You Never Know What Will Happen On Spring Break

"Come on Riss, it's spring break you have to come with us." Summer whined as she jumped on Marissa's bed, trying to get the girl to come out from under the covers.

Marissa groaned and poked her head out from under the covers. "It's just not my scene and I thought you guys were flying out to Florida this morning anyways, so I was…"

"Hoping we'd just leave and forget about you?" Summer cut her off and continued to jump on her bed.

Finally the blonde in the room spoke up. "Well we did but then our flights got cancelled because they over booked and I was not flying anything but first class."

"So drive." Marissa grumbled as she pulled the covers back over her head.

Summer stopped jumping on Marissa's bed and sat down next to her best friend and pulled the covers off her head. "We would have but my car is getting fixed, and holly doesn't drive, and rentals, eww. So that leaves.."

"No, I told you I'm not going there is too much going on around here, and my mom and sister are gone away so I don't want my dad to be alone." Just then Jimmy Cooper entered the bedroom.

"Marissa, I'll be fine, go have fun besides and I mean this in the nicest way I could use the peace and quiet around here." Summer and Holly nodded and looked back towards Marissa as Jimmy left the room.

Summer looked like she was going to cry. "Please Coop, come on it'll be fun, why would you want to stay here on our one week off, because it's really not all that great. What are you going to do hang out with the Newpsies? Besides the scenery is really nice during spring break if you know what I mean"

"What am I gonna do in Florida? And the guys only have one thing on their minds. I just want to be at home around, well around. I like the quiet since it's party central back at school." Marissa pulled the covers back over her head.

Holly finally got up and ripped the covers right off the bed. "Look at your pasty self, I think you need the tan if nothing else." Holly stood with her hands on her hips glaring at the lanky brunette.

"Come on Coop, you don't want us to lose the deposit on the hotel do you? Besides Hol and I already went major shopping and I fully intend to show off my new bikini's, and I know you have a few cute ones stashed away in that closet somewhere, so get up, get dressed. Pack up that hot mustang of yours. Besides it's a good way to get away from Ryan unless your thinking about going out with him."

Marissa huffed and got out of bed. "Ryan and I are just good friends, I explained that to him, I can't help if he likes me." Summer and Holly were now standing in front of Marissa pleading with their eyes. "Alright fine, I'll drive."

"Spring break here we come." Summer and Holly called out at the same time, and then hugged Marissa.

"Woo spring break." Marissa said sarcastically but with a bit of a smile.

Holly backed away and gave her best friend a look. "Oh honey you need to get laid." The other two girls looked at her and laughed before packing Marissa's stuff.

Two hours later they were ready to go and all packed into Marissa's Mustang. "Have fun girls." Jimmy said from the door as he waved goodbye as the girls drove off on their long drive to Florida.