'Run! Don't look back keep running! Make it to the forest and you'll be safe, just endure the pain...Keep running or they'll actually kill you!' Naruto thought, as exhaustion started to seep in. He could see his breath come out in wisps of mist as it hit the cold air. Then he felt another shot of pain as a shiriken connected with his shoulder. Blood was running freely where the newly graduated Genin had hit with the kuni and shiriken. He couldn't look back, couldn't stop running, he knew instinctively if he did he would never make it to the forest.

So the blonde orphan ran, he ran with everything in him, never once looking back or stopping because of the pain. Naruto, a four-year-old blonde boy with eyes the color of the sky, was an innocent child. But the village didn't see it that way, no he was a demon, he had taken their precious Hokage. They wanted beaten, broken, tortured and finally dead. They wanted him to know the pain they did. So, tears streaming down his face, Naruto ran.

'Just keep running, you can hide in the were foolish today, you know you have to hide on your birthday, this is the time they want to kill you the most!' Naruto thought as he mentally berated himself. That when he saw the outline of the forest, he was almost there! He could survive he lasted a little longer. He could hear the Genin running out of breath as they tried to keep up with him. But Naruto was like an animal he saw his safe place just within reach giving him just enough energy to brust into the forest.

The Genin where just behind him, but it was too late as hard as they looked the blonde was nowhere in sight. Naruto on the other hand could see them. He had reached the forest and with a well-practiced move he had hidden his presence while he buried himself in the earth. All that could be seen of him was a pair of sky colored eyes grazing out from a bush. Eventually the Genin gave up and returned to the village disappointed that Naruto had gotten away.

As soon as he felt that coast was clear he staggered out of his hiding place and headed deeper into the forest. He been losing a huge amount of blood as he pulled the five kuni and seven shiriken from his battered little body. He knew he had to find a safe place to hide soon before he past out from the blood lose. They only thing keeping him up at this out was pure adrenaline. That's when he saw it a cave, it was hidden behind a bush and that had an opening just barely big enough to fit his small figure. So he crawled into it and was surprised that it soon opened up to a huge cavern. He crawled as deep into the cavern as he could before he fainted.

Naruto had no idea where he was; he had woken up in a sewer of sorts in front of a huge cage. That's when he felt it a huge force of power swept over him. He could almost taste the fear it produced. That's when he saw it and his heart almost stopped, there in the cage was the biggest creature he had ever seen. It appeared to be a fox but it had nine tails and was fifty stories tall.

'So you finally decided to visit me kit.' The voice was booming and Naruto quickly covered his ears from pain at the sound. That's when something so utterly unexpected happened that Naruto's mouth just fell open as he fell on his butt in surprise. The fox's body started to melt and morph until finally instead of a fox there was the most handsome Naruto had EVER seen in its place. He had hair that was the color of blood, fierce golden eyes with a slit pupil, three whisker marks on each cheek like Naruto's but they were darker and more defined. He was tall and appeared to be about fifteen, he was well built and had nine blood red tails and his ears were slightly pointed. 'WE have lots of things to discuss kit, but first I bet you want to know where and why you're here?' the man in a silky commanding voice, Naruto just nodded dumbly. 'Good, shut up and listen, and DON"T interrupt me. Firstly, your in your mind, as to why you're here, well you were dying and it forced my hand, I had to bring you here so you can survive and live. I'm healing your wounds, but the massive blood lose will take longer so your gonna be here for awhile.' He smirked at Naruto's confused face. 'First off I have to explain who I am, Naruto do you remember about the demon fox that attacked four years today.' He nodded, a sinking feeling in his stomach. So the following information wasn't much of a surprise. 'The truth is that the forth never killed the demon, he sealed him inside a newborn baby, Naruto your that baby and I'm that demon, the great Kyuubi no Kitsune!'

Naruto was silent for a moment as he let what he just heard sink in; finally he knew the reason behind the hate, the contempt for his very existence. The calls of 'Demon' and 'monster' finally made sense. A single tear slid down as he said, "so I killed all those people years ago, I am a demon! The villagers were right I don't deserve to live!" Naruto cried out.

'DON"T FOR A MINUTE BELIEVE THAT FOOLISHNESS! You are not me; I was simply put into you. That's like saying that a prison are the prisoners it holds. Or that a cup is the liquid you pour into it. In truth you're the prison that keeps me from destroying that stupid spiteful village!' His voice was heated filled with anger and something else Naruto couldn't quite recognize. Naruto didn't know what to say, it wasn't that he was afraid of the being before, it was that he was shocked at his outburst. "Then what am I, why do they hate me so much if I'm not you?" 'They are stupid mortals that see me when they look at you. You are an innocent little boy that should by all rights be called a hero. Now enough of that that's not what I need to talk to you about. Naruto your weak, you'd be dead now if it wasn't for me healing you. If you die I die and I don't like that idea so from this day onward I'm going to train you to be the most powerful being in existence. Well besides me that is.'

