links to people who request the want to read the original when it becomes available on kindle.

Once more, thank you. Your out-pour of support from the first chapter to my announcement of self-publish have been amazing. Those of you have true faith in my abilities to write; you are my true support in all this and I love you all. You have brought me to tears in joy. You all have showed me that it isn't just fanfiction. We are a community and we are a supportive family who is there for one another. I can't say thank you enough.

To the next chapter in my life! I'll see you all there.