Florida - One year later

"I can't believe they're flight got cancelled. She's probably too busy with Janelle anyways."

"Coop Alex loves you, it's been a year, besides Jodie would kill her, I've trained her well." Summer smiled to herself.

"Bitches, come over here and dance with me?" Holly called to them.

Summer laughed and Marissa just shook her head. "Why are we still friends with her?" Summer shrugged, and the two got up to join their blonde friend on the dance floor.

Not long after Marissa couldn't be there anymore. "I'm going to go get some air, think about some things, I'll meet you guys back at the hotel." The other two girls nodded, knowing it was hard for Marissa to be there without Alex.

Marissa walked to the beach, and made her way to the life guard tower where she was supposed to meet Alex a year ago. She sat down on the tower and looked out at the water, much like she need when she needed to think at home.

Back at the club Summer felt arms wrapped around her waist. She was going to turn around and flip out on whoever it was but relaxed when she heard her girlfriends voice whisper in her voice. "Miss me?" Summer smiled and turned around.

"Of course I did." Turning around she wrapped her arms around her girlfriends neck and kissed her.

They broke apart both of them smiling. "Holly, there is someone I'd like you too meet. Holly, this is Janelle, Janelle, Holly." The two blonde girls smiled and shook hands.

"Want to dance?" Janelle asked and Holly nodded.

"Hey Seth, Anna. How are you two?"


"We're great." Anna laughed as she gave Summer a hug.

Summer started talking before Alex had the chance to start. "She's not here, she went for some air or to make out with some guy I can't remember, and it's nice to see you too." Summer called out as Alex turned around to leave smiling to herself.

Alex's first destination was the hotel. Running inside and taking the stairs to the 10th floor she knocked on door 1001. There was no answer so she knocked again, but nothing.

Pulling out her cell phone she tried to call Marissa's phone but it was turned off and went right to voicemail. Running back down the stairs Alex ran most of the way to the Marina. When she got there she went to the pier where she had found Marissa a year ago, after almost throwing everything they had away. She wasn't there.

Standing there looking out at the water, feeling defeated Alex thought of where Marissa could possibly be. As she was standing there she thought back to the night she knew she would never regret. Then it hit her, she knew where was Marissa was.


"Do you normally sit out on the peer by yourself late at night, staring off into space?"

"No, usually it's a life guard tower."


Now all she had to figure out was what life guard tower it was. Walking up to the last tower on that stretch of beach and not finding Marissa, Alex slide down the side of the tower and though, her head in her hands. Alex tried Marissa's cell phone again but it was still turned off.

On the other beach Marissa still sat looking out at the water. What am I going to do all spring break without her. Maybe I should go to her instead, I could get on the next flight, that might work.

"I thought you saved the life guard towers for when you were at home?" Marissa jumped, not realising that Alex had been watching her for awhile.

"You're here, but how did you?" Marissa got up and ran down the tower, wrapping her arms around her girlfriends neck as tight as she could without hurting her.

"You think a plane could keep me from coming down here to celebrate our one year anniversary with you? Nothing can keep me from you, which is why there is something I need to talk to you about." Marissa broke away, not sure where Alex was going with this.

"I'm pretty sure you're not trying to break up with me." Alex sat down on the sand and motioned for Marissa to do the same.

"Are crazy, or well I'd have to be crazy. No, I wanted to talk to you about me moving out to California." Marissa's eyes widened.


"I know you're not deaf and that you heard me. So what do you say?"

Marissa thought for a minute. Hell yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. "If it's what you want, but it has to be for you." Alex smiled and nodded. "What about school though?"

"Well I sort of, put in a transfer, I'm going to be going to UCLA with you in the fall."

"Really?" Alex nodded. "It's going to be the best year ever, it may even top this year."

"I'm glad you're happy, I wanted to see what you thought about it before I told you, and I didn't want to tell you over the phone."

Marissa kissed Alex to shut her up. Alex leaned back, and Marissa moved so that she was on top of her girlfriend. "I missed you." Marissa said as she broke away for a split second.

"I missed you too." Alex leaned up to kiss Marissa.

"Mmm, I'm glad you listened to Holly that night."

"Me too, you never know what you'll find out spring break."

Marissa smiled and rolled off Alex and onto her side, wrapping her arms around the blonde. "Oh I know what you'll find."

"What's that?"

"The best thing ever."

The End