Naruto was to stunned to talk, THE Kyuubi wanted to train him and help him become strong, sure it was for his own benefit but it was still the nicest thing anyone has done for him. "I'm still confused start from the beginning explain EVERYTHING to me then we'll talk about this whole training thing." He said with a determined look in his eyes. So with a sigh the demon sat cross-legged on the ground and began from the beginning. He told Naruto about his attack on Konohona, the fourth Hokage, being sealed within him. He explained that while he no longer had a body anymore he knew about everything that happened to Naruto and what Naruto thought or did. He never explained why he attacked and Naruto didn't ask. Naruto didn't much care anyway, he never loved the village and wouldn't mind if it disappeared one day.

In the end the Kyuubi and Naruto came to agreement though that the Kyuubi would train Naruto in secret and that Naruto would hide his true self from the village at all costs. His training would start the minute he left his mind because his body was already healed. Just before he left though Naruto stared into the eyes of the demon and asked "what's your name anyway? I doubt its Kyuubi." The demon looked slightly shocked for a moment before he gave a feral grin showing off his long deadly looking canines and said

'You can just call me Kyo kit.'

When Naruto final awakened his wounds were gone not even a scar in there place. His clothes were in tatters though they were basically just rags anyway it didn't matter. 'Kit let me control your body for a second' He narrowed his eyes he didn't trust easily but he still closed his eyes and let Kyo take over. When his eyes opened they were the same eerie gold as Kyo's and within a few seconds bit his thomb drew a few seals on Naruto's Arms, legs and stomach. When Naruto got back control he couldn't move at all. "You damn fox what did you do to me!" He exclaimed frustrated at his immobility. "Calm down I just put some weights on your body when you can move wake me up and we'll really get started on your training." With not much else to do Naruto got to work on trying to move his body.

It took him Four days until he could finally stand and actually move, partially out of desperation he was hungry he hadn't eaten in days and he needed food and water. Once he got that out of the way he woke the 'Big Stupid Fox' as Naruto nicknamed him. "Took you long enough kit. Now we can get started first things first you need to build up strength and stamina. You also need to work on your speed and agility. We'll start with the basics and move on from there during the day you'll train you body, at night I train you mind in the seal. Once you got the Basics down we'll more on from there. I want you to run the entire parameter of the forest that surrounds the village when you're done I'll give you further instruction'

"Hai, Kyo-sensai!" With that Naruto Began the his training with the Demon Kyo.

For weeks Naruto worked himself harder than he ever dreamed possible. During the day he practiced basic muscle training, then at night while his body rested his mind was in the seal learning everything from basic math to Chakra manipulation. The hardest part was learning with Kyo in the seal not because he was stupid or anything far from it he was somewhat of a genius; it was because time moved slower in the seal a day in there was an hour in the real world. Needless to say by the time Naruto awaken in the morning he had basically spent a week studying straight with no rests. Kyo may have been a harsh taskmaster but because of this within five weeks Naruto was already ready to begin the next stage of training.

"Kit, from today on we'll start your true shinobi training. First we'll work on your charka control, then charka manipulation, and from there Justus. Be ready this is were your Torture…TRAINING really begins."

After a while, Naruto learned to trust Kyo completely, and its seemed that Kyo grudgingly felt the same way. Naruto trained night and day for two months, it was around that time that the Hokage finally noticed Naruto's absence from the village.

The Hokage was worried, very worried according to his reports a group of Genin had chased Naruto into the forest and Naruto has yet to return to village its already been two months. He decided that he set an Anbu tem into the forest to search for Naruto and bring him to him. Once the team was called he gave them their briefing. "Your assignment is to find Uzamaki Naruto and bring him to me alive. Now GO!" they left without a sound or word. Sandamie breathed a sigh of relief his worry would soon be over he just needed to know if Naruto was okay.

Naruto was steadily making his way to walking all the way up the tree using his charka to stick his feet to the tree when he heard Kyo give a low growl. "Kit! Jump from the tree now! I sense Anbu coming probably to retrieve you, they can't see you like that once your down you know what to do!" With that Naruto quickly expelled his Chakra and landed onto the ground with practiced ease. He sat on the ground and quickly tried to think of something for a cover. He got up in a flash and made it to the river that was close by, he quickly jumped in and pretended to be trying to catch fish hopelessly. Or at least that's what the Anbu thought when they came upon him a minute later. "Orders from the Hokage you're to come with us." The Anbu said in a cold voice as Naruto looked at them with an idiotic grin on his face.

'Guess its time to see if my mask will work' Naruto gave another stupid sloppy grin. They arrived at the Hokage Tower in no time; Sandamie was sitting behind a mountain of paperwork with a relieved grin on his face when he saw Naruto was okay. Naruto had a sloppy grin on his face with and rubbed the back of his neck stupidly "Ne Ne, Ojii-san, why'd you sick the Anbu on me!" The Hokage dismissed the Anbu with a grin, "I didn't 'sick the Anbu' on you I just wanted to make sure you were alright you haven't been to the village in two months I was getting worried." "Huh, I guess your right…" Naruto said with a stupid confused face like he never thought about time. "Hey Ojii-san I need to ask you a favor." " Sure Naruto what I sit you need?" "I'm gonna live in the forest from now on 'kay?" Sandamie frowned a quizzical look on his face "why wold you do that Naruto?" "I feel safer there, I'll only live there until I can enter the Ninja Academy then I'll live in the village again." The Hokage didn't like it not at all; it was like a self-exile or something. But there wasn't much he couldn't do much for Naruto because of his political position so if Naruto felt safe in the forest he would allow him to stay there. Though it was a little disturbing to think of Naruto alone in the forest and the fact that he liked it that way. But he'd think of that later now he replied in a soft defeated whisper "I'll send someone to tell you when your starting school." With a Big floppy grin Naruto ran off leaving the Hokage to his thought.

--------------------------In the forest--------------------

Naruto dropped his stupid grin the moment he entered the forest, replacing it with a cold smirk. Once he found his way back to his cave, he sat and went into the seal.

After the first couple days in the seal Naruto figured out he could change the scenery. What once was a Sewer now was a Calm meadow bathed in sunlight. He found Kyo lending against a tree. Naruto smiled 'Hey kyo-kun it worked like a charm, I can stay in the forest now.' "Good Naruto. You'll fool everyone when you get into the academy, make them you a hopeless ninja; never show your true self to anyone but me. I'll teach you all need to now and when your ready I'll tell you can lift that mask of your." With a smirk Kyo wrapped his arms around Naruto pressing him against him. 'Your mine!' was all Kyo could think as Naruto gave a genuine small smile, closing his eyes enjoying one of the rare moments Kyo showed his affection. 'Your all I have everyone else hates me...' was all Naruto could think of. "Now get out of here and get back to your training I expect you to master tree climbing by sundown tomorrow we're starting you on walking on water."

And so Naruto trained on learning everything he could from Kyo, he trained nonstop everyday. It took him seven month all tighter to completely master his charka control and manipulation. Then one night when Naruto entered the seal something was different. Kyo meet him right when he enter and told him to sit down he had something he needed to talk to him about. "What's all this about Kyo-chan?" Kyo's Eye twitched slightly at his nickname Naruto had given him. 'Naruto I need to tell you something important. Don't interrupt otherwise this will that forever. Now when I was first sealed within you something unexpected happened, your human body couldn't handle the stress at first so the seal used my, in a word, essence, to transform you into a half demon so it could accommodate me. I feel you ready to take more of my essence, you'll turn into a full demon, That said get ready for the worst night of your life." Kyo Approached a mystified Naruto who was slightly disturbed about was about to happen. Kyo kneeled down until he was eye level with Naruto, the he cut his hand letting the blood pool, then forced Naruto to open his mouth. Then had him drink every last drop of the blood. Naruto felt like he was being ripped from his body. He awoke violently from the seal felt a pain that was so excruciating that he wished he would die to get rid of the pain. That was his lasts thoughts before he blacked out; his dreams were disturbing. He dreamed he was floating in a room with gears and pipes and they crumbled away only to be replaced with new ones. They were better, stronger, and more efficient. When he awakened in the morning he felt better than he ever had. "Go look at your self in the river kit…" So Naruto did what Kyo said and went to look at himself and gasped. HE looked different, his whisker marks were longer and looked more elegant, His hair was a little longer, his ears were pointed, and his hand now had claws instead of nails. The most staggering difference was that his eyes had slit pupils, the color change from bright sky blue to a darker deeper blue that reminded Naruto of the dark deep waters of the sea reflecting exploding stars on its surface. The Kyuubi Chuckled deeply. He'd train Naruto to be strong enough to withstand all nine tails of power of this new demon form. Naruto was four, and by the time he turned ten and had to return to village he'd make sure he was on par with the highest-level Jounin. He Smirked Mischievously, this was going to get interesting